DKC – Chapter 1736

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Chapter 1736 – Cat chasing a mouse (3)

“No need.” Zi Yan had both hands crossed over her arms, her gaze unblinkingly staring at Luo Haoming.

Zi Yan knew that if she ran over to help Beichen Ying, then this brief equilibrium would be broken. At that time, even if Luo Haoming wasn’t willing, he would still join and help Li Aochen’s side. Therefore, Zi Yan bided her time, wholeheartdly watched Luo Haoming.

Zi Yan was really worried about Nangong Liuyun and Beichen Ying, while also worried about Su Luo who had run and disappeared. Her brows were slightly puckered up.

Although she knew Su Luo had the little stone as a trump card, but recalling Dongfang Xuan’s strength that rose drastically, Zi Yan couldn’t help but to start worrying. She knew that Su Luo running far away wasn’t only because she didn’t want Nangong Liuyun to be worried, at the same time, she wanted to bring Dongfang Xuan, that lunatic, away. So as to avoid getting her and Beichen Ying injured.

Right now, as Zi Yan expected, Su Luo’s situation wasn’t good.

Before, Su Luo grabbed a thread of change to run out but Dongfang Xuan’s reaction was also very fast, and he immediately started to chase. So the distance between the two was very close.

Right now, Su Luo’s heart was full of blame. She really didn’t understand why she couldn’t use her teleport! If she could use it, don’t mention one Dongfang Xuan, even ten Dongfang Xuan, she would have already shaken them off.

But complaining was just complaining. Su Luo didn’t dare to relax the pace of her feet. She displayed the Spirit Dance Steps to the peak because she could sense that Dongfang Xuan was very close to her. As long as she slowed by a step, she would enter his range of attack.

“Loathsome girl, your speed isn’t slow!” When Dongfang Xuan saw Su Luo run, his first reaction was nonplussed. But now, he had the thrilling feeling of a cat trying to catch a mouse.

Clearly, victory was in his grasp, while letting the opponent feel that there was slight chance to live by letting them run non-stop. This kind of evil taste made Dongfang Xuan’s heart become even more joyful.

After leaving the Spirit River, Su Luo directly ran north. Because she knew the maze for the fourth challenge was in that direction. As long as she ran into the maze, then Dongfang Xuan would have no way to deal with her. Able not to expose the little stone, Su Luo still planned not to reveal him as much as possible.

Under the soles of her feet was soft snow, hindering Su Luo’s speed.

But when Su Luo saw up ahead, a trace of hope rose in her heart.

Not far up ahead, a dense green color swayed, making Su Luo’s eyes dizzy. This also made her heart full of joy and hope.

That was a primitive forest, the primitive forest that hid the sky and covered the earth. After seeing the map, Su Luo knew that as long as she passed through this primitive forest, she would have reached the entrance to the maze.

And the trees in the primitive forest hid the sky and covered the earth, the environment was very dark, the degree one could see was very low. If Dongfang Xuan wanted to find her, he would waste a lot of energy.

As a result, Su Luo took a deep breath, and put all her spirit force into her feet. Her speed suddenly soared. In one split second, she put a long distance between her and Dongfang Xuan.

“Loathsome girl! So it turned out you were using all your strength!” A sinister ray of light flashed through Dongfang Xuan’s eyes. A malevolent and terrifying smile appeared on his mouth. His ice-cold voice slowly sounded: “However, if you feel you can escape my pursuit just because of this, then you are gravely mistaken. Now, I declare that the time to pull up the net is here!”

Rushing into the primitive forest, Su Luo slowly gave a breath of relief. However, before she could inhale again, a sinister figure appeared in front of her.

Seeing this figure, Su Luo’s eyes shrank: “Dongfang Xuan!”

How did his speed become so fast all of a sudden? To appear in front of her in such a short while?!

As if he could see Su Luo’s puzzlement, Dongfang Xuan gave a cold laugh: “Loathsome girl, you can conserve strength, don’t tell me I don’t know how to do it too?”

The implication was that if he wanted to capture Su Luo, he would very easily succeed. Now, it was merely a cat playing with a mouse and nothing more.

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