DKC – Chapter 1568

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Chapter 1568 – Master instructs (3)

“Luo Haoming?” Su Luo frowned.

After going through numerous fights on the imitation battle stage, Su Luo knew that the Luo Haoming in front of her wasn’t the real Luo Haoming. Rather, he was a virtual image Master helped to create.

But this Luo Haoming’s strength was exactly the same as the real one’s.

“This is master’s Nothingness of Space.” Grandmaster Rong Yun’s faint voice was transmitted to Su Luo’s mind.

Sure enough, Su Luo nodded secretly in her heart.

“In here, you can’t call out your spirit pets and there is no Elder Ancestor Mo to help you. You can only rely on yourself for everything.” Grandmaster Rong Yun’s tone was indifferent and unfeeling.

Su Luo heard this and she helplessly sighed.

Ask her to rely on her real strength to battle Luo Haoming? Wasn’t this asking her to throw away her life?

“Here is not like the imitation battle stage, that even if you are wounded inside, when you get out, you will be perfectly fine.” Grandmaster Rong Yun’s faint voice flashed through Su Luo’s mind, “In this Nothingness of Space, Luo Haoming is fake but you are real.”

Su Luo’s heart, with a thump, fell. Suddenly, she had a bad premonition.

Sure enough, Grandmaster Rong Yun’s voice once again sounded by her ear.

“That is to say, if you die inside here, then that means you really are dead.”

Grandmaster Rong Yun’s last sentence was like the hammer on a nail, final.

“Master?” Su Luo, at a loss, looked all around.

Luo Haoming ah, a strong expert at the peak of tenth rank. Ten years ago, he got the first place in Roaming Dragon List based on his strength okay? Won’t let her summon Elder Ancestor Mo, won’t let her summon spirit pets. With nothing to rely on, how could she beat him? Moreover, this was real, if she died, it was real. This was really frightening ah.

However, not waiting for Su Luo to finish silently cursing, the Luo Haoming facing her suddenly launched a strong attack.

This time, Luo Haoming didn’t use an elemental attack. He waved his fist and directly rushed over.

Su Luo saw the situation wasn’t good. It seemed as if the soles of her feet had oil, and she used Spirit Dance Steps and, like a wisp of smoke, ran off.

Luo Haoming’s speed was also not slow.

He flew out from the side and directly sent a kick to Su Luo’s back.

“Poof!” Su Luo felt as if her entire skeleton was about to fall apart, she gave a suppressed groan as a thread of blood appeared at the corner of her mouth.

Luo Haoming was really ruthless ah. That kick, he used all his strength, almost making Su Luo pass out on the spot.

After all, he was an expert at the peak of tenth rank, Su Luo simply wasn’t his opponent.

Taking advantage of the moment Su Luo was still dizzy, Luo Haoming flew up high and once again kicked towards Su Luo’s chest.

“Pfff——” While Su Luo’s body flew backwards, a mouthful of blood sprayed on Luo Haoming’s face, dyeing his face into a pig liver color. But what about Su Luo herself?

At this moment, she was kicked flying extremely high, then, she fell in a parabola curve.

“Bang——” Su Luo’s body fell heavily to the ground. The fall made her very dizzy, so painful that she grimaced. She wished she could beat Master to death.

Just at this time, Luo Haoming once again caught up.

Soon after, with his face dyed in warm blood, he forced a seal with five fingers. Then, he smiled twistedly: “Su Luo, go die!”

Once this sentence was said, Luo Haoming lifted up his feet and heavily stamped down!

The pitiful Su Luo, in front of Luo Haoming, who was at the peak of tenth rank, she simply didn’t have the ability to attack. She could only try to ward him off. Moreover, she couldn’t even ward him off. After all, one was at the beginning of ninth rank and the other was at the peak of tenth rank.

Just at this critical juncture, a ruthless light flashed through Su Luo’s eyes. If she was stamped on by Luo Haoming, then her five viscera and six bowels would definitely turn into slags.

Master definitely wouldn’t extend a hand to save her. Now, she could only rely on herself.

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