DKC – Chapter 1768

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Chapter 1768 – Battle God Puppet (1)

Because the little stone’s words clearly told her, Dongfang Xuan had fed all the crystal stones on his body to the Battle God Puppet. But the result was to make wedding clothes for other people, and this other person was Su Luo.

As long as she thought of this truth, Su Luo had the urge to burst out into laughter.

Now, the Battle God Puppet had already walked to behind Dongfang Xuan, step by step. It was only a step away from him.

Dongfang Xuan’s expression became very ugly. Shock, horror and disbelief flashed by in his mind one by one.

Battle God Puppet’s expression was gloomy, its face was even more murderous-looking.

Dongfang Xuan, seeing the situation was wrong, immediately turned, wanting to run.

But it was already too late.

One only saw the Battle God Puppet’s long arm make a grab, and Dongfang Xuan was seized firmly in its hand. His pair of legs stretched out, struggling helplessly, he couldn’t use a bit of strength.

Su Luo, looking at this, her heart was extremely delighted, had the delighted feeling of fortune rising and falling.

The Battle God Puppet lifted Dongfang Xuan, both hands holding him up high. Then, it used all its strength to toss him!

One could only hear a burst of wind whistle past.

Dongfang Xuan’s body flew backwards at a fast speed.


A clear sound of something heavy landing on the ground sounded.

Dongfang Xuan fell down far, far away, blood spraying out wildly from his mouth. He wanted to crawl up, but because of being seriously injured, he had no way to do so and only struggled painfully.

It was just like before, after using this move, the Battle God Puppet foolishly stood there motionless. Then, its figure swayed and its butt directly sat on the ground!

So many crystal stones could only maintain its energy for one move and nothing more.

Su Luo helplessly glared at the Battle God Puppet. Then, she turned and immediately ran towards Dongfang Xuan, directly sending out attack after attack.

Such a good opportunity was fleeting. She couldn’t let Dongfang Xuan run away again.

But Dongfang Xuan being injured was only being injured, his strength was still very good. Battling with Su Luo, he could still gain the upper hand by a little.

In one inattentive moment from Su Luo, he slipped away.

Watching the quickly fleeing Dongfang Xuan, she then turned her head back to look at the Battle God Puppet sitting on its butt. A thin line of perspiration appeared on Su Luo’s forehead.

She thought a bit, but in the end, she still ran to the Battle God Puppet’s side.

At this time, Su Luo didn’t have anymore crystal stones, but she still had things that contained spirit force. Because during the first challenge, she got a lot of rewards, since she almost emptied out the entire shelf.

Su Luo took out three treasures and fed it to the Battle God Puppet. As a result, this thing came back to life again.

When Su Luo brought the Battle God Puppet to chase over, up ahead, Dongfang Xuan’s figure had already disappeared. But Su Luo wasn’t a bit discouraged. Because the Battle God Puppet’s skills to trace and its speed was extremely awesome.

Su Luo simply stopped walking by herself. Her footsteps were graceful as she spun in place and got onto Battle God Puppet’s shoulder. Then, she gave the order for the Battle God Puppet to pursue Dongfang Xuan.

Fortune sure enough takes turns.

Dongfang Xuan ran very fast, so fast as to be astonishing.

In fact, if there was time, what he ought to do was to sit down and heal his injuries. But now, the situation wouldn’t give him time to heal.

Before, Dongfang Xuan ran to chase after Su Luo, but now, everything was reversed. Dongfang Xuan cut a sorry figure, like the target of scorn. His speed was so fast, simply hadn’t seen it in his lifetime.

Dongfang Xuan didn’t run back using the original route, because there were soldiers pursuing behind him. While up ahead, Nangong Liuyun was like a tiger watching his prey. Therefore, since it’s already broken, he simply rushed towards the front of the black lake.

Crossing the black lake, up ahead was the maze.

Such a huge maze stood in front of his eyes.

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