DKC – Chapter 511

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Chapter 511 – Life and death agreement (10)

However, Su Luo’s speed was just too fast, so fast that Su Qing simply didn’t have the time to respond.

Moreover, she simply had not imagined that Su Luo could actually stop that transparent, bright sphere and that she could actually send it back to her.

Therefore, Su Qing could be considered to have outsmarted herself. Her scheme was reversed to be used against her.

One could only hear the sounds of sizzling lingering on in the air, and Su Qing unceasingly howled in anguish and pain.

Su Jingyu wanted to jump onto the stage, but after being swept by a slight glance from Nangong Liuyun, his body didn’t dared to budge even a little.

“So painful…so painful…” Su Qing rolled around on the ground for ages. During this time, Su Luo obviously could kill her, but she didn’t do it.

To fight a one-sided battle, she would not leave behind a matter for others to criticize her.

After quite a long while, the anguish on Su Qing’s face slowly passed. She released both hands that were tightly holding onto her face, a pair of naked, scarlet, viper-like eyes stared with deadly intent at Su Luo. She was ruthless, she was very ruthless!

Originally, she thought she would easily dispatch Su Luo, but she never imagined that even after having used so many hidden trump cards, unexpectedly, she was still on the losing side! Moreover, she still managed to transform herself into a neither dead nor alive appearance! Su Qing was extremely regretful and hated her!

“Ahhhh——” In the moment it took to see Su Qing’s face, there were spectators under the stage that were cowardly and started to shriek on the spot.

“Oh heavens! Su Qing’s face…her face…how could it be like this…”

“Su Luo is too ruthless, killing people as if it was nothing and she actually would still torment Su Qing like this. When all’s said and done. that is still her older sister ah.”

“Do you even have brains!?” The third person directly slapped the second person’s head. “That transparent and bright sphere was clearly something Su Qing herself condensed out. Su Luo was merely giving her a taste of her own medicine! Who would have known that inside it contained poison!”

“That’s right, this could only illustrate that Su Qing wanted to harm others and ended up harming herself, she reaped what she had sown!”

All kinds of people under the stage were spiritedly discussing this. The two people on the stage stood facing each other.

Now Su Qing’s face was completely destroyed.

Originally, the fair complexion without a blemish, now was rotted by the poison. One patch of black, one patch of white and another patch of yellow; in some areas, the skin had even flipped outwards. Other areas were rotted away until only a pit was left behind, there was nearly no piece of good flesh on her entire face.

“Instant Restoration pill would stop this corrosive poison….Su Qing, what other stuff did your teacher’s sect give you? Don’t let me be too disappointed, oh.” Su Luo’s indifferent voice spread throughout the arena, seemingly carrying a trace of mockery.

Both of Su Qing’s hands were firmly clenched into fists, continuously shaking, doing her best to control herself, definitely not going to let herself lose her mind.

Her eyes were like an area of ice and gloom, with a tone carrying a chill that penetrated into the bones and her killing intent like an ignited, raging inferno. “Su Luo! Since you insist on meeting death, then I will help you accomplish this!”

An ice-cold chill that spread to the bones rushed wildly towards Su Luo from all directions. It also seemed as if the temperature within this fighting arena was also momentarily reduced.

Su Luo frowned.

What other hidden trump cards diid Su Qing still have?

Today, she was able to injure her two times in a row, it was all thanks to her own luck and adapting to the fight from her first-hand experience. Luckily, at the most critical juncture, she was able to comprehend the second layer of the Great Dimensional Imprint——Nothingness.

Nothingness of space appearing enabled her to shoot back that dangerous, transparent and bright sphere. Otherwise today, the one who would be disfigured would be her.

Su Qing’s gaze was coldly detached as she stared fixedly at Su Luo, unblinkingly and unwaveringly. Her right hand was placed at the side of her lips, and she then blew out an exotic musical note.

The sound of the musical notes didn’t follow any rhythm, a strange atmosphere spread out from on top of the stone stage.

Nobody knew what Su Qing was trying to do, but everyone was aware that Su Qing had something odd up her sleeves, because this sound was too strange. It made the hair on people’s back tremble from the cold, and they had an alarming feeling of the hairs standing on end.

Suddenly, a violent undulation occurred in the space between heaven and earth, a kind of matchlessly strong and violent breath, like the howling winds of torrential rain coming to sweep away everything.

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  1. Erebus says:

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