Kuma – Chapter 50

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Fina’s Perspective 7

Today, Father came back with a dark expression on his face.
I wonder what happened.
According to what he told me after I asked, a Black Viper appeared, and a village seems to have been attacked.
The guild was in an uproar.
Father, who was in charge of dismantling and purchasing raw materials, was able to return home, but the other staff members seemed to be alternating shifts and have not been able to leave.
The Black Viper was a huge snake.
I haven’t seen anything like that before.
It seemed that an adventurer party of at least C-rank was needed to defeat such a monster.
I heard that Big Sis Yuna and the guild master, the two of them, had gone to defeat that monster alone.
Father seemed extremely anxious.
‘It’s not something they can defeat,’ he muttered to himself.
The next day, the subjugation party for the Black Viper was injured and became unable to take the subjugation request.
Father was troubled, because he couldn’t go help big Sis Yuna, who he was indebted to.
Two days after that, I heard that Big Sis Yuna and the guild master had returned safe and sound.
Moreover, the Black Viper was apparently defeated.
After returning home from work, Father told me that joyfully.
Then, the day after that, I was also called in to help with dismantling the Black Viper.

I went to the guild early in the morning.
However, it seemed like Big Sis Yuna had yet to arrive.
I heard that the time she’d arrive was undecided, to let her relieve the fatigue from yesterday.
To that end, I would help out the guild.
Against all expectations, Big Sis Yuna cheerfully arrived at the guild later in the morning.
Did she really go to and return from a place that required a three days journey by fast horse, and also defeat a Black Viper?
Looking at her, I got the feeling that she wasn’t injured at all.
I understood the strength of the Black Viper less and less.

We were on standby in the refrigerated warehouse, for the sake of dismantling the Black Viper, when all the members were called outside.
It seemed like the Black Viper was so big that the dismantling work couldn’t be done inside the cold storage warehouse.
Was it that big?
The location for dismantling was changed to outside of the town.
The Black Viper that Big Sis Yuna took out from bear-san’s mouth was gigantic.
Did you defeat this by yourself?
It was unbelievable.
In accordance to instructions from Father and everyone from the guild, the dismantling began.
I formed a pair with Father.
First, Father pared off the skin.
I cut out block-shaped sections of meat, starting from the part that was stripped bare, and placed them inside an item bag.
Will we finish this by the end of today?
Anyway, I’ll do my best.
Several hours later, it was finally finished.
It was finished by the end of the day.
Thank goodness.

I left the transporting to other people, since the guild master had asked me for a favor.
To bring Big Sis Yuna to the guild.
With this, the work was finished for today.
I decided that I would go to sleep early when I returned home today.
It was tiring, but I was glad to be able to help Father.

Lately, only pleasant things had happened.
Mother’s illness was cured, too.
Father tried to make us laugh during mealtimes, though mother told him that his jokes were lame.
How many years had it been since the dining table overflowed with laughter?
For my little sister, Shuri, it might be the first time.
One day, mother started saying outrageous things.

「Should I become an adventurer and work?」

We all stopped her.
Father, in particular, forbade her.

「You, do you plan to die and leave your children behind?! Is my income so meager?!」

I was scared just imagining Mother fighting a Black Viper somewhere.
However, if I imagined Big Sis Yuna fighting somewhere, I could see her defeating opponents with a calm face. Why is that, I wonder?
Even though the only time I had seen her fighting was back when we first met.

Shuri embraced Mother tightly as well, and shook her head side-to-side desperately.
In the end, it was decided that, as a compromise, Mother would look for mediation work at the Commerce Guild.
…Even so, why did she end up working at Big Sis Yuna’s place?
Her job seemed to be related to Clucker eggs.
Big Sis Yuna, what in the world are you doing?
Do you plan on resigning as an adventurer and becoming a merchant?

On a later day, Big Sis Yuna told Shuri and me to come to her house the next day.
Apparently, it was to sample a new kind of food.
I was a little worried, but I was also looking forward to it.

The next morning, Shuri and I went to the Bear House together after eating breakfast, where Big Sis Yuna took out a food called “purin.”
It was a yellow color.
I was told that it was a dessert made from eggs.
Was it really okay for me to eat food made with such a high-class ingredient?
Even so, it was made by Big Sis Yuna.
I’ll receive it gratefully.
What is it, this delicious food?
This soft and sweet taste, I haven’t ever heard of, or eaten, such a food before.
I finished eating it in the blink of an eye.
Shuri’s cup was also emptied.
When we made disappointed expressions together as sisters, Big Sis Yuna made a bemused smile while taking out one more portion.
Let’s eat it slowly this time!

Big Sis Yuna came over in the afternoon one day, when I was at home teaching Shuri her letters.
I wonder what kind of business she had today?
It turned out that she was going to the Royal Capital as an escort.
Thus, she was here to ask mother to look after the orphanage.

「That’s nice, the Royal Capital…」

When I said that, it was decided that I would be taken along as well.
Was that okay?
However, it turned out that we would have to confirm it with the client tomorrow.
I still don’t know if I will be able to go, but I’m looking forward to tomorrow!

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