Kuma – Chapter 35

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Bear-san Uses A Hair Dryer

「Well then, it’s my turn to enter the bath.」

Gentz-san headed to the bathroom.
The four people who were left behind dried their hair with towels.
At this rate, it would take a long time for it to dry, so I went to my room and brought back an item that resembled a hair dryer.
I used earth magic to recreate a hair dryer’s shape and then inserted a fire and a wind magic stone inside, thus completing the imitation hair dryer.

「Fina, come here for a bit.」

「What is it?」

「Turn around.」

She obediently came over and turned around.
Her hair, which had grown slightly past her shoulders, dangled in front of me.
I gripped the dryer and inserted magic power, instead of pressing a switch.
A warm wind blew out of the dryer.

「Hya! What is it?!」

Fina let out a small yelp and turned her head to face me.

「It’s a tool that blows out warm air to dry your hair.」

I aimed some wind at Fina’s hand to demonstrate that it was safe.

「It’s warm.」

「If you understand, turn around.」

I dried Fina’s hair and then began drying Shuri’s hair next.
The sisters were both obedient children.

「That’s quite a convenient tool you have there.」

「I made it because drying my long hair is troublesome.」

「When you’re done, can you lend it to me too?」


I finished drying Shuri’s hair and lent the dryer to Tirumina-san.

「Is it okay for me to go first?」

「Mine is long, so it will take a long time.」

「In that case, thanks for letting me use it.」

Tirumina-san dried her hair and, while I was in the middle of drying my hair, Gentz-san came out of the bath.

「That was a good bath. I was surprised by the bears though. Missy, thank-」

Gentz-san saw my appearance and froze.

「What’s the matter?」

「You’re bear missy, right?」

「Haa? Did you possibly hit your head while you were in the bath?」

「No, it’s because…」

Gentz-san looked at the three people next to me.


「Yuna-chan doesn’t seem to have an accurate view of herself, so it’s useless.」


I didn’t understand what they were talking about, so I continued to dry my hair.
While I was in the middle of leisurely drying my hair, Fina came over to give me a hand.

「Well then, I’ll guide you to your rooms.」

I took the four people up to the second floor.

「Gentz-san can have the room at the back. There’s only two beds for the three of you, but is this room okay?」

「Yes, it’s fine because Shuri and I normally sleep together.」

I looked over at Gentz-san.



「The girls will be sleeping next to her, so please don’t sneak into Tirumina-san’s bed.」

I told Gentz-san with a serious face.

「I won’t do such a thing!」

「By the way, calling her to your own room is no good either, because I don’t want to have to wash stained bedding.」

「I also don’t want to make you wash such a thing!」

「For that reason, Tirumina-san as well, please refrain from going to Gentz-san’s room.」

「I understand already! There’s no way I would do that sort of thing in someone else’s house, especially with my daughters here. Besides, I’m understandably tired today, so I also want to go to sleep. Once again, thank you so much for today, really.」

「Big sis Yuna, good night.」

「Good night.」

The three entered their room.

「I’m also heading to bed. You really saved us today. Thank you.」

Gentz-san thanked me in an embarrassed manner and also went to his room.
I’ll return to my room and sleep too.

The next morning, when I woke up and descended down to the first floor, I saw Fina preparing breakfast.

「Good morning.」

「Good morning to you too.」

「You’re up early.」

「Yes, because I’ve always been preparing breakfast for my family. Um, I made breakfast without your permission, but…」

「Thank you. You don’t really need to worry about the ingredients. So, is everyone else still sleeping?」

「Uncle Gentz- no, I mean, Father has gone off to work. He wanted me to pass on his thanks to Big sis Yuna.」

He ran around when Tirumina-san fell gravely ill, looked for a house, and even took time off for the move.
As expected, taking leave for too many days isn’t good.

「Ah, Shuri and mom are still asleep though.」

「What should we do? Though, if they’re tired, I would rather let them sleep.」

「It’s okay. Shuri is usually like this. Mom is weak in the mornings, since she was sick for so long, but she’ll get up when you wake her.」

In other words, they were unable to get up by themselves, huh?

「I finished cooking breakfast, so I’ll go wake them up.」

Fina went to the second floor to wake the two people up.
After a while, three people arrived.

「Good morning. Yuna-chan, thanks for yesterday.」

「Good morning!」

Tirumina-san and Shuri came while rubbing their eyes.
The four of us ate the breakfast that Fina had cooked.
Breakfast was simply vegetables sandwiched between slices of bread and oren juice.
Now that I think about it, we’re not eating fried eggs.
Even though it’s delicious in a sandwich.
I haven’t seen any eggs in town though.

「Fina, I have a small question I wanted to ask.」

「Yes, what is it?」

「Where do they sell eggs?」


「Eggs, I said. When you fry an egg, place it on bread, and eat it, it’s delicious!」

「Big sis Yuna, such an expensive ingredient isn’t sold.」

「Is that so?」

「That’s right. Basically, eggs are considered luxury ingredients, so only nobles and really rich people get to eat them.」

I didn’t know.
No wonder it wasn’t being sold.

「It’s necessary to go to the forest to procure them, and they’ll spoil quickly over time, so bringing them over a long distance isn’t possible. Using a fast horse to bring them is costly, so they’ve become an expensive ingredient. We’ve never eaten one before.」

「Umm, what about catching and raising a bird that can’t fly…?」

「A bird that can’t fly? Aren’t they called birds because they can fly?」

Apparently, there weren’t any chickens in this world.
If I searched, would I find one somewhere?
I added chicken and eggs to my food ingredients wish list.

The three of them finished eating breakfast and went back home to continue the moving process.
I offered to help again, but was turned down.

「It’s not good if Big sis Yuna doesn’t go to work.」

Though she said that, even if I didn’t really go to work, I still had enough money to live on.
A great person once said, if you work, you lose.
However, in order to have fun in this world, I headed to the guild to search for an interesting request.

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