DKC – Chapter 1690

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Chapter 1690 – How is one to blame luck? (5)

Watching Su Luo’s body gracefully leave, Dongfang Xuan suddenly had a bad premonition. But as to the specifics of the feeling, he couldn’t say.

“Be a bit more clever.” Dongfang Xuan’s eyes swept Li Aochen a glance.

Li Aochen watched Su Luo’s back as she was leaving, and a bloodthirsty sneer flashed through his eyes as he said: “Just like you said, now, the territory has already been split, what can she do? It’s because she came too late and didn’t snatch an area, don’t tell me she will really fight it over with me in the open?”

Dongfang Xuan looked at Li Aochen as if looking at an idiot, his gaze was hidden and deep, making it hard for people to see the meaning in its depths.

Dongfang Xuan dumbfoundedly shook his head. Li Aochen used a person of vile character’s standards to treat him tolerably. But he used a sage’s criterion to deal with Su Luo. If this wasn’t stupid, then what was it? According to Dongfang Xuan’s understanding of Su Luo, this girl simply wasn’t a honorable man. What ways to rebel against the normal, she would always do it. If she could snatch, she wouldn’t be disdainful of snatching. So the matter of occupying Li Aochen’s territory by force, she could really do it. It’s just a matter whether she was in the mood to do something like it.

“You best not provoke her.” This was Dongfang Xuan’s advice to Li Aochen. He didn’t understand, it looked like Li Aochen had a good talent in cultivation, but his ability to see through people made him look like a blind person.

“Could it be I still need to be afraid of her?” Li Aochen coldly sneered.

Dongfang Xuan speechlessly glanced at Li Aochen. If you weren’t afraid of her, why did you try to snatch Zi Yan’s territory before, and after you saw Su Luo come over, you didn’t say a word before retreating? If you weren’t afraid of her when she swept everyone’s territory, why look at him with a cry for help expression in your eyes? The most important matter was, if you weren’t afraid of her, would you have cooperated with me?

Dongfang Xuan used the gaze of looking at an idiot to sweep Li Aochen another glance. After, he shook his head and left.

Now, Su Luo had already returned to the north, the territory that Zi Yan and Beichen Ying had snatched.

“How are things?” Beichen Ying had always been impatient, pulling at Su Luo and turning to her to ask for the result.

“Really want to know?” Su Luo, showing off, unhurriedly asked.

“If you tell it as it is, I’ll call you ‘older sister’, my blood-related older sister okay?” Beichen Ying pulled at Su Luo’s sleeves as if he was about to kneel. Before, when he came over, he took a fancy to this territory at a glance. Therefore, he took the lead to snatch it. But Su Luo didn’t seem to be too optimistic about this area.

Su Luo looked at Beichen Ying, with her index finger pointed at the ground: “Here, there, isn’t, a single, purple-colored crystal stone!”

“Ah!” Beichen Ying cried out in alarm.

Impossible right? Dongfang Xuan could so easily cut out several purple-colored crystal stones, now Su Luo told him the territory he had snatched with great difficulty didn’t have a single piece of purple-colored crystal stone. This kind of blow was a bit too big ah, hitting Beichen Ying until his entire person became listless.

“Otherwise, what did you think?” The corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked up into a speechless expression. Still in a low voice, she said, “I’m not afraid of shocking you, I’ll tell you truthfully. Not only doesn’t this area have no purple-colored crystal stone, it doesn’t even have any blue-colored crystal stone. As for cyan-colored crystal stone, occasionally there will be one or two, but it’s buried in the very bottom. If you are not careful, you’ll miss it. Based on your ability, you won’t find it.”

“I, don’t, believe, it!” Beichen Ying’s stuck out his neck, even dead, he wouldn’t admit it.

“Do you still remember Li Aoqiong’s matter?” Su Luo had her arms crossed in front of her, gaze unhurriedly landing on his face.

Recalling this previous matter, Beichen Ying became even more listless. How could he forget about this matter? Even now, every detail was vivid in his mind, so clear that he could see it okay?

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