DKC – Chapter 1700

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Chapter 1700 – Sit on the ground and set the price (4)

Before Su Luo arrived, Li Aochen had arrived a step ahead to tell the result he saw to Dongfang Xuan and Luo Haoming.

Luo Haoming’s eyes opened wide in disbelief: “This isn’t possible right? It’s so easy to cross the lava bridge?”

But Dongfang Xuan frowned, sinking into deep contemplation.

Very quickly, his figure was like lightning as he headed towards the lava bridge. He just so happened to see Zi Yan’s figure quickly disappear on the lava bridge.

It really was true! Dongfang Xuan’s brows unfolded slightly, he looked at Su Luo with a warm, smiling expression.

Su Luo raised an eyebrow with a ghost of a smile. And let Nangong Liuyun lead her to walk towards the area with the source stones.

Su Luo didn’t say a word as she unhurriedly toured the area with source stones. Because she knew, Dongfang Xuan had at least two requests for her. She was secure in her backing, so she was in no rush. Now, she ought to gather together the three people on the other team.

Dongfang Xuan’s face had a smile, his tone was gentle as he said to Su Luo: “Does Miss Su have any source stone you fancy? How about I give it to you?”

This speed of changing face was really fast ah, but Su Luo only shook her head.

At this time, Su Luo was able to catch the meaningful glance Dongfang Xuan sent to Li Aochen and Luo Haoming. She was also able to see the two people’s figures disappearing very quickly.

“Huh, what did the two of them go to do?” Su Luo pretended she didn’t know and said this as if she blurted it out.

“People need to answer the call of nature.” Dongfang Xuan gave a laugh.

“Really?” Su Luo didn’t expose him, because she knew Li Aochen and Luo Haoming would return disappointed. Because all the Ice Spirit Flowers along the way were all in her hand. What could the two of them possibly find?

Sure enough, not long after, these two people’s figures appeared in front of everyone.

Faced with Su Luo’s eyes that were bright as stars, Luo Haoming was slightly embarrassed as he turned his face away. But Li Aochen’s gaze was sinister and cold, soon after, he slowly shook his head towards Dongfang Xuan.

After Dongfang Xuan found out, a trace of disappointment flashed through his eyes. But immediately after, his attitude towards Su Luo was thirty percent more cordial.

He saw Su Luo playing with a source stone, as a result, he smiled from ear to ear: “Does Luo Luo like this piece? How about I give it to you?”

How was it that in such a short period, he started to call her Luo Luo? This speed of changing face was really fast ah.

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth twitched slightly, as she shook her head indifferently.

“Then five pieces? Ten pieces?” Dongfang Xuan’s manner was flattering and close.

“Ten pieces ah?” Su Luo stroked her chin, muttering to herself, “Are you certain?”

In Dongfang Xuan’s area, the most valuable wasn’t just ten pieces of source stones ah.

Although Dongfang Xuan’s flesh hurt, but he still nodded: “Okay! As long as Luo Luo will give us enough Ice Spirit Flowers to cross the lava bridge, ten pieces, then ten pieces.”

“But I didn’t agree ah. I was only asking and nothing more. Why are you so anxious?” Su Luo unhurriedly cast him a glance, as she said this carelessly.

The hand at Dongfang Xuan’s side clenched tightly! This loathsome girl simply wanted a mile after winning an inch!

Although his heart was extremely angry and itching to tear Su Luo apart, but Dongfang Xuan’s face still smiled warmly: “Then fifteen pieces?”

“If it is thirty pieces, I can still consider it.” Su Luo stroked her chin with a crafty, dishonest businessman appearance as she calmly proposed this condition.

“Thirty pieces?” Dongfang Xuan stared fixedly at Su Luo! Really was a lion asking for too much, just opening her mouth, she wanted so many!

“Thirty pieces of source stones, who knows if cutting it inside is empty or not? Really, if it was said like this, thirty pieces is a bit too much. After all, my Ice Spirit Flower has a price but doesn’t have a market. Even if you want to buy, you simply can’t buy it ah…” Su Luo muttered slowly.

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