DKC – Chapter 506

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Chapter 506 – Life and death agreement (5)

The strike did not hit its mark, so Su Luo quickly retreated. After all, a crazy Su Qing was not someone she could provoke too much.

Now, everyone present was silent.

The surroundings were awfully quiet.

Nobody in the audience under the stage could have anticipated that just a moment ago, Su Luo almost killed Su Qing. This simply was…everyone felt as if their own neck was somewhat cold.

That slice just now, from Su Luo condensing out the Palmprint to the fire attack, then to assassinating with a dagger, seemed to take a long time. In fact, it occurred between the time it took for a spark to light up on a flint.

The action happened in a blink of an eye.

Now, Su Luo stood calmly on one side of the fighting arena, the gentle wind blowing her ink-colored hair, the corner of her skirt flying upwards; it was as if her entire body was giving off a brilliant radiance, giving one an illusion of her having an extraordinary manner.

In contrast to Su Qing.

Originally, she was like a lotus in freshwater, noble, virtuous and proud, but after merely a short time’s effort, she was actually forced by Su Luo into such a sorry state.

That head of silky, supple and black hair was burned until only a few sparse amounts remained. On her snow-white, jade-like neck, there was a sinister bloody line, the clothing on her body was soiled with bloodstains. Now, she cut an extremely sorry figure.

How could this be? Clearly, Su Qing was fifth rank, so obviously, she should have been the stronger one…why was she forced to this extent?

Without exception, on top of everyone’s head appeared a huge question mark, extremely perplexing to them.

Currently, Su Qing was simply itching to execute Su Luo through a thousand cuts!

Trap of a beautiful male!

How could His Highness Prince Jin…how could he use the honey trap against her!

If it weren’t for her being distracted from looking at him, then how could Su Luo take advantage of this opportunity? Really too abominable!

Su Qing fumed with rage, stressing each syllable as she furiously shouted: “Su Luo, if you have the ability, then you should rely on your own skill to beat me, don’t use those underhanded tricks!”

“Underhanded tricks? Dare I ask, second older sister, what kind of underhanded tricks?” Su Luo stood unperturbed, casting sidelong glances at her with a smile that was not quite a smile.

Losing her mind with just with one smile from Nangong Liuyun, Su Qing, you should say it out loud, allowing everyone to judge the right and wrong of this.

Su Qing was immediately choked off by this, a raging flame seemed to have ignited in her chest, both of her eyes were scarlet red like blood; she was clearly extremely furious.

How could she say it? How could she publicly say that she lost her senses from a smile by Nangong Liuyun? If it was like this, how was she different from a love-struck fool?

Su Luo was openly conspiring against her and Su Qing was unable to retort back, she could only fly into a rage from humiliation. She shouted loudly: “Su Luo, give me your life!”

Her words hadn’t completely faded, before her body had already launched towards Su Luo like a meteor.

“Ice Blades Technique!” Su Qing yelled out loud, one after another, icy blades formed with five edges started spinning and shot towards the front of Su Luo’s body.

The icy blades were densely packed together, hiding the sky and covering the earth. There were at least hundreds and thousands of sheets of ice. If she was pierced by it, Su Luo would instantly turn into a hedgehog.

This was Su Qing throwing caution to the wind! She was so enraged as to enter the crazy state!

Now, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth was lifted in a grim smile.

Frankly, in her previous incarnation, she must really have deep enmity with ice mages. The archenemies in this lifetime unexpectedly all used Ice Blades Technique to kill her.

From the beginning, with Liu Chengfeng, to the recent Li Aotian, and now to this Su Qing in front of her, they were actually all ice departments. However, the most recent few battles also allowed Su Luo to fight with ice element mages, giving her a lot of experience.

The Great Dimensional Imprint formed up high, afterwards, it changed into a dark shadow and rapidly enveloping Su Luo, forming a protective membrane around Su Luo’s surroundings, completely protecting her entire body without a single leak.

“Thump, thump, thump——” One after another, ice blades attacked the protective membrane, issuing intense striking sounds.

Momentarily, star-like sparks radiated all around. It was exceptionally dazzling.

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