DKC – Chapter 1738

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Chapter 1738 – A place to hide (2)

On the contrary, when that spherical ball was about to reach Su Luo’s back, it suddenly disappeared without reason.

While Su Luo was fleeing, she even had the relaxed frame of mind to turn her head back and smile at Dongfang Xuan. Her smile was dazzling as the morning sun: “Brother Dongfang really has high eyesight, don’t even want the Absorbing Spirit Crystal, then I’ll reluctantly accept it oh.”

Su Luo left behind a bell-like cheerful laugh in a low voice, in an instant, she ran far, far away.

Dongfang Xuan was infuriated to the point of almost giving off smoke from his entire body.

That actually wasn’t a Spirit Pinball! If he had known it was an Absorbing Spirit Crystal, how could Dongfang Xuan return such a treasure back to Su Luo? Dongfang Xuan’s heart was wrathful and vexed at the same time. He wanted to chase but found that thick and solid golden vine was wound around his leg very tightly.

Dongfang Xuan was extremely angry, and his spirit aura increased sharply. One only heard a burst of pitter-patter sound, soon after, the golden vine burst into pieces. It scattered and fell to the ground.

The good thing was that this golden vine was a strip that the Variant Acacia Tree cut off, so it didn’t have much effect on the Variant Acacia Tree’s original body.

Dongfang Xuan originally thought that everything was within his control, but who knew that Su Luo, this loathsome girl, was craftier than a fox! Moreover, she had an endless amount of treasures, in one moment of carelessness, she was able to escape again.

Abominable, hateful! The more Dongfang Xuan thought about it, the angrier he got. His fist was clenched tightly!

Although he was angered half to death, but his intellect was still there. So he immediately got up and went to chase after Su Luo. He didn’t believe that in such a short period of time, Su Luo still could run out of his range.

At this moment, Su Luo was using all her strength to run.

All around was an endless primitive jungle, with no signs of human life.

Dense, ancient trees that were tall, erect and reached to the clouds, full of lush greenery. Wherever the eyes could see, it was all dark green lush leaves. You simply couldn’t see where this ended. A burst of cool breeze blew by the leaves in this sea of trees, giving rustling sounds. In this uninhibited forest, it gave people the terror of having one’s blood run cold.

But Su Luo didn’t have the mind to worry about the dangers in the forest. From her point of view, the greatest danger came from behind her——Dongfang Xuan.

Su Luo’s figure quickly flitted across the forest, her speed was very fast and she changed directions many times.

She headed north in a roundabout way. going left then right. As if she was panicked when selecting the route. This made Dongfang Xuan who was chasing behind her have to be more alert, because if he relaxed a bit, Su Luo would disappear without a trace.

Watching as the distance between the two became closer and closer, and she still couldn’t see the maze up ahead, a cold intent flashed through Su Luo’s brows.

From the first time she arrived in this world, Su Luo had experienced a countless number of being chased to be killed. She had experienced a countless number of times being surrounded by perils. She had focused wholeheartedly, wanting to be strong for one reason, and it was that one day when she became strong, she would be the master of her own destiny. Now, must she be continue to be chased and killed? Su Luo slowly shook her head in her mind.

Up ahead was a tall and erect ancient tree. The trunk was so thick that it would take ten people to wrap around it. Thick branches and luxuriant leaves, even if one was to hide a person, no one would discover it.

All of a sudden, a trace of joy flashed through Su Luo’s eyes.

“This tree…” Su Luo discovered that this really huge tree already had signs it was dying.

“In fact, it is already dead.” The little stone gave her an affirmative reply.

Su Luo’s heart was joyful, Cheng Ying Sword slashed a gap on that trunk, very quickly, a hole appeared in the tree that allowed one person to pass through.

Su Luo flashed in, at the same time, the golden vine sealed up the tree with the original bark, making sure no changes could be seen. Moreover, the golden vine’s consciousness entered this ancient tree and temporarily took over its fragmented consciousness, and resumed control of the tree’s body.

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