DKC – Chapter 1647

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Chapter 1647 – Marvelous counterattack (14)

“What method? Quickly say it for us to hear!” Beichen Ying excitedly grabbed Su Luo’s sleeves.

But before he even touched Su Luo’s hand, his claw was waved away by Nangong Liuyun, “Go play at the side.”

Beichen Ying could only run to Su Luo’s other side in an eager manner, weakly pulling at her sleeves. His bright, lustrous black eyes looked at Su Luo pitifully, fluttering his thick, curled up eyelashes that were like cicada’s wings.

Su Luo saw him like this, and immediately placed her hand on her forehead helplessly. Could this child not be so silly.

Su Luo felt helpless, and spread out her right palm. There, lying in the center of her jadelike hand, was a small jade bottle. A faint light flitted across the water inside the jade bottle.

“Top Grade Celestial Spirit Water!” Beichen Ying exclaimed.

This thing was a treasure ah. At that time, Luo Lou had given him some to drink, the effect was extremely good.

“Yes, Top Grade Celestial Spirit Water.” Su Luo’s eyes were half-narrowed, a trace of seriousness flashing by, “As far as I know, the magical beasts really like Top Grade Celestial Spirit Water. You say, if I take this to draw the Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders, wouldn’t it have an effect?”

“It definitely will!” Beichen Ying nodded firmly.

“ Even if you were escaping for your life, you would still be drawn despite everything?”

“Definitely! Wealth and honor are sought among danger.” Beichen Ying nodded repeatedly.

Su Luo put away the Top Grade Celestial Spirit Water and nodded in satisfaction: “I hope that the IQ of the Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders is the same as yours.”

Beichen Ying stared blankly for quite a while before figuring it out, when he wanted to find Su Luo for revenge, he saw that her figure had already disappeared into a white light.

“Is such a small bottle enough?” Beichen Ying muttered to himself.

“At that time, the little divine dragon used this water to bathe in, you say whether she has enough or not?” Nangong Liuyun’s lips hooked into a ghost of a smile. His smile was demonically charming and incomparably handsome.

“Wh-What?” Beichen Ying’s eyes became as big as copper bells. He almost bit off his tongue in excitement, “The little dragon used it to bathe in? How is this possible? It’s absolutely impossible!” Even if you killed him, he wouldn’t believe it.

Why ah? Because this was Top Grade Celestial Spirit Water, every drop was worth a considerable amount, yet Su Luo actually extravagantly bathed the little dragon with it? Still letting him shower with it? Was there such a wasteful way? Beichen Ying repeatedly shook his head, expressing his firm disbelief.

Nangong Liuyun was too lazy to bother with this crazy youth. He reclined against the withered white poplar tree with arms crossed behind his back. His gaze looked at the azure sky. Soon after, his beautiful eyes closed as if he had fallen asleep.

The progress on Su Luo’s side wasn’t as smooth as she first imagined.

Su Luo ran one circle around the desert and found that the vast majority of the Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders were hiding underneath the sand layer. Moreover, they were scattered in ones or twos, as long as they made a move, the rest of the Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders would be frightened and with a ‘whoosh’ sound, would vanish without a shadow.

Su Luo rubbed her chin, slanting her head to think about it. Very quickly, she came up with an idea.

In the modern world, when playing online games, Su Luo would often run around once to draw a lot of valuable enemies. When she ran back, behind her would follow a densely-packed group that seemed strange. Now, there was no revenge thought because as long as she struck, those Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders which were already scared silly would escape and vanish without a trace.

So now, Su Luo could only use Top Grade Celestial Spirit Water as bait.

After Su Luo thought about it, she then pulled out the little Nine-Tailed Fox.

The small fox was in the middle of a deep slumber, after being lifted out by Su Luo, the two little claws gently rubbed her sleepy eyes, then lifted them to look innocently and blankly at her master.

Su Luo poked the small fox’s nose in exasperation.

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