Kuma – Chapter 33

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Bear-san Helps Out With Moving

It looked like the new house that Fina and the others would live in had been chosen.

The house was located near Gentz’s workplace, the Adventurer’s Guild.
That was a strong requirement for Gentz, apparently.
Finally, a property that matched the desired price, location, and size was found, or so I heard.
Today, I came to Fina’s old house in order to help them move.

「Bring everything that you want to take over here. For the smaller objects, place them all together in a box.」

I put the luggage that had already been packed into the Bear Box.

「Are you going to take this table too?」

「We don’t have the money to buy a new one, so please.」

「In that case, this chair as well?」


The luggage was swiftly brought out.
Fina and Shuri were frantically doing their best to place their limited number of belongings into a box.
The belongings that were brought out to me were stowed away.

「Big sis Yuna, can you take the bed too, please?」


We went to Fina’s room.
Her belongings had already been placed into a box, so only the bed remained.

「Just one bed?」

「Yes, because Shuri and I sleep together.」

「If that’s so, your new father should buy one for you next time.」

I put away Fina’s bed into the Bear Box.
While I was at it, I also went into Tirumina-san’s room and put away a similar bed.

「Still, Bear missy’s item bag is amazing. Normally, everything would have been moved by a horse-drawn cart.」

Well, that was because it was an item I received from the administrator (God).
After that, I headed to each room and stored the large pieces of furniture.

「Are we done moving all of the luggage?」

The room was splendidly empty.
The other rooms were the same.

「Un, thank you again, Yuna-san.」

Since we had finished packing the things in Fina’s house, we decided to head to Gentz-san’s house next.

I wonder why?
It has often been said that when a guy lives by himself, it’s disgusting.
Gentz-san also seemed to belong in that category.
Even though you knew beforehand that you would be moving, why didn’t you do any cleaning?

「It’s terrible.」

Tirumina murmured quietly after she saw the inside of the house.

「Sorry about that…」

Gentz lowered his head.

「Yuna-chan, sorry but could you take my daughters and go to the new house?」

「That’s fine with me.」



「Both of you, first set up your own belongings. I already explained the assignment of the rooms yesterday, so you understand, right? Also, the house has already been cleaned a bit beforehand, but not the most troublesome sections, so please take care of those areas. Prioritize cleaning the bedrooms, okay? Once you’re done with that, please tidy up the other rooms. I’ll also leave the arrangement of the luggage to you. Once I’m done cleaning up this house, I’ll head over to help as well.」

The house key was handed to Fina.
Next, she glanced in my direction.

「Yuna-chan, I’m sorry, but once you’ve unpacked the luggage, can you come over here again?」


「Then, I’m counting on the three of you.」

As expected of an adult woman and a wife who brought up two kids. She quickly gave out efficient instructions.
We headed towards the new house that Fina’s family would be living in.
It was located about halfway between the entrance of the guild and the inn that I had previously stayed at.

「Here it is.」

We stood in front of the large house.
We opened the door using the key that Tirumina-san handed over.
There probably wasn’t any dust because it had been cleaned in advance.

「Big sis Yuna, can you please take out the cleaning tools?」

I took out the cleaning tools.
Fina headed towards the kitchen, carrying a bucket.
She drew water out of a water magic stone.

「Big sis Yuna, can you come to the second floor?」

The three of us climbed up to the second floor.
The second floor had two rooms.
Fina entered the room on the right.
The room was roughly the size of six tatami mats.
From a Japanese person’s perspective, the room was a bit large.
Fina opened the window to let some fresh air in.

「Shuri, can you go open the window in mom’s room too? Once you’re done with that, please start cleaning.」

Shuri nodded and left the room.
Fina used a dust cloth to clean up the dirty areas.

「Big sis Yuna, can you please take out the luggage?」

I followed Fina’s instructions and went about placing the furniture and the bed.
I more or less utilized the power of the bear to move things around.
Finally, I placed the box with Fina and Shuri’s belongings inside on the floor.

Next, I headed into the room the parents would use and placed the bed and furniture.
I also placed Tirumina-san’s belongings on the floor.
I put off placing the more trivial belongings and returned to the first floor.
There, Shuri was trying her best to clean with her small body.
I took out the table, chair, utensils, and other things in the kitchen.
I placed the miscellaneous things in an unused room on the first floor.

「Fina, this is all of the luggage. I’m going back to Gentz-san’s house, okay?」

「Thank you very much.」

「Thank you.」

Both Fina and Shuri said their thanks.

「Both of you, please do your best.」

「For now, let’s just clean up the bedrooms.」

When I arrived at Gentz-san’s house, there was a mountain of boxes.
Right now, it felt like everything had been packed into boxes.

「Yuna-chan, can you take care of the luggage over there?」

I put away the luggage, following Tirumina-san’s instructions.
When I looked at Gentz-san inside the room, I saw a tired face.
Even so, he obediently cleaned according to Tirumina-san’s instructions.

Looks like he’s already hen-pecked.
After the luggage was put away, one after another, the end was finally in sight.
The cleaning also gradually finished, and Gentz’s house finally became empty too.

It took us a while, but we finally headed to the new house.
By the time we entered the house, more than half of the mountain of luggage had been put away.
Fina and Shuri came over when they noticed us.

「It’s been tidied up quite a bit.」

「Yes, but we haven’t finished yet.」

「It’s not possible to finish it all in one day. For today, let’s just focus on cleaning the places where we’ll be sleeping. Yuna-chan, please place the non-furniture items that can be carried by hand in the back room on the first floor. Then, please place the other things in their designated places.」

For the time being, I went about arranging the large luggage that had been brought from Gentz-san’s house into various rooms.
I placed them in the corners of the rooms, to be cleaned up at a later date.
For things that I didn’t know where to put, I placed them on the first floor, in the back room that had been mentioned earlier.

「Since we’ve finished setting up our bedrooms, let’s stop here for today.」

Tirumina-san came down to the first floor from the second floor.

「Fina, did you clean the kitchen and prepare for dinner?」

「I’m sorry, I haven’t taken care of those areas yet.」

「Uun, even if we start now, we won’t finish in time.」

「Then, do you want to go out to eat?」

Gentz-san brought up a proposal.

「We can’t. There are still things we need to get so that four people to be able to live here from now on. The girls and I don’t have much money saved up, and we shouldn’t spend your hard-earned savings for such a thing.」

The two of them glared at each other.

「Aaah, I get it. I’ll pay, so let’s go somewhere to eat. It’ll be fine this way, right?」

「We can’t possibly trouble Yuna-chan any more than this. I’m already grateful that you helped us move the luggage. If we had to hire people to help, it would have cost us a lot of money. If it was just us, moving the beds and large items alone would have taken a few days. You have my gratitude for helping as much as you did. I can’t do something as shameless as asking you, who has helped us this much, to treat us to a meal.」

I didn’t really mind, though.
Well, certainly, a person with common sense would think that way.
I cured her illness, free of charge, and came to help them move without asking for compensation.
Now, I was even offering to pay for their meals.
I might have refused as well.

「If so, then, Tirumina-san, how about making the food at my house?」

「Yuna-chan’s house?」

「It’s fine to freely use the ingredients I have, so won’t you cook me something delicious?」

「In that case, would it be fine…? I understand, I’ll make you something delicious.」

Finally, a compromise was reached and five people ended up heading to the Bear House.

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