DKC – Chapter 1390

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Chapter 1390 – Big plan of making money (5)

However, when he sent this glare toward Su Luo, his eyes immediately became somewhat blank.

Su Luo saw Emperor Jing looking over and smilingly said hello to him: “Uncle Nangong, I trust you’ve been well since we last met.”

According to her current strength, in Eastern Ling, she was a transcendental existence, naturally, she didn’t need to be as submissive as before.

Who would have thought that when Emperor Jin saw her smile, his soul almost immediately flew out.

“You, who are you?” Emperor Jing’s voice carried a thread of trembling.

This face, seemed very familiar, as if he had once seen it in his old memories…… But Emperor Jing was unable to recall where he had previously seen it.

Su Luo faintly smiled: “Does Uncle Nangong remember me? At that time, I exchanged a few spirit treasures from the Treasure Storage Pavilion, still, I hope Uncle Nangong won’t take offense.”

“You are Su Luo?” Emperor Jing opened his eyes wide with disbelief.

Just at this moment, the sounds of graceful footsteps came from outside the door.

Escorted by palace maids and court eunuchs, the empress, dressed in a dark yellow phoenix gown, leisurely arrived. When the empress saw Su Luo’s appearance, her entire person seemed to have been immediately fixed in place, completely stunned.

At this moment, Emperor Jing’s voice came through. The shock in the empress’s heart was as if Mt. Tai had collapsed, a flood had overflowed to the heavens, her figure swayed and almost fell.

This woman’s beauty was to the point that made even her choke, could it be Su Luo? The Su Luo who the crown prince had broke off the engagement with from before? This was impossible ah!

Now, the crown prince who had accompanied the empress by her side, his mouth was also opened into an O-shape.

“Su, Su, Su Luo?” The crown prince directly started to stutter. Such beauty was not of this world, a stunning woman from all aspects, how could she be that originally delicate, pretty and beautiful Su Luo?

However, she really resembled Su Luo, her facial features practically hadn’t changed. But don’t know why, looking at her now gave people the feeling of a beauty that shook people to the core, close to suffocating.

The crown prince stared stupidly at her, his soul almost leaving his body.

Nangong Liuyun coldly snorted with displeasure.

Momentarily, in the originally warm air, it seemed as if air conditioning had come on. In a flash, the temperature dropped to freezing point, so cold that people trembled all over.

The crown prince, empress, Emperor Jing and other people suddenly felt a coldness on their backs, a chilliness slowly spreading from the soles of their feet.

Nangong Liuyun’s long arm extended out, pulling Su Luo to directly sit on his leg. His strong, powerful arms held Su Luo’s lovely full waist, dangerously narrowing his long and narrow phoenix-shaped eyes. He cast a provocative glance at the crown prince, the corner of his mouth hooking into a demonical wicked sneer.

Su Luo was originally engaged to the crown prince, but he personally broke off this marriage proposal, now, Luo Luo was Nangong Liuyun’s treasured girl.

The crown prince looked at Su Luo, his legs practically couldn’t move. His heart was full of what was called remorse ah. At that time, how could his heart be confused by pig’s lard? How could he have broken off this marriage? If he hadn’t broken off this marriage, then this exceptionally beautiful woman would be his!

The crown prince was just having daydreams of regret in his heart when Nangong Liuyun swept a meaningful glance over. Immediately, the crown prince’s back seemed to have been pricked by long needles, his whole body seemed to have fallen into an icehouse.

Emperor Jing was the first to return to his senses, he saw the atmosphere was stiff and quietly coughed once: “You all came? Sit.”

Able to let Emperor Jing grant a seat in the imperial study, this was an unprecedented rare honor. Not because the empress and the crown prince had obtained Emperor Jing’s sacred heart, it was simply that Emperor Jing saw Nangong Liuyun seated as steady as Mt. Tai, and even this daughter of Su Zian was steadily sitting there, so there was no reason for the empress and crown prince to accompany them by standing.

So, he simply waved his hand grandly and everyone all sat down.

Seeing before her eyes this scene like three large nations gathering to discuss the economy, the smile at the corner of Su Luo’s mouth increasingly enlarged. The play following this would be very marvelous.

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