DKC – Chapter 510

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Chapter 510 – Life and death agreement (9)

However, Su Luo now merely stood there, calmly and unmoving.

In front of her, she condensed out a Great Dimensional Imprint.

The originally darkish handprint, in a flash, became huge, becoming bigger, magnifying endlessly…Finally, it was so huge as to cover the entire sky over the stadium.

It was very dark all around, appearing like the nightfall…

The transparent, bright sphere…transparent…bright sphere….

“Nothingness of Space!” Su Luo let out a loud shout, her finger pointed towards that transparent, bright sphere.

Now, everyone in the audience under the stage smiled.

This fourth Miss Su from Su Manor was really interesting, she was only a fourth rank martial artist, could it be she thought that by merely pointing like that, she would be able to stop the bright sphere? This way of thinking was too laughable, okay?

Su Qing smiled.

Su Jingyu smiled.

That exceedingly refined, extremely beautiful woman in the second floor private room also had a ridiculing sneer.

All of the people at the scene, without exception, all laughed or smiled, their smiles were absolutely unrestrained.

However, very quickly, everyone was so startled that their jaws dropped to the ground——A mystical and miraculous scene actually occurred in front of their eyes!

That transparent, bright sphere actually steadily stopped in front of Su Luo, unable to advance even half an inch.


Su Luo’s mind was very pleased, a smiling expression flashing through her eyes.

Previously, in the cave of flames, she had released her own spirit into her space to cultivate the space laws, whereas she was outside cultivating her fire element.

Didn’t expect that after obtaining that secret book, her understanding of space would advance a step further. Unexpectedly, she inadvertently fused the Great Dimensional Imprint and the space laws together.

Consequently by a curious coincidence, it allowed Su Luo to comprehend the Nothingness of Space.

The so-called Nothingness of Space was to condense out a very small area of space, relying on the Great Dimensional Imprint, into reality. And also, this small area of space had real substance, it could be taken out to be used.

Su Luo was just relying on this less than one square meter of space, and had stuffed that transparent, bright sphere into this space, to fix it in place.

But, because Nothingness of Space was transparent, so nobody could make out the cause, and everyone looked at Su Luo vacantly with puzzlement.

Even if they were to break their minds from thinking, they still wouldn’t be able to realize the secret within this move.

“Su Qing, your stuff, I cannot afford to enjoy it. I’m returning it to you!” The corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a mockingly cold smile.

Su Luo shifted the nothingness of space, took a step out, and afterwards, she attacked that transparent, bright sphere with a heavy fist.

This fist didn’t give off any spirit force fluctuations, it strongly, nakedly and honestly, smashed on top of the transparent, bright sphere.

“Bang——” Under this heavy sound, the transparent, bright sphere frantically shot towards the position Su Qing was standing at with flying speed.

Immediately, Su Qing’s complexion had a huge change, only she herself knew what she had placed within the transparent, bright ball.

Su Qing abruptly fell back, but it was already too late.

That transparent, bright sphere shot towards her with the speed that a naked eye could see. A kind of indescribable force burst forth violently in all directions.

Rising like a gale.

Sending the sand flying, tossing the rocks, lifting up the dust.

In that bright sky filled with rain, Su Qing covered her face with both hands, repeatedly howling in pain——

“Ahhhhh——” Now, Su Qing was so regretful, she nearly killed herself. Originally, she thought to use it to harm Su Luo, but the outcome, unexpectedly, was to pick a rock and crush one’s own foot! Hateful, hateful, hateful, aaaah!!!!

“What happened?” Seeing Su Qing covering her face and howling non-stop, everyone was extremely puzzled, this…what just happened?

Su Luo watched Su Qing curled up on the ground, continuously rolling around, with an indifferent smile hanging on her face.

When Su Qing was condensing out the transparent, bright sphere, she had placed a poison with corrosive properties inside. Once it exploded, that colorless, odorless, transparent gas would destroy the receiving party’s face.

This was the reason why Su Qing was so frightened when the transparent, bright sphere shot towards her.

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