DKC – Chapter 1646

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Chapter 1646 – Marvelous counterattack (13)

So, several people rushed against time to work.

Such a large desert, in less than two hours, they had destroyed six nests in a row.

But when they found the seventh nest, they discovered that things had changed.

Dongfang Xuan, Luo Haoming and Li Aochen, these three people, had formed a triangle shape to surrounded the Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders’ nest. Now, they were continuously attacking the Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders inside that were fleeing in all directions.

“Damn, they actually got to it first, how hateful!” Su Luo had a depressed look as she glared at those three people. Then, she looked down at the map in her hand, and finally, she reluctantly crossed out that little black dot.

“Do we want to……” Beichen Ying made the gesture for a sneak attack.

At this time, they could rush in and catch a lot of the Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders among the confusion.

But Su Luo shook her head.

“Rather than wasting time disputing with them, it’s better that we hurry up and destroy the rest of the nests.” Su Luo frowned, “Dongfang Xuan’s strength can’t be underestimated. He is able go deep into the desert to find the Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders’ nest, indicating he definitely can see a thing or two.”

“Don’t know how he got back over that cliff.” Zi Yan muttered in dissatisfaction. How good would it be if Dongfang Xuan had stayed over there, then no one would snatch things with them.

“Able to obstruct them for so long is good enough. We are already ahead of them by more than a thousand.” Su Luo was satisfied with this kind of battle result, then pointed to a black dot on the map, “Enough, let’s quickly go.”

Thus, in a hidden area, Su Luo took everyone over there by teleport.

Dongfang Xuan’s brows knitted tightly. Just now, he had sensed Su Luo’s aura. How was it that it had disappeared in the blink of an eye? Could it be…could it be that they had gone deep into the sand to then run out and fight with them?

“Don’t worry about these Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders, pay full attention to the changes under the sand up ahead!” Dongfang Xuan’s face was serious and cold as he issued this order.

Dongfang Xuan’s order was an unprecedented mistake.

During this delay of his, a lot of the Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders had run out in disorder towards all directions and scattered all over the place.

If Su Luo saw this situation, she would certainly hang her head and stamp her feet. Because this signified that very possibly, those Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders could go spread the news. At the same time, it also signified that in the future, they wouldn’t have a chance to kill them with high efficiency when eliminating their nests.

Sure enough, when Su Luo went to the next stop, at the place that was originally marked on the map, there wasn’t a trace of the Hidden-eyed Purple Spider to be found.

“Damn it!” Su Luo raged, “It must be Dongfang Xuan’s group that made a mistake and implicated us. If I had known earlier, I should have killed them all at that time.”

Zi Yan was also furious: “How could they be so stupid! To continue fighting like this with a rare few, how long would we manage to scrape together one hundred ah? Moreover, one hundred pieces is only one chance to draw a prize, and there is a huge chance of getting thank you for your patronage.”

“If all the Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders could be drawn to one place, that could be considered a good method.” Nangong Liuyun rubbed his chin, looking thoughtful.

“But all these Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders have been scared to death. They’ve fled everywhere to escape, how do we draw them?” Zi Yan felt that the possibility was close to zero.

But, Su Luo’s eyes gradually became brighter: “Gather them all in one place…..”

“Luo Luo, you have a way?” Zi Yan and Su Luo had full rapport, when she saw Su Luo rub her chin with her mouth slightly hooked up, she knew Su Luo had a good idea.

“Haven’t tried it yet, so for the time being, don’t know if it’ll be effective.” Although she said this, the expression in Su Luo’s eyes were quite certain.

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