DKC – Chapter 181

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Chapter 181 – A hundred mouths can’t be refuted (5)

It was a pity that besides Su Luo herself, nobody else knew about her dramatic rise in cultivation speed.

Her cheap father was even more in the dark.

However, Su Zian’s remark contrarily linked back to Su Luo, and so the crown prince once again redirected the topic to the main discussion. One could see him lightly smile, “The Great General Su, your residence appears to be very lively?”

With the crown prince present, Su Zian didn’t want to continue hearing the case.

Because you don’t wash your dirty linen in public.

If the crown prince were to find out the stuff that occurred to Su Wan’s body, then….it may implicate his and Su Xi’s affair.

After all, even though they were interested in each other, but there still wasn’t a real imperial decree to confirm the marriage.

Su Zian could only be seen dry coughing twice to cover up his awkwardness and gave a hollow laugh, saying: “Allowing His Highness the crown prince to see something ridiculous. Actually, it really isn’t a big deal. It’s merely the noise from the fighting among daughters in the family, seeing it is to laugh at it.”

Su Zian’s hints were already quite clear. He didn’t want this matter to continue, at least not when the crown prince was present. He wanted to end it here early.

However, the crown prince appeared to not have heard his hints. He could only be seen sitting upright at a high position, and raised an eyebrow at Su Luo while smiling not quite a smile, “Oh? It’s the residence’s fourth Miss again? Looks like the Great General Su’s education of a daughter still has some lapses.”

“Yes, yes, yes, allowing His Highness the crown prince to see such a laughable thing.” Su Zian rushed to take over the subject of the conversation, right now he just wanted to change the subject.

Who would have thought, that the crown prince was a step ahead to speak. “Just now, this Highness, at the door, heard Mr. Mo appear to testify against someone? This Highness couldn’t have misheard right?”

It was obvious that His Highness the crown prince had grabbed onto this matter and wasn’t going to let go.

Su Zian had miscalculated.

He never expected that the crown prince would be so narrow-minded.

It was because of one sentence by Su Luo at that time, ‘the crown prince couldn’t lift it up’. Consequently, His Highness the crown prince’s anger had thoroughly landed on Su Luo.

Normally not seeing her daily, he could forget it. Now, he just happened to run into her, not taking advantage to hit her while she was down, then it wouldn’t be His Highness the crown prince.

Su Zian’s forehead was covered in a drizzling layer of cold sweat. His gloomy face hinted towards Mr. Mo. He hoped that Mr. Mo could evade the issue, then everything would be well.

But, what kind of person was Mr. Mo?

He was an opportunist best adept at weighing people’s words and observing their facial expressions.

The Great General Su’s government position originally could scare him, but now, compared to His Highness the crown prince, the Great General Su’s rank was lower.

Moreover, unaware of what thoughts stemmed from Madam Su, unexpectedly, she also didn’t block Mr. Mo’s idea.

Hence, Mr. Mo pretended to not have received hints from the Great General Su, bowed to His Highness the crown prince and said: “Reporting to His Highness the crown prince, the person this lowly person is testifying against is… is the person just now spoken of, the fourth Miss!”

Su Luo? It was really her!

The crown prince’s pair of elegant eyelids lifted up, his solemn and cold eyes were filled with a murderous aura. He was only seen leisurely saying, “Oh? You will testify against this fourth Miss? What are you testifying about?”

Su Zian’s heart was so depressed. He knew that now, no matter what he did, he couldn’t conceal it.

Since he couldn’t conceal it, then it was also fine, he could take advantage of this chance to tidy up the family.

In any case, he didn’t lack daughters. He didn’t lack naturally gifted daughters that brought him pride.

Therefore, Su Zian’s expression was merely indifferent, maintaining his silence.

Mr. Mo saw everyone’s gaze focus upon his body. He lifted his eyes which were clear and determined. He firmly stated. “Your Highness the crown prince is unaware, previously, a person came to the Mercenary Union issuing a task to tarnish the third Miss Su. And also, the person who issued the task is the fourth Miss Su.”

“Gasp——” Mr. Mo had just finished speaking.

One could only hear the sound of simultaneous breaths being released from all around.

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