DKC – Chapter 400

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Chapter 400 – Amethyst Fish Palace (22)

Momentarily, all around the area, a lot of people’s upper torsos were covered in flames, looking exceedingly disheveled and wretched.

Moreover, these flames contained the crown prince and Li Aotian’s spirit power, how could it be so easily extinguished?

For a moment, the surroundings were messy and chaotic. Everywhere, cursing sounds and sounds of misery could be heard.

The only people that were neat, clean, and unruffled in the midst of this chaos and were watching the drama, was Nangong Liuyun’s group of several people.

Now, the expression on Beichen Ying’s face was indescribably brilliant.

He pointed at the crown prince’s battered and exhausted appearance, and burst into loud laughter with both hands on his hips. He was laughing so hard that tears were about to appear: “You guys quickly look, Nangong Liujue’s, that appearance, hahaha, simply as if he was pulled out of a pile of coal, simply too funny.”

He held his stomach and directly started to guffaw and ‘ow’ out loud, laughing so hard that he nearly couldn’t straighten his waist.

Lan Xuan also laughed uproariously with his hands on his waist. “Guffaw, ow, guffaw, ow, the most laughable thing is that before, Nangong Liujue still took that fake for the real Amethyst Crystal Fish. He still flaunted it in front of us as if it was the real thing. Hahaha, never mind if it was a fake, but to still fall for the fake’s booby trap——You guys tell me, isn’t this the appropriate retribution?”

Anye Ming was not as excessively brash as those two, but his mood was obviously also very good. A spirited expression appeared in his beautiful eyes and he was smiling while shaking his head: “The pitiful crown prince, going to contend with whoever would be good, but why did he stubbornly insist on seeking a fight with Nangong?”

Su Luo felt that this dramatic scene was also very amusing. She smilingly looked at Nangong Liuyun: “You, alas, as a guy, are being too perfidious right? You definitely knew earlier, that fake Amethyst Crystal Fish would explode, am I right? In addition, the more spirit force that was poured in, the more violent the explosion, isn’t that right?”

Nangong Liuyun calmly and composedly folded his hands behind his back, raised an eyebrow and said: “What kind of talk is this? How could this king be that kind of person who would disregard the masses?”

Su Luo gave a soft snort.

This bastard was so obvious, but still said it with that kind of righteous-sounding pompousness, totally hypocritical.

But, she was still quite fond of this kind of him that put on a false act, what’s to be done?

Just like a pretentious, cute, little boy that was very lively and who had done a good deed wanting take credit and get acknowledgement from an adult with a still proud, lovable, little appearance. He was simply too adorable that she was about to burst.

Su Luo thought up to here and subconsciously, went over to pinch Nangong Liuyun’s cheek with a smile.

However, just when her pair of hands pinched the two rounds of pink tender flesh on Nangong Liuyun’s cheeks, all of a sudden, she became aware that the surroundings were somewhat too quiet.

She turned her head around, Beichen Ying and those three had assumed the state of a Buddhist statue, with stupefied, blank gazes that were staring at her hand. The depths of their eyes flashed with feelings of astonishment and stunned shock.

Did she do something wrong?

Su Luo gave a clear cough and very naturally withdrew her hand. Then, she swept Beichen Ying and them, the three, with an indifferent glance: “What are you looking at? Why aren’t you guys watching the great play?”

Beichen Ying’s huge eyes contained tears of excitement, almost to the point of kneeling for Su Luo.

Didn’t this Miss know what she was doing? Even a mother, being loving and proud, wouldn’t use this method to indulge a child. Could it be that she didn’t know, that what Nangong loathed the most was someone bumping him, and he hated it the most when someone touched his face, okay? What he was most disgusted with was when someone pinched his cheeks, okay?

Remembering back then, the most favored Li senior concubine in the palace, in order to show the virtuousness of a wife that was good-natured and good in traditional roles, she insincerely went to pinch Nangong’s face. Just wanting to tease him, almost——

Beichen Ying almost didn’t want to recall the scene from that time.

Not only did this Miss Su do it, she still acted out the entire set.

She unexpectedly, actually extended her hands to pinch Nangong’s cheeks…If this wasn’t courting death, then what was?

Even though honestly speaking, Nangong really did like her, but this kind of thing was a basic principle, he certainly would not permit it to be destroyed, right?

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