DKC – Chapter 1391

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Chapter 1391 – Big plan of making money (6)

Emperor Jing, seeing Nangong Liuyun’s appearance of acting as though there was nobody else present and not getting involved, he immediately got angry again, and he heavily snorted: “The two of you……”

Just when Emperor Jing spoke, the crown prince, in amazement, suddenly interrupted.

“Father Emperor, wait.” The crown prince seemed to have discovered a very strange fact, he loudly stated, “Su Luo, originally, when you left, you were at the fifth rank right? How come now you are still…… At the fifth rank?”

What? Emperor Jing was suddenly startled, he hastily looked towards Su Luo.

Emperor Jing’s cultivation wasn’t high, so he was unable to tell. However, with a wave of his hand, a colorless gray figure appeared beside him and leaned over to mutter something beside his ear.

“Actually really only at the fifth rank?” Emperor Jing’s despising gaze swept over Su Luo, he coldly said, “The legendary genius was only merely this.”

The news that arrived several days earlier had said Su Luo had stepped into the ranks among the eighth rank or higher experts. At that time, Emperor Jing still rejoiced a little over the matter, when his hot-headedness almost led to a huge blunder. But only now did he know, as it turned out, the rumors were fake, wherefore was Su Luo at the eighth rank? She was actually only at the fifth rank!

In order to marry into the Nangong family, she actually told a lie, simply repulsive! That thread of a favorable impression towards Su Luo, in Emperor Jing’s heart, was immediately obliterated completely. Of course, his favorable impression also was established on the basis that Su Luo was an expert at the eighth rank. Now, since Su Luo wasn’t at the eighth rank, then that favorable impression naturally vanished like smoke in thin air.

Sure enough, this face changed fast enough. Su Luo secretly felt Emperor Jing was amusing in her heart.

“Who is the genius Uncle Nangong speaks of? It surely isn’t me right? Thinking, originally, I continuously carried the name of good-for-nothing for more than ten years.” Su Luo seemed to completely not know what Emperor Jing was angry about and spoke with all smiles.

Emperor Jing’s eyes half-narrowed. Originally, based on Su Luo’s status of an expert at the eighth rank, he still wanted to persuade her with kind words and urge her to return to Su Manor. But since she was now only at the fifth rank, in that case, it didn’t need him, this regent, to lower himself to say it.

Emperor Jing coldly said: “Originally, when you were a good-for-nothing, Su Manor didn’t treat you thinly, giving you food to eat and cloth to wear. After you flourish, you must not forget the Su Manor’s grace.”

Emperor Jing’s words already couldn’t be called a hint, rather, he stated it explicitly.

But Su Luo pretended she was unable to make sense of what she was hearing: “If Uncle Nangong feels being insulted, chased and beaten everyday, eating food that was no better than pig feed, sleeping in places that are no better than a doghouse, these kind of things, like saying that Su Manor didn’t treat me thinly is really not thin ah.”

Su Luo’s words were not the least bit polite.

Emperor Jing completely didn’t expect that this daughter of a little concubine was so clever and eloquent. This reckless, to directly retort back to him. Didn’t she want to marry into the Nangong family, how dare she be this arrogant and impudent?

“Impudent, Su Luo, is this how you should speak towards Father Emperor?” Emperor Jing hadn’t berated her yet before the crown prince already spoke.

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth raised in a taunting smile, she still hadn’t spoken when Nangong Liuyun lazily pulled Su Luo up. He showed a demonic smile towards Emperor Jing: “This is your purpose today?”

If Emperor Jing dared to say it was, then without a doubt, Nangong Liuyun would turn around and leave.

It couldn’t help but be said that Emperor Jing still understood Nangong Liuyun really well. But with regards to Nangong Liuyun, who disdained even quarreling with him, Emperor Jing’s heart that was as fragile as glass couldn’t help but sustain some injuries.

He resentfully glared at Su Luo. If not for that blood in her body that made people’s hearts boil, would he, a magnificent regent, need to accept a compromise like this?

“Sit and let’s have a proper talk.” Emperor Jing could only open his mouth to say.

After persuading the person to stay, Emperor Jing’s gaze once again turned to Su Luo: “Do you want to marry Liuyun or not?”

Su Luo indifferently smiled and didn’t dim-wittedly jump into the hole he had dug: “So what if I want to, so what if I don’t want to?”

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