DKC – Chapter 1659

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Chapter 1659 – Win huge prizes (2)

Seeing Su Luo’s group’s large sack, Luo Haoming and Li Aochen’s eyes went straight from staring. They both looked at the small bag in their hands, then they exchanged a glance of dismay. They had a strong urge to cry…This was too unfair ah!

Su Luo didn’t know Luo Haoming already had the thought to mend his ways. Su Luo floated them a glance, with a ghost of a smile, she said: “Oh, you guys have a lot of white stones too.”

Luo Haoming smiled kindly: “Can’t be compared to you guys. This time, you guys really have too many, estimated that there isn’t a single Hidden-eyed Purple Spider in the desert anymore.”

Hearing this, the corner of the white-bearded old grandpa’s mouth twitched. When he saw that huge sack in Su Luo’s hand, the twitching at the corner of his mouth became more obvious.

Su Luo was all smiles as she looked at the white-bearded old grandpa: “Grandpa, can we draw things now?”

The white-bearded old grandpa nodded his head while staring distractedly: “Please do as you wish.” Finished speaking, he closed his eyes, sinking into a half-sleeping mode.

“You guys go first or us?” Su Luo cast a glance at Luo Haoming. She felt somewhat odd, before, when Luo Haoming saw her, he would dislike her and frown at her, as if she owed him a debt she couldn’t pay off in eight lifetimes. But this time, seeing him, she could see sincerity and goodwill in his smile. Could this person have been changed by someone?

“Whatever Miss Su says will be fine, we don’t have any objections.” Sure enough, Luo Haoming still seemed good-tempered, smiling very warmly.

What a strange person! Su Luo secretly muttered in her heart. Her expression still remained calm as water. Using a ‘let’s discuss it’ tone, she said: “How about one person a turn, alternating continuously. This way, no one will take advantage of each other. How about it?”

Because the more prizes that get drawn, the people that participated later would have a greater chance of drawing an empty prize, so the later one drew, the less fair it was.

Luo Haoming, seeing Su Luo like this, also nodded: “This way is good.”

“Then I won’t be polite, we’ll go first.” Su Luo led the several people to walk towards the prize-drawing machine in a grandiose manner.

Su Luo looked at the prize-drawing machine that was wiped down until it was bright and shiny. She placed both palms together in a praying posture and mumbled to herself: “Three days before, when I lifted the luck, it was pretty good. Really hope that day’s good luck will continue.”

After finished praying, Su Luo began to formally draw prizes.

After pouring in one hundred white stones into the mouth of the machine, Su Luo seriously pressed the start button.

Su Luo earnestly gazed at the numbers rolling by. After taking a deep breath, one only heard a ‘bang’ sound, and the numbers started to stop and become still.

“Let’s see what number our Su Luo drew.” Zi Yan ran up, looking at the screen of the prize-drawing machine.

Su Luo’s eyes also had a trace of nervousness, because even she didn’t know what she would be able to draw this time. If it was still ‘thank you for your patronage’, Su Luo felt that her face would be embarrassingly big.

“Number 98 hahaha! Luo Luo, your luck really is…” Zi Yan felt Su Luo’s luck really wasn’t covered. Just lacked a little bit, only a little bit, was number 99. Fortunately, her luck was slightly better than that and didn’t draw ‘thank you for your patronage’.

The treasure for number 98 was very simple, it was actually a medicinal pill.

“Grandmaster level Spirit Restoration Pill?” Getting this pill, Su Luo couldn’t help but repeatedly smile bitterly. What she didn’t lack was medicinal pills, under the circumstances where she had Emperor ranked Medicinal Pills, Grandmaster level Medicinal Pills, to her, were already pretty useless.

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