DKC – Chapter 505

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Chapter 505 – Life and death agreement (4)

Below the stage, everyone was in the midst of animated discussion. However, every sentence was filled with certainty that Su Qing would be the victor. Aside from Nangong Liuyun, there was probably not one person who was optimistic about Su Luo’s chances. The current situation had changed to favoring one side, towards Su Qing.

Su Luo heard the noisy discussion below the stage. A light smile flashed across the corner of her mouth. She was not affected in the slightest way by these voices.

In contrast, when Su Qing heard these voices, a trace of arrogance appeared in her heart.

Even though His Highness Prince Jin supported Su Luo, so what? Based on innate talent and strength, how could Su Luo even be compared to her? Everyone below were all supporting her.

Su Qing’s gaze seemed to land on His Highness Prince Jin countless times. She wanted to know whether or not he now regretted choosing Su Luo?

Just when Su Qing was glancing at His Highness Prince Jin, all of a sudden, His Highness Prince Jin directed a perfect smile at her. It was a demonically enchanting and alluring smile that could charm all living things. It simply captured a person’s spirit and soul, turning them upside down.

Su Qing’s movements momentarily stopped.

Because she wanted to provoke Su Qing, Su Luo continuously observed Su Qing’s mental strength. Su Luo watched as Su Qing became entranced by that smile of Nangong Liuyun’s to the point of being almost incapable of returning to her senses.

Suddenly, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a smiling expression!

Weakness! Finally found a weakness in Su Qing’s defense! His Highness Prince Jin’s male honey trap was very successful, so cleverly done!

When experts exchange blows, in an instant, a myriad of changes could occur.

Su Qing, you dared to be distracted at this moment, you really have great belief in yourself.

No sooner said than done, a dense blackish handprint suddenly appeared above Su Qing’s head.

“Bang ——” A Great Dimensional Imprint ruthlessly smashed straight down on Su Qing’s forehead!

Su Qing truly deserved to be called a fifth rank expert.

At the moment when the Great Dimensional Imprint was about to smash down, she had already returned to her senses. It was just that due to fright, Su Qing subconsciously rolled to the right.

However, for Su Luo who had already become well versed in Su Qing’s fighting habits, how could she let Su Qing escape so easily?

“Flaming Spring!” Su Luo’s voice exploded out loudly. At the place where Su Qing was tumbling, a sea of flames that was as big as a spring ignited rose up from the ground. The fire rolled like waves.

“Ahh——” Su Qing was momentarily distracted. She had been manipulated by Su Luo to become so flustered that she didn’t know what to do with her hands and feet. Her body fell into the sea of flames. The pain immediately caused tears to fall as she uttered a shriek.

Su Luo’s fire was taken from the cave of flames, which burned much hotter when compared to normal flames.

Therefore, in the moment it takes to breathe, Su Qing’s hair was lit up. The flames rushed like a torrent, giving her no time to deal with it.

Normally Su Qing would cultivate a lot, but with regards to real fighting experience she didn’t have enough. Thus, when she was manipulated by Su Luo into a state of confusion, she suddenly lost her normally clear, cold and proud manner.

“Ice Seal Art!” With great difficulty Su Qing recovered her senses and loudly shouted. An ice seal quickly blasted towards herself.

Su Qing was of the ice elemental system.

So, she subconsciously froze a layer of ice on her own head.

As expected, in a split second, above her ignited hair a whistling sound could be heard. In a flash, the fire was extinguished.

However, without waiting for Su Qing to completely recover, a light shadow quietly appeared behind her. A deeply cold and sharp dagger sliced severely towards her neck!

Su Qing’s ice covered from her head down to her mouth, but her neck was exposed, to the extent of giving Su Luo a chance to take advantage of it.

“Ahh——” A blood curdling screech could be heard, a scarlet line of blood had been cut into Su Qing’s neck. A bright red line of blood streaked across the air.

However, Su Luo didn’t seem to be satisfied with her own performance. She rapidly retreated with some regret.

Even though she had succeeded, but Su Qing’s reaction was also not slow. At the critical juncture, Su Qing had erected a sharp armor of ice on her throat. Su Luo’s dagger had only slashed a line of blood on Su Qing’s throat and was unable to advance even half an inch further.

Failing to eliminate Su Qing, following this, Su Luo would have to suffer Su Qing’s wrath and frantic retaliation.

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