DKC – Chapter 1648

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Chapter 1648 – Marvelous counterattack (15)

Ever since the little divine dragon was taken away, the small fox had wilted and was listless all day long. If she wasn’t looking at the sky, she was sleeping. Taking her out, she was combative and liked to pick fights. Placing her in the space, if she wasn’t looking at the sky, she was sleeping, making people feel distressed just by looking at her.

“Okay, don’t be like this, be more lively.” Su Lu patted her little head, “Now let’s play a little game, okay?”

“……” Not okay. The little fox shook her small head and wanted to run into Su Luo’s space to sleep.

But, how could Su Luo so easily let her go? Not waiting for the little fox to react, a basin of High Grade Celestial Spirit Water was poured all over its body. Immediately, just now, the fluffy fur of this adorable thing, in an instant, looked like she was wearing see-through clothing. A body of pure white fur stuck close to her entire body.

“Sneeze, sneeze!” The little fox sneezed repeatedly. Suddenly being splashed in the face with ice-cold water, she was so cold that she almost became sick.

However, the attractiveness of the High Grade Celestial Spirit Water was truly great, the little fox subconsciously lowered her head to lick clean the water droplets. But before she could lick up more, she discovered that the surrounding environment seemed somewhat wrong.

In a dim-witted manner, she lifted her head, and looked all around with a bewildered expression.

Afterwards, the adorable little fox was struck dumb.

A group of spiders that had sprung out from who knows where with cold, dark bright green eyes were staring fixedly at the little fox. Their expressions were fiendlike, with saliva flowing steadily from their mouths……

The little fox’s adorable large eyes blinked, in a dim-witted manner watching as the Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders gradually encircled her.

These blazing hot gazes made her heart jump with ‘badump badump’ sounds.

If it was just one or two, then fine, she could settle them with a wave of her paw. But now, there was at least several hundred, ok? The little fox was not stupid, with her four paws, quick as lightning, she suddenly burst away explosively, directly knocking over the Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders that were trying to encircle her from the front.

Seeing the little fox’s figure was about to vanished, the Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders became anxious!

That was a good thing ah!

Although they didn’t know what good thing it was, but that scent, that feeling, it was absolutely a great natural restorative tonic!

“Hiss!!! Sss!” The Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders collectively burst out with a hissing sound. Then, they grandly chased after the little fox, pursuing closely and not letting go.

As a result, a laughable scene appeared.

At the front was a little fox whose fur was wetted by water, extending her four paws and running madly with lightning-like speed. Behind her was a grandiose group of Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders, pursuing closely and not letting go.

Moreover, in the process, there were Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders that continuously came over to join in. Consequently, the procession became bigger and bigger, larger and larger.

The little fox ran until she was gasping for breath, when she turned her head to look back, she was almost scared to death by the procession behind her!

Many, many spiders!

All of them had eyes giving off a green radiance, itching to skin her, pull out her tendons and suck her blood! Really scary! Boohoo——

The little fox was so frightened that her feet trembled, almost falling down headfirst.

These days, she ate, then sleep, and ate again, raising her to become fat, truly hateful!

While the little fox continued to chatter and silently curse, she still spread her four paws and ran with lightning fast speed. Her mouth let out ‘puchi puchi’ sounds, coarsely gasping for breath.

Now, Su Luo had already teleported back to tell everyone to make proper preparations for battle.

“Really drawn them over?” Beichen Ying saw that Su Luo was empty-handed and couldn’t help but be somewhat doubtful.

“You should rest assured, when the time comes, guaranteed that how many you want to kill, is how many you can kill. Your only worry should be whether you will be killed by the Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders.”

“Hehe.” Beichen Ying was extremely unconvinced, “Those little seventh-ranked beasts, in this grandpa’s eyes, are merely an ant like existence. They can easily be crushed.”

“Really?” Su Luo faintly smiled, her finger pointed to the front, indicating to Beichen Ying: “Take a look, see what are those.”

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