DKC – Chapter 568

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Chapter 568 – Temper tantrum appeased (6)

This Manager Xu was so nervous that he nearly cried.

His Highness Prince Jin had just issued some orders to people at the manor, whoever dared to neglect this great Buddha in front of them in the slightest, then the consequences would be too horrible to contemplate.

Hearing herself being addressed so, Su Luo immediately smiled.

“What young lady Princess? What’s all this and that title? Just calling me Miss Su Luo will be fine.”

Su Luo rarely had a smile on her face, but these people in the kitchen, including Manager Xu, each and every one of them was frightened and treated her with caution.

They seemed even more nervous than when facing the emperor.

Su Luo subconsciously touched her own face.

The facial features were delicate, a quiet and exquisite style that was pleasant. At first glance, she might not be stunning, but she was the type where the more you looked, the more she seemed to deserve a second look.

“Su, Miss Su, whatever you need, just tell us. Inside a kitchen is a place full of oil and soot, and also very slippery. If you knocked or bumped into something, we will, will…” With our ten lives, it would still not be enough to compensate.

Once Manager Xu said it, those cooks and helpers all nodded simultaneously.

Su Luo’s heart secretly sighed, the servants in Prince Jin’s Royal Manor were too pitiful. Being intimidated by Nangong Liuyun, this tyrant, made their psychological strength exceedingly low.

“How long has it been since your Highness Prince Jin last ate?” Su Luo asked lightly.

Manager Xu deferentially responded: “Since His Highness returned last night, the kitchen had prepared meals eighteen times already, but without exception, it was all left uneaten.”

“Okay, you people can go now.” Su Luo waved her hand.

“But….” Manager Xu was still not assured, trembling with fear as he stared at Su Luo’s delicate little hand holding the knife. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and with great difficulty: “How about letting this old servant act as your sous-chef?”

“No need, all of you go out now.” Su Luo stiffened her face, not allowing another say in this.

Manager Xu was suddenly nervous and repeatedly nodded, bringing everyone out.

Very quickly, such a huge kitchen only had Su Luo remaining behind in it.

Nobody knew, not even Yun Qi from before knew that Su Luo actually had very good cooking skills.

Su Luo decided to be a little nicer to Nangong Liuyun, as a result, she would start with cooking, first.

Nangong Liuyun hadn’t eaten for a night, his stomach should be empty, eating soft foods was most suitable, therefore, Su Luo decided to make congee.

There was no way for her to make the most delicious and popular, meat with preserved egg congee, because here, they didn’t even have preserved eggs.

Thus, Su Luo decided to make her best dish of threaded chicken congee.

She took out a piece of chicken breast and tore it into threads, and also washed the vegetables clean and cut it all.

Su Luo the put together the chicken breast soup with the highest grade rice. As for the water used to boil the congee, Su Luo very extravagantly exchanged it for the spirit spring water from inside her space.

After tightly covering it with a lid, she used a slow, thin fire to stew it.

Just drinking congee was too monotonous.

Su Luo looked all around in the kitchen, and saw a golden whitebait fish in the water jar.

The golden whitebait fish was great for healing injuries, it was most suitable for Nangong Liuyun, that sick patient.

Su Luo discovered that after she had her martial arts, the speed she processed the fish was not just an ordinary sort of fast. The hand raised the knife then landed, and a golden whitebait fish was already neatly processed.

Su Luo washed it clean, and on both sides of the fish, she cut a few slanting lines that were neither too deep nor too shallow.

A wind from her palm swept by, and the originally dripping wet golden whitebait fish was immediately dry.

She opened the fire, poured in a little vegetable oil, added a few slices of ginger and segments of green scallions.

Su Luo placed the golden whitebait fish into the wok and stir-fried it for a short time. She then pan-fried both sides of the golden whitebait fish until it was golden brown.

She poured in the already boiled water and placed the already pan-fried fish inside the water. Then, she added a few slices of ginger and segments of green scallions, using a huge fire to cook, until her soup had turned into a milky-white color.

Only naturally, the water in this soup was also replaced by Su Luo with the spirit spring water from her space.

Opening the pot, one could only smell an intense fragrance that hit one in the face…

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