DKC – Chapter 1591

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Chapter 1591 – To confess his real feeling (3)

“Say it, don’t you think they are well-matched?” Su Luo counted on her fingers the degree to which they matched. “You look here, whether its appearance, family background, temperament, cultivation….from every aspect, they are extremely well-matched ah, just like a match made in heaven.”

Nangong Liuyun patted Su Luo’s head: “The marked Beichen Ying must be sent out.”

“What?” A huge question mark appeared above Su Luo’s had. What’s this, saying the marked Beichen Ying must be sent out?

“Foolish girl.” Nangong Liuyun, in a long-suffering manner, rubbed Su Luo’s head. He changed the topic to say, “Played enough? Such a dark cold night, hurry to return so as not to catch a cold.”

Nangong Liuyun extended out his jadelike fingers, helping Su Luo to straighten her collar and hair. He had a concentrated expression, his movements were gentle, as if his hand held the most precious treasure in the world.

After carefully tidying her up, he then led Su Luo by the hand to walk back.

“Hey, you still haven’t said, why must the marked Beichen Ying be sent out?” Su Luo’s heart was focused on getting an answer.

“Any man that covets you, even if it’s Beichen Ying, it is still out of the question.” Nangong Liuyun’s tone was mild but had a trace of overbearingness and wanting to vent his anger, it was strict and biting cold.

“Cough, cough——”Su Luo almost choked to death on her own saliva.

That’s right, if she could sense it, how could Nangong Liuyun, with a perception that was ten times better, not sense it?

“Did you overthink things? I think Beichen Ying looked normal.” Su Luo smilingly looked at him.

“I won’t allow even a one percent possibility.” Nangong Liuyun’s reply was strong and dominating.

Su Luo rolled her eyes in annoyance at him, and she quickly changed the topic.

The topic of Nangong Liuyun discussing other men was really too dangerous. Su Luo vowed that in the future, she would never step foot into this topic.

Inside the garden.

Zi Yan and Beichen Ying’s eyes stared at each other, as if the whole world had stopped at this moment.

Zi Yan was the first to react, with one move, she pushed Beichen Ying away. Afterwards, she quickly crawled up.

“That…” Beichen Ying felt extremely awkward. He wanted to say something, but at the same time, not knowing where to start to explain.

“Beichen Ying, look at the good thing you did!” Zi Yan, panting with anger, wiped away the traces at the corner of her mouth. With glaring round eyes, she said, “Is this the stake you had bet with Luo Luo, am I right? You actually used me as a betting stake!”

“I….” Under Zi Yan’s rage, Beichen Ying felt helpless, “In fact, the stake was to end when I confessed to you. Who knew it would end….”

“Since it was only to confess, then why did you do it like this!” Zi Yan lifted Beichen Ying up by the collar, “Believe it or not, this great aunt will smash you with her fist again!”

“I also don’t know ah. It seemed if all of a sudden, someone pushed me from behind, making me pounce over, to crush down on you then….” The more Beichen Ying described it, the worse he made the matter.

“You shut up!” Zi Yan, panting in rage, once again wiped the traces at the corner of her mouth, “This great aunt will remember you!”

Finished speaking, Zi Yan took large strides and flew away.

Seeing Zi Yan running away, Beichen Ying’s expression was complicated.

He extended out his long slender fingers, touching the edge of his soft lips…In fact, that feeling just now was really pretty good.

But in the end, who was the one that pushed him in the back? Luo Luo? Impossible, Luo Luo’s strength wasn’t that strong…Beichen Ying scratched his head, still puzzled despite much thought.


This night, was bound to be not peaceful.

Just when Su Luo had fallen asleep for not long.

All of a sudden, a strong sense of danger woke her up.

Su Luo’s eyelids shot open in an instant. Like the night pearl, her eyes shone brightly in the night.

Suddenly, Su Luo’s brows wrinkled, and her figure rolled quickly down from the bed onto the floor.

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