DKC – Chapter 1590

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Chapter 1590 – To confess his real feeling (2)

“Yan Yan, you look, how beautiful is tonight’s scene, just like your peerlessly beautiful face.” Closing his eyes, Beichen Ying’s appearance of being a distinguished and elegant young master quickly jumped out.

Zi Yan’s face was red from choking back her laughter. But she was curious as to what other shocking words Beichen Ying would say. So, with great difficulty, she restrained her laugher and began to get into character in this play.

“Really? But don’t you think Luo Luo is much prettier than me?” Zi Yan lifted up her palm-sized little face, her starlike eyes seemed to be washed clean by water, clear and moving.

“Although Luo Luo is pretty, how could she reach a bit of your position in my heart?” Beichen Ying passionately grasped Zi Yan’s hand, eyes full of affectionate emotions that couldn’t be contained. The words of love came out non-stop, “You look at the hundreds of flowers that are blooming in this courtyard, how could they reach even one percent of you? Able to have Younger Sister Yan accompany me to appreciate the flowers and the full moon, Older Brother Beichen feels that the wind blowing in my face has a sweet and delightful scent. As if I am lingering in paradise ah.”

“Oh.” Zi Yan restrained her feeling of wanting to throw up and turned her head away.

Older Brother Beichen….damn!

After straightening out her mood, Zi Yan turned around, she had a ‘puzzled to the bone’ expression. Her blood red painted fingernails poked at Beichen Ying’s chest: “Older Brother Beichen, in the end, what do you want to do?”

“If I can be with Younger Sister Yan for the rest of my life as a pair, then how beautiful would it be ah. Younger Sister Yan, how do you feel about it?” That pair of eyes on Beichen Ying’s face that was like stars continuously blinking, releasing an endless electric current.

“I feel…. Dreaming would come a lot faster! Is teasing I, your old mother, really fun?” She had just finished speaking when Zi Yan’s fist smashed over. Beichen Ying’s head flipped back, his chin almost dislocated.

“Oh——” Su Luo couldn’t bear to watch and covered her eyes.

This Beichen Ying, if you’re going to confess then confess, why be so sickeningly sappy? Look aren’t you asking to be beat up? Su Luo hiding in the flower bushes couldn’t help but sigh. Looks like this time, as a matchmaker, it will end with a defeat.

Just when Su Luo was sighing helplessly, all of a sudden, Beichen Ying’s body that was leaning back suddenly made a half-circle, abruptly throwing himself forward.

Zi Yan was just rubbing her tough-as-nails fist and completely didn’t notice Beichen Ying’s body being thrown forward. When she realized it, everything was already too late.


The two youthful figures directly fell backwards. Beichen Ying’s body directly pressed Zi Yan’s underneath him. The two people’s lips met. Four eyes made contact, looking lifeless.

The world seemed to have stopped at this moment.

Su Luo’s eyes were opened wide from surprise, soon after, she looked towards Nangong Liuyun.

Just now, she clearly felt a fluctuation in the spirit force flying out from the side of her body. It very forcefully turned Beichen Ying around and changed him from going backwards to going forward. This kind of difficult maneuver, who else but the evildoer at her side could do it?

“Quickly go.” Nangong Liuyun didn’t wait for Su Luo to question him carefully. He grabbed her and, in a flash, their traces disappeared.

Arrived at Stepping On Clouds Pavilion.

Only now did Su Luo loudly laugh: “Just now, it was you right? Didn’t expect that you, as the silent one, but when you ought to make a move, would move, really great!”

Originally, she thought it would end in disappointment, but who knew Nangong Liuyun would do something like this. The ending was completely reversed.

“En.” Nangong Liuyun faintly responded and didn’t say unnecessary words.

Su Luo very naturally sat on his leg. Her jadelike arms wrapped around his snow-white neck: “You are not the kind of person that meddles in other people’s business ah. This time, why did you make a move? Is it because you also feel that Beichen Ying and Zi Yan are well-matched?”

Nangong Liuyun gave a faint humph, the eyes on his handsome face were deep as the ocean and profoundly mysterious.

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