DKC – Chapter 589

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Chapter 589 – The secret to her background (3)

Before five years old, because when she was born there was the different natural phenomenon and the multi-colored lights, Su Luo had a blessed childhood of having everyone circling around her wishes.

Yang Shi also, because of Su Luo, was unfailingly pampered and spoiled by Su Zian. Even Madam Su’s all kinds of jealous hatred could not do anything about Yang Shi.

The wet nurse, seeing this situation, naturally concealed everything in the dark tightly, not daring to leak out half a sentence.

However, a person relying on looks, once the looks declined, love also slackened. The love ran out and then the kindness disappeared.

Su Zian did not dote on her as in the past, then Yang Shi, lacking resourcefulness, naturally would be overthrown by Madam Su.

The pitiful Yang Shi, even till death, she did not know that Su Luo was not her biological daughter. Her biological daughter had already died at the time of her birth.

Yang Shi, when alive, had already given back the contract of servitude to the wet nurse. The wet nurse already didn’t have any fondness to remain at Su Manor and left right away.

As to Wang Laoqi, he was the person the wet nurse later married. The wet nurse’s relationship with Wang Laoqi was very good, as a result, when she was not careful, she told this matter to Wang Laoqi.

However, a secret, if only one person knew it themselves, then that could be called a secret. If it was known by a second person…this secret simply could not stay a secret, simply impossible to continue guarding it.

Nangong Liuyun tenderly comforted Su Luo by stroking her hair: “In the beginning, this king did not believe it, after thorough investigations from many angles, then I was convinced that what Wang Laoqi said was the truth.”

“So, to say it clearly, I am not the biological daughter of Su Zian, right?” Su Luo had one hand holding up her chin, her expression the same as always.

Hearing she was not Su Zian’s biological daughter, Su Luo let out an enormous breath in relief.

She was not very fond of Su Zian, if her body did not have his blood flowing through it, Su Luo naturally was very happy.

But Su Luo also knew that with Su Zian’s easily swayed temper, in the future, he certainly would be out of luck. At that time, if she was hindered by filial piety and did things that violated her own wishes, then that would really make a person be out of sorts.

“Yes, you are not Su Manor’s Fourth Miss.” Nangong Liuyun firmly held her hand, without the identity as the Fourth Miss of Su Manor, she would merely be introduced as a commoner.

“Then this truly is too great, I really am afraid of inheriting something bad from his body.” Su Luo happily smiled, “Why is it you didn’t tell me earlier? This is a good thing, why must you conceal it from me?”

“You, this girl, really….” Nangong Liuyun forced a smile and repeatedly shook his head, looks like before, he was worried over nothing.

According to normal reasoning, knowing their father and mother were not their biological ones, wouldn’t they be heartbrokenly grieving while weeping to the skies and grabbing at the earth? This girl’s reaction was often surprising.

In fact, how could he know? This fourth Miss Su was not the fourth Miss Su, her inner being had already been switched to another person.

The current Su Luo had completely no feelings towards Su Zian, this cheap father, and she had no impressions of Yang Shi that had died earlier. Not being their daughter, as far as she was concerned, this was a good thing.

“Since I am not Su Zian’s daughter, then who are my biological parents? Were you able to find this information?” Su Luo had both hands cupping her face, looking at Nangong Liuyun with puzzlement. She hoped her biological parents were not troublesome characters.

Nangong Liuyun slowly shook his head, somewhat defeatedly sighing: “Very difficult to check, I need time.”

“Don’t you find this odd?” A sharp light flashed through Su Luo’s eyes, “At that time, Yang Shi’s daughter had just stopped breathing and I was placed at the wet nurse family’s doorway. How can there be such a timely thing? This point, isn’t it worth being suspicious of?”

“Yes, at that time, the wet nurse was being used by someone.” Nangong Liuyun seriously said to Su Luo. “ If Yang Shi’s infant daughter hasn’t died, she could not possibly offer you shelter.”

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