DKC – Chapter 603

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Chapter 603 – Commotion in the Imperial Capital (3)

Cui Lu then said with a frown: “Steward Xu, in the end, who is it, that is worth you acting like this? Liangdi Meng’s body is unwell, it’s not like you don’t know. The imperial physician already made it clear, within seven days, she is not allowed out of the bed, otherwise……”

Steward Xu waved his hand to interrupt the maid’s words, nearly stomping his foot in annoyance: “His Highness Prince Jin! His Highness Prince Jin is leading a large amount of people and is majestically walking over to our Manor, reportedly coming to collect a debt! Since the Crown Prince is not present at the moment, there is no one to take charge of this situation. No matter how heavily Liangdi Meng was injured, she still needs to get up!”

“Collect a debt?” Before Cui Lu had time to react, Liangdi Meng had already rushed out with clothing draped on, “Who did you say had came to collect the debt?”

Because the injury from yesterday was quite serious, as a result, Liangdi Meng’s steps were unsteady, with her figure swaying and nearly tumbling down.

Cui Lu hurriedly rushed towards her, lending an arm to support Liangdi Meng and not letting her fall.

“Yes, I heard it was to collect a debt ah!” Steward Xu’s entire forehead was filled with sweat, so anxious as to run around in a circle.

Liangdi Meng’s heart also followed and became very anxious.

Yesterday, the Crown Prince’s reaction was so intense, it was clear that he certainly owed a huge debt……Could actually move his Highness Prince Jin to personally visit, this debt…This debt, even if he wanted to avoid it, he couldn’t ah.

Liangdi Meng clenched her teeth: “Where is His Highness the Crown Prince?” Having such a huge matter occur, could it be that he was really hiding?

“Don’t know ah.” Steward Xu was also extremely anxious.

“How can you not know? Don’t the gates to the manor all have people guarding it?” Yesterday, when the Crown Prince left, he clearly went out and immediately returned.

Steward Xu was so anxious that he was grabbing his hair: “This old servant is also bewildered ah, there were no records of the Crown Prince leaving at the gate, and also, all directions are guarded by His Highness Prince Jin’s people…Even if wings were inserted to the Crown Prince, he would still have a difficult time flying ah. However, he has just disappeared!”

Liangdi Meng’s figure was unsteady, nearly falling down.

Cui Lu’s eyes were alert and her hands were quick, grabbing onto the tottering Liangdi Meng. In Cui Lu’s heart, she became increasingly more disapproving of the Crown Prince’s doings.

In a flash, Liangdi Meng understood right away, that there was a secret passageway in the Crown Prince’s Manor. The Crown Prince had already used this secret passageway to flee long ago to escape the debt.

The debt he caused, he himself ran away quickly, leaving behind this rotten butt crap of stuff for her, a woman, to bear. Was this still the stately Crown Prince of a nation, so irresponsible like this. If he was to ascend the throne, wouldn’t the common people under his jurisdiction be in the midst of an abyss of suffering?

However, Liangdi Meng hadn’t thought that far, she only knew, that she was already quite disdainful of the Crown Prince!

At the moment, a small servant boy hurriedly ran over: “Not good, not good, His Highness Prince Jin broke in!”

Steward Xu was both depressed and anxious: “Didn’t I order you guys earlier to stop him?”

“Steward Xu, we tried blocking him ah, but this, of course, is His Highness Prince Jin ah! With one wave of his, a huge group of our people would fall down right away, this, this, how could we block him ah!” The small servant boy said, having the feeling of being extremely wronged.

Other people were easy to block but His Highness Prince Jin……That awe-inspiring person who was more formidable than ten Crown Princes, who dared to block him……

Steward Xu was also out of methods, he could only helplessly hand over the major responsibility to Liangdi Meng: “Liangdi Meng, we need you to manage this huge situation ah……”

She had enjoyed a happy, joyful and luxurious life in the Crown Prince’s Manor for several years, and tyrannically abused several of the Crown Prince’s Imperial Concubines in-name-only for several years, this responsibility ought to be carried by her, right?

Recalling that firm, cruel method of cutting down people thst His Highness Prince Jin had…… Liangdi Meng’s figure swayed, almost directly fainting away……

Fortunately, Steward Xu’s mind was meticulously shrewd, he yelled in a loud voice: “Liangdi Meng, according to His Highness Prince Jin’s temperament, if the main host doesn’t go out, I’m afraid that the whole Crown Prince’s Manor will be torn apart by him.”

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