DKC – Chapter 401

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Chapter 401 – Amethyst Fish Palace (23)

Beichen Ying was just staring at Nangong’s hand, trying to time when he was about to take ruthless action, so that he would then be ready to rush over and save Su Luo. However at this time, Nangong Liuyun’s action nearly toppled more than ten years of the Nangong he recognized.

Making him deeply doubt that for this past decade or so, whether he had lived in vain.

He saw that not only was Nangong Liuyun not offended, on the contrary, he reached out to pinch the bulging little meatball-like cheeks on Su Luo’s face. His smiling expression was devilishly charming, “You actually dared to pinch this king, for you to grow this ability, tsk.”

Unexpectedly, Nangong hasn’t gotten angry, this was greatly beyond and contrary to the three childhood friends’ expectations.

The three childhood friends looked at each other in disbelief, finally, they could only silently cast their gazes onto Su Luo’s body. They left an extremely worshipful and meaningful gaze on her face.

Today’s matter, there was only her, if it changed to another person, their corpse would have already been horizontal at the scene.

However, they really need to reassess this girl’s place in Nangong’s heart. Before, although they already regarded her as very important, yet, with the facts as proof of her repeatedly visiting Nangong’s bottom line while Nangong continued to indulge her…It could clearly be seen that they still underestimated her.

Nangong indifferently swept them a glance.

Consequently, the three people neatly and with identical movements, turned their gazes to the spectacle on the program up ahead.

Now, the people at the crown prince’s side swarmed around him, helping the crown prince to extinguish the crowd of tiny flames.

However, the marks were still there.

The brocade robe on the crown prince’s body was dark and swarthy, in addition, there were lots of small holes from being engulfed by the tongues of the flame. His attire was worse than the tattered rags worn by a beggar.

The most eye-catching thing was his right hand.

Before, that hand was still holding the Amethyst Crystal Fish which he flaunted, but now, his right hand had been blown flying by that fake Amethyst Crystal Fish.

Although the blood had already been stopped, there were several missing and broken off fingers. It was a ghostly sight to behold, and the bare bones were frightening.

The crown prince’s left hand held his right wrist as he walked towards where Nangong Liuyun was standing while panting with rage. He snarled loudly at him, full of rage: “Is it because you already knew earlier that there was a problem with this purple fish? Am I right?!”

Although he used a question, the crown prince’s tone however, was basically assertion, firm in the belief that Nangong Liuyun had already known earlier.

Nangong Liuyun glanced at him once with indifference, his gaze sweeping towards Beichen Ying.

Beichen Ying smiling happily and took a step to stand out, and with a laughing-out-loud and smiling expression: “Hey, Your Highness the crown prince, are you here to settle your debt? You are able to so quickly gather together one thousand five hundred green-colored crystal stones?”

Originally, the crown prince was in a towering rage, but then he suddenly felt his chest becoming suffocated——

He stared blankly with a stupefied expression at Beichen Ying for a long time before recovering his senses.

Heavens——Just a moment ago, he actually stupidly made a bet with Nangong Liuyun that the Amethyst Crystal Fish was real. The stake was one thousand five hundred green-colored crystal stones!

Recalling this matter, the crown prince’s face immediately turned green. His mouth continued to open and shut for several times, unable to say a word.

Beichen Ying, smiling happily, patted his shoulder: “Not urgent, not urgent, in any case, the receipt is present, after we go back, it’s still not too late to pay it back. Rest assured, Nangong won’t press you right now, however…Three thousand green-colored crystal stones oh, my crown prince.”

The crown prince only felt his forehead echoing with a buzzing sound, suddenly, for a period of time, both the sky and earth started to spin, and his mind was even more of a blank space.

He wished he could immediately pass out, treating this as if nothing ever happened.

But even if he were to pass out, the green-colored crystal stones he owed must still be returned.

Beichen Ying closely watched him with a narrow smile. Lan Xuan and Anye Ming also raised an eyebrow and watched him with a faint smile. Their gazes made the crown prince flee in a panic state from being stuck in a dilemma.

Seeing the crown prince staggering along while fleeing, Beichen Ying placed both hands on his waist and started to laugh uproariously.

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