Kuma – Chapter 34

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Bear-san Enters The Bear Bath

We arrived at the Bear House.

「No matter how many times I see it, this house still amazes me.」

Both Tirumina and Gentz had already visited the Bear House several times before.
When they first came to the house to express their gratitude, they had wanted to see Fina’s dismantling work, so I ended up giving them a tour of the Bear House.

「Okay then, I will be borrowing your kitchen. Fina, please give me a hand.」

「Me too!」

Shuri also volunteered to help cook.

「It’s fine to use the ingredients as you see fit.」

「Un, thank you. Though, if we really do, it would be bad if we couldn’t cook something tasty.」

「I don’t really eat that much, so you don’t have to worry about it.」

「I am always receiving wolf meat from you, so the number of unreturnable favors you’ve done for me has been increasing.」

The three of them headed to the kitchen.
The leftover Gentz and I each sat on a chair and waited.

「It’s an amazing house.」

He looked around the room and muttered in a small voice.

「Is that a Tiger Wolf’s pelt?」

The Tiger Wolf’s pelt, which had been obtained during the first time Fina went out on a subjugation with me, was displayed on the wall.
The other one was being used as a blanket in my room.

「The first time I saw bear missy, I didn’t think you would be such an amazing young lady.」

He said nostalgically.
Certainly, a little over a month had passed since I have arrived in this other world.
Even in town, my bear-like appearance was becoming famous.
It’s scary what people can get used to.
Even the embarrassment I felt from having to wear this Bear Dress has disappeared.

『Bear missy』
『Bear girl』
『Bloody Bear』

There were various nicknames people called me by, but they were all nicknames for me.
Even now, I still couldn’t do any dismantling, but I had gotten used to killing monsters.
It was probably due to the experience I gained from playing games.
I was able to meet Fina and see a lot of interesting things in this world.
Although I haven’t gotten mail or messages from God since the first time, I am grateful that I was brought over to this world.

「But, missy, is it really okay?」


「About the house.」

「Ah, about that, hmm.」

I had bought the land under Gentz-san’s new home as a wedding gift for them.
Gentz-san purchased the house using the money he had saved up during his lonely bachelorhood.

「I don’t really mind. It’s just that, in the case that I leave this town, I don’t want to see the three of them wandering the streets one day because Gentz-san suddenly died. If they have a house, then at least they will definitely have a place to live.」

「Hey, hey, don’t go killing me off all of a sudden. I have a bright and shining future waiting for me after this, so that kind of unfortunate fate doesn’t await me!」

「If it’s like that, then it’s fine. Protect the three of them properly, okay? If you don’t protect them, you know what will happen, right?」

「Of course. I swear to Roy in heaven that I’ll protect the three of them.」

Roy was Tirumina-san’s deceased husband, and the father of Fina and Shuri.
When they were young, the three of them were members of the same party. After Roy and Tirumina got married, the party was dissolved, and it seems that Gentz-san ended up working for the guild.
A few years later, however, when Tirumina-san was pregnant with Shuri, Roy accepted a request by himself and died.
Gentz has been protecting Tirumina’s family ever since.
Apparently, they fell in love during that time.
While Gentz-san was telling me about these old stories, Fina and Shuri brought over the food.
Steam rose from each dish, making them look delicious.
Tirumina-san carried over the last dish, served on an extra large plate.

「Sorry to keep you waiting. There’s a lot so please don’t hold back.」

The three girls came back into the room and sat in their chairs.

「Yuna-chan, in the end, I used a considerable amount of ingredients. I’m sorry.」

「Don’t worry about it. I have plenty of ingredients.」

「Also, that Bear Refrigerator is really great. The vegetables and meat didn’t look spoiled at all.」

The Bear Refrigerator was a refrigerator that I had created in the shape of a bear.
I bought an ice magic stone and made it myself.
After all, the convenience and efficiency of the refrigerators in this world differed greatly from the ones in Japan, so I decided to make one myself.

「I can gift one to you as a wedding present.」

「I’d be happy, but my already unrepayable debt of gratitude would increase even more.」

「If you can’t repay me, I can take your daughter instead.」

「Ara, you’re fine with this daughter of mine?」

「She’s honest, cute, diligent, thinks of her family, and is good at cooking and skinning. Every family would want one!」

The two of us turned to look at Fina, who was eating wolf meat.

「Uu, Mom! You too, Big sis Yuna, please stop it!」

「How do you raise a ten year-old girl to be like this one?」

「That was probably my fault. I fell ill, so she had to carry a heavy burden and ended up having to work harder than normal kids. She had to take care of my illness, her little sister, the housework, and the work from Gentz’s workplace. As such, this child never did any childlike activities.」

「I didn’t particularly think that it was a burden or anything.」

「As we’ve been saying, that kind of mentality is abnormal for a ten year old.」

「I’m not the only one who worked hard! Shuri also helped me out a lot!」

Fina patted her little sister’s head, who was ravenously tearing into her food right next to her.

「That’s true, Shuri also tried her best to help us.」

When we finished the meal, Tirumina-san took care of cleaning up.
After the meal, I was relaxing leisurely while drinking oren juice.

「It’s about time, shall we go home?」

「It’s already late, and there are vacant rooms for guests to stay overnight. Besides, Shuri is…」

Shuri was dozing off.

「Shuri-chan is tired because she did her best to help with moving, right?」


Tirumina-san seemed troubled as she looked at Shuri.

「It’s not a bother?」

「Not at all. In addition, everyone is covered with dust and sweat because of the move. If you go home now, won’t it be really troublesome to prepare the bath?」

「That’s true. Then, can we impose on you?」

In this world, the idea of baths seemed to have spread to some degree.
If you weren’t in complete poverty, the house would usually have one.
This, too, was thanks to magic stones.
It was possible to easily heat a bath using both a fire and a water magic stone.
The world of magic is just as convenient as the world of science.

I had finished the preparations for the bath while Tirumina-san was cooking the meal, so it was available for use at any time.

「Now then, since the preparations for the bath are finished, is it okay if the three of you go in? I’ll guide you to your rooms afterwards.」

「Three people can enter?」

Back when I had made the bath, I purposefully made the bath really large, in case the summoned bears, Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear, got dirty and needed to use the bath. However, when I unsummoned and re-summoned them again for the sake of testing, they were no longer dirty, so I didn’t have a chance to take advantage of the size of the bath.

「It’s fine, even with three people. I’ll go guide Fina.」

「Let’s enter together, Big sis Yuna. That’s fine with Mom too, right?」

「It’s fine, but will we fit?」

「It’s okay, because Big sis Yuna’s Bear Bath is really big.」

「Bear Bath?」

「You’ll understand when you go in.」

Fina took my hand, pulled me up from my chair, and woke up the drowsy Shuri.
Shuri stood up with a small yawn.
Finally, Fina grasped her mother’s hand.

「Please don’t come, Gentz-san.」
「I won’t!」

The four of us headed to the bathroom.

「Please take off your clothes here.」

In Japan, it was called a dressing room.
I laid out a basket for each person.
Everyone took off their clothes and placed them into the basket.



「No, it’s just that, this is the first time I’ve seen Yuna-chan’s real face.」

「Is that so? Even if I’m wearing the hood, you still can’t see my face?」

「I can see it, but the impression I get when you’re wearing the hood and when you aren’t wearing the hood are completely different. I really didn’t think you’d be such a cute child.」

「Yes, Big sis Yuna is a beauty.」

「Yes, yes, the flattery is appreciated, but I’m entering the bath now.」

I took off the bear dress and entered the bathroom.
The bathroom was large enough to hold about ten people inside.
A white bear and a black bear sat on opposite sides of the bath. Hot water was flowing out of their mouths.
They were based on the hot springs I had gone to, where they would frequently have hot water coming out of an animal’s mouth.

「It’s really a Bear Bath, huh?」

「First, please wash your body.」

「Hey, there’s also soap. It’s like an aristocrat’s bath!」

「Come here, Shuri, I’ll wash your body.」

Shuri headed over to where her older sister was.

「Then, sit in this chair.」

Fina started washing Shuri’s body, starting from the top of her head.
When Tirumina-san saw that, she looked like she regretted missing the chance to wash her daughter’s body.
Then, she looked over here.

「Yuna-chan, shall I help you wash your back?」

「I can do it by myself. Please stick to washing your daughter.」

「But, isn’t it really troublesome to wash that beautiful black hair of yours, since it’s so long?」

「It’s troublesome, but I can do it alone.」

…Though I said that, my hair had been long for several years, so I had gotten used to washing it.

Fina sat next to me and washed her body and hair.
Shuri, who had finished washing her body earlier, was already soaking in the bath by herself.
While Fina was in the middle of washing her body, she was caught and was now in the middle of being washed by Tirumina-san.
I finished washing my body and was the second person to soak in the bath.
After that was Fina, then Tirumina.

「Still, Yuna-chan has a good figure.」

「Is that so?」

I have a slim waist, but my chest is,

「Your chest is a little pitiful though.」

What I was thinking was said aloud first.
My breasts were only slightly bigger than Fina’s.
Though, I was also comparing myself to a ten year-old girl.

「I’m sure my breasts will swell bountifully before long.」

「I think that’s impossible?」

That’s not the case.
The possibility of them growing bigger still exists for several more years.

「Will mine grow bigger?」

Fina entered our conversation.
I compared Tirumina-san and Fina.

「You’re free to continue dreaming.」

「Somehow, it feels like a really cruel thing was said.」

Tirumina-san looked at her own not-so-big chest.

「It’s alright, so don’t worry about it. Fina’s breasts will surely grow big.」

「I think around Big sis Yuna’s size is good.」

I embraced Fina tightly.
It was a moment when Fina and I deepened our friendship through skinship.

Things like this and that happened until we got out of the bath.
When we returned, Gentz looked lonely, since he had been by himself.
Looking towards us,

「You girls, you took too long!」

Gentz-san’s cry rang throughout the room.

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