DKC – Chapter 678

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Chapter 678 – Breaking through to advance a rank (3)

Lan Xuan leisurely cast Li Aoqiong a sideways glance: “If you have the ability, then drag this lord away. Come on over, come!”

These two scoundrels!

Li Aoqiong’s eyes were gloomy and filled with hatred: “Since you both want to court death, then do not blame me for being rude!”

“Oh, want to make an enemy out of Beichen Palace? This lord is standing right here, why don’t you try killing me and see.” Beichen Ying stood there with his back straight and boldly patted his chest.

“Oh, you wish to make an enemy out of the Green Jade Palace? This lord is standing right here, why don’t you try to kill me and see.” Lan Xuan, not only had he learned Beichen Ying’s temperament, he had also learned Beichen Ying’s movements.

These two youngsters were both similarly handsome, full of spirit and jumping around in a lively manner. They also used the same speech and action. Seeing this made others unable to restrain a laugh.

Seeing the pair’s ‘you go I follow’ dialog, a strange mood flashed through Su Luo’s appearance.

Suddenly, her complexion flushed red and immediately following that, a mouthful of blood wildly sprayed out.

Seeing Su Luo spitting out blood, Beichen Ying and Lan Xuan’s complexion was greatly alarmed. They hastily wanted to step forward but was blocked in the front by Li Aoqiong.

Su Luo followed it up immediately with spitting out another mouthful of blood.

“Sister-in-law!” Beichen’s complexion was filled with worry, simply more worried than if he himself had spit out blood.

“Li Aoqiong, you motherf*cker, get out of the way! You motherf*cker, looking to court death!” Lan Xuan was so anxious that his eyes turned red, and waved his fist towards Li Aoqiong’s chest.

Li Aoqiong moved his body sideways nimbly to evade the fist.

As for Su Luo.

After she vomited out two mouthfuls of blood, her whole body’s spiritual energy surged through her entire body faster than the eye could see. The spiritual energy formed into threads and flew into Su Luo’s five viscera and six bowels, as well as her meridians.

An unending stream flowing in.

This scene made Beichen Ying and the others watching dumbfounded.

This was the sign for breaking through, and also, it was the most important moment in being promoted a level. The consequences of having this moment interrupted by others was too horrible to imagine!

Looking at Su Luo in front of him, Li Aoqiong’s face condensed into ice, an ice-cold killing intent flashing through his eyes.

This time, if he let her get promoted, she would be fifth rank.

This loathsome girl, within such as short time, would actually repeatedly get promoted. If she was allowed to continue to grow, in the future, wouldn’t she be too strong?

In contrast, Yaoyao was always praised as a little genius, yet at her age, she was merely at the summit of the fifth rank.

Li Aoqiong was actually somewhat worried. Based on Su Luo’s promotion speed, there will come a day when she would surpass Yaoyao. As a result, he must eliminate this kind of possibility in the cradle. Moreover, he distinctly felt that Su Luo would be a threat to the Jade Lake’s Li family in the future.

Noticing that Li Aoqiong’s eyes contained killing intent, Beichen Ying and Lan Xuan’s eyes both flashed with anxiety.

Before, Li Aoqiong merely wanted to waste Su Luo’s martial arts, but now, his eyes contained a thick killing intent, really made people anxious.

Beichen Ying’s speed was very fast, in a flash, his body appeared, blocking in front of Su Luo. He raised his head, and his ice-cold gaze glared at Li Aoqiong: “Stop your crazy way of thinking! If you dare lay your hands on her, wait until Nangong Liuyun comes back, afterwards, you should understand the seriousness of the consequences.”

Li Aoqiong momentarily paused and stared blankly. Following this, his eyes flashed an overcast and deeply cold smirk: “A person dying is like extinguishing a lamp. Only when she is dead, will Nangong Liuyun treat Yaoyao wholeheartedly.”

“Bullshit!” Lan Xuan coldly smiled, “If she dies, Nangong will certainly go crazy. Based on his temperament, when the time comes, extinguishing the entire Jade Lake’s Li family is not impossible! You should stop before it’s too late, do not blame me for not warning you!”

“Extinguish my Jade Lake’s Li family? Hehe, that also depends on whether or not he has the ability!” Li Aoqiong raised his right hand, a ray of light quickly flashing out from his arm.

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