DKC – Chapter 1729

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Chapter 1729 – Bird’s nest (2)

Before, she actually didn’t notice that on top of Dongfang Xuan’s head was a small piece of yellow-colored paste-like thing. It was roughly about the size of a fist, at this moment, it was giving off heat and spirals of smoke.

“Did you see it clearly?” The little stone humphed twice. But there was a huge meaning in his humph.

Hearing this, Su Luo’s heart suddenly became a bit cold: “What do you want to do?” She had a very bad feeling about this.

“Learn well from Dongfang Xuan.” The little stone said concisely.

“What?” Su Luo couldn’t hold back the cough.

That yellow paste-like thing on Dongfang Xuan’s head was only about the size of a fist. It actually gave off steam but it looked as if he had a snow pear on his head. But the thing in front of her… what could it count as?

It was about the size of a bird’s nest and extremely yellow in color. Moreover, it really was in the shape of a rice field. On its very top, it was still very pointed…

“Can I not…” Su Luo wanted to cry but lacked the tears. If she had known it was going to be like this earlier, she would rather avoid Dongfang Xuan and keep far away.

“You can not want it ah.” The little stone had a tone of ‘very easy to discuss the matter’, “If you don’t want to absorb it, then wait until Dongfang Xuan has absorbed all the spirit force around you until nothing is left. Then wait for Dongfang Xuan to advance, whether to absorb or not, you choose.”

Su Luo sighed in a depressed manner, the little stone already said the matter to this extent, how else would she pick ah? As a result, Su Luo could only slowly extend her slender arm, and slowly grip that lump of disappointingly flashy thing.

“Put it on top of your head.” The little stone had a taut expression as he solemnly instructed.

“Oh…” Su Luo wanted to cry but lacked the tears, and hesitated once again. In the end, she took a deep glance at Dongfang Xuan, took a deep breath, with the attitude of tossing down a broken jar, she placed that yellow lump of something on her head.

This time, it looked as if Su Luo had a cone-like lump on her head…or some such.

“Now you can cultivate.” The little stone tried hard to maintain his taut face, but his complexion was very red from choking it back. The corner of his eyes and brows had difficulty suppressing his desire to laugh his head off. His whole body was trembling from holding back.

In the end, the little stone couldn’t contain it anymore and howled with laughter in Su Luo’s space.

Su Luo couldn’t help but cast him a supercilious glance. She could completely imagine how comical and outlandish her appearance was right now. Fortunately, Beichen Ying and the others were in the state of cultivation and didn’t have time to open their eyes to look at her. Otherwise, those people would probably fall down from laughing.

Su Luo silently cursed the little stone in her heart. Afterwards, she silently closed her eyes and entered the state of cultivation.

Ever since she put the Absorbing Spirit Crystal on her head, Su Luo seem to have an enlightened feeling.

That kind of clearness had a trace of slight chill, and a feeling of vigor that flooded her entire head. Su Luo could clearly sense the spirit force in all directions violently rolling towards her, like a surging flood whizzing by, continuous and non-stop.

Such a huge amount of spirit force nearly drowned Su Luo.

But very quickly, Su Luo returned to her senses and put away her ecstatic feelings. She quickly transformed the outside spirit force into a form she could absorb.

Su Luo could clearly sense the changes inside her body.

If it was said that her qi storage area was like a wooden cask, she, who was originally at middle of ninth rank, the spirit force in the wooden cask was less than half. But in the wake of these spirit force frantically pouring in, that wooden cask seemed to be filling with water, raising up at a speed that the naked eye could see.

Inch by inch, it was very clear and obvious.

It must be said that if the wooden cask was full, Su Luo could be promoted to the tenth rank!

This matter that seemed inconceivable to other people actually occurred in Su Luo’s body.

If they were to see this scene, they would have fainted from the scare okay? Because they might not even raise it a little bit in a year. But Su Luo actually, actually, at a speed the naked eye could see, went up inch by inch!

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