DKC – Chapter 604

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Chapter 604 – Commotion in the Imperial Capital (4)

When the time comes, you still need to force yourself to get up. Therefore now, she should stop pretending to be dizzy.

Liangdi Meng’s half-collapsed body swayed some more, with great difficulty, she struggled up. She had one hand supporting her forehead and weakly said to Cui Lu: “Help me go dress and freshen up.”

She instructed Steward Xu again: “First, you go back to the lobby and hold them off, don’t really let him tear apart the Crown Prince’s Manor.”

If His Highness Prince Jin became infuriated, there was nothing he would not do.

Seeing that Liangdi Meng had agreed, only now, with her as the pillar Steward Xu braced himself and left.

Only, while he was walking, he also cursed the Crown Prince in his heart. It was clearly he who brought about this disaster. Why was it that he didn’t even have the courage to assume this responsibility?

When Steward Xu arrived, that noble and insufferably arrogant His Highness Prince Jin was already sitting on the red sandalwood chair, comfortably and leisurely having tea and refreshments.

Seeing Steward Xu come in, Nangong Liuyun didn’t even bother to look up.

“Paying my respects to Your Highness Prince Jin.” Steward Xu respectfully saluted with both knees kneeling on the ground.

In fact, he only needed to bow in salute. But seeing such a calm, composed and enigmatic His Highness Prince Jin, Steward Xu’s heart was really afraid.

“Tell Nangong Liujue to come out.” Nangong Liuyun unhurriedly placed the teacup on the table.

“The Crown Prince, he…he..” Sweat was starting to pour out of Steward Xu’s forehead.

Even though His Highness Prince Jin merely said a simple, short question, but that powerful pressure and innate domineering respect of an expert that his entire body emitted, made Steward Xu’s heart beat like a drum continuously.

“Yeah?” Nangong Liuyun’s tone seemed to be understated.

But, it scared Steward Xu until his heart was quivering violently.

This atmosphere was too strong, even when he was facing his Majesty the Emperor, he was never this afraid.

Steward Xu hummed and hawed: “His Highness the Crown Prince, he, he went out to visit a friend.”

“Bang!” a loud sound echoed, that sturdy table was immediately slapped into fine powder.

Steward Xu’s heart had a sudden violent burst, nearly fainting away.

Some of the servants at the side directly fainted.

Nangong Liuyun’s face was hazed over, voice sinisterly deep and dripping with blood. “Yesterday, this king already had someone give him the news. Now, you are telling this king that he went out and even went to see his friend?”

Steward Xu wanted to say something but felt as if his throat was squeezed by two hands and couldn’t spit out a single word.

His figure was trembling even more fiercely.

The other servants, seeing the normally despotic and insufferably arrogant, Steward Xu being frightened to this degree, each and every one of them kept even more quiet out of fear. Their bodies were stiff, not even daring to breathe.

Now, Liangdi Meng had already reached the back of this scene and was scared frozen to the spot by the sound that Nangong Liuyun made.

“Get the f*ck out of here by the order of this king!” Nangong Liuyun’s long sleeves flipped over, a huge wind attacking towards where Liangdi Meng stood.

The gale stopped, and Liangdi Meng’s fallen down, sorry figure had already appeared in front of Nangong Liuyun.

Seeing Liangdi Meng’s, that serious injured face, Su Luo secretly laughed in her heart, but on the surface, she pretended to reproach Nangong Liuyun: “Don’t you have any tender feelings for the fairer sex?”

Nangong Liuyun’s furious hazed over face, when he looked down towards Su Luo, it was tender and soft: “This king only has tender feelings for the fairer sex towards you.”

“Cough, cough, in such a public place, with so many people, be a little more proper.” Su Luo gave him a light push.

But this scene of Nangong Liuyun and Su Luo that suddenly occurred, immediately shocked all the people within the hall into dumbfoundedness!

Just a moment ago…They didn’t see it incorrectly, right? That man smiling with his whole face full of gentle feelings with honeyed meanings, was really that overbearing, arrogant His Highness Prince Jin from a moment ago?

This was unreasonable!

Just when everyone was feeling incredulous disbelief, His Highness Prince Jin had already changed back, in an instant, to that overbearing person. His cold eyes gave off an imposing manner of annihilating everyone across the board.

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