DKC – Chapter 577

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Chapter 577 – Temper tantrum appeased (15)

The corner of Nangong Liuyun’s mouth hooked into a devilish smile. A soft and warm pair of lips pressed down.

His movements were full of unimaginable tenderness.

She opened her eyes wide, and in front of her eyes was a magnified, handsome face.

A handsome, godlike face that was also like an uninhibitedly wild man who was just unruffled, was kissing her.

“Woman, concentrate a little.” Nangong Liuyun’s pair of boiling hot palms were placed above Su Luo’s pair of black eyes. In the next moment, Su Luo unconsciously closed her eyes.

Between lips and tongue, was the fragrance of dragon saliva that he carried.

Now, his dragon energy was like a fierce tiger, how was this like yesterday’s sickly with only gossamery breath?

Just when Nangong Liuyun’s eyes became blurred with passionate movement——

Su Luo suddenly returned to her senses and pushed him away: “You shouldn’t.”

Su Luo grasped for breath: “Now your body is like this, how can it endure such actions? I order you to lie down and be well-behaved!”

The veins on Nangong Liuyun’s forehead burst out, being thwarted, he crossed his hands behind his back: “…..”

This time, he deeply felt what it meant to shoot himself in the foot.

Nangong Liuyun’s pitch-black as ink, star-like eyes seriously looked at Su Luo: “I don’t have an illness, really, belive me.”

Su Luo rolled her eyes at him: “Yesterday, you were so ill like that, today, how could you say you are well and be well? Don’t quibble, be well-behaved and go lie down. Wait a minute, I’ll call for the imperial physician. If you are sick, then treat the illness, if you aren’t sick, then we’ll prevent the illness.”

“….”Nangong Liuyun depressingly hung his head down.

Su Luo ignored him and directly stood up.

After she had finished freshening up, she wanted to invite the imperial physician over, but Nangong Liuyun refused: “Again, I don’t have an illness, why invite the imperial physician over? Don’t tell me you don’t know that they are all charlatans?”

“Charlatans? Then, you are saying, yesterday’s charlatan was speaking rubbish? Then, I don’t need to be totally submissive to your wishes and let you do whatever you please?” Su Luo’s reaction was very fast.

Nangong Liuyun: “….”

Su Luo asked Nangong Liuyun: “You really don’t have an illness?”

“I really don’t have an illness.” Nangong Liuyun miserably looked at Su Luo, really wanting to eat her up.

“Since you are not ill, then I will go home.” Su Luo was all smiles as her hand went to pinch Nangong Liuyun’s tender, fair and handsome face that could overturn the world.

That face was really good-looking, the feel of it was also especially good, exquisitely silky and smooth. She could pinch it a hundred times and not get tired of it.

Nangong Liuyun depressingly stared at Su Luo.

“I have an illness!” Nangong Liuyun burst out with his fist smashing the pillow.

His family’s Luo girl, why was her brain so quick? He was almost unable to deceive her anymore.

It made Nangong Liuyun happy but also depressed.

In the end, finally, they still invited the imperial physician from yesterday to come. Under the circumstances of Nangong Liuyun’s entire face being dark, the honorable imperial physician stated: “His Highness Prince Jin’s circulation is dry and heated, easy to get angry and overheat. Miss, you must take care of him well, don’t let him overheat, then he will be fine.”

Only now did Nangong Liuyun’s expression improve a little, he nodded towards the imperial physician: “Now you can get lost.”

The imperial physician hurriedly lowered his head and walked out.

His Highness Prince Jin’s powerful pressure made it nearly impossible for him to breathe. He clearly understood that if he didn’t follow His Highness Prince Jin’s expression to take action, the consequences…were too horrible to contemplate.

Miss Su, this old man can only let you down.

But, the honorable imperial physician was also curious, His Highness Prince Jin had always cut down and killed people decisively, callously and heartlessly. Now, in order to made a young lady stay by his side, he actually feigned illness…This was a huge piece of gossip that would startle the world!

But…if he spread it out, then he would lose his life. Being an imperial physician was very difficult, very difficult. Only now had he finally persuaded himself to keep his mouth closed, not allowing himself to mention a word.

The honorable imperial physician hurriedly left, whereas Su Luo thus justifiably remained behind at Prince Jin’s Royal Manor at Nangong Liuyun’s side.

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