Kuma – Chapter 15

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Bear-san’s Rainy Day Off | Part 1

I was staying indoors today because it had been raining since morning.
I read a book about monsters to kill time.
The majority of the Monsters described in the book were those often found in games, novels, and comics.
It might be a good idea to go around the world and look for them.
I decided to go down to the first floor because my stomach was ready to have lunch.
There were a lot of customers in the dining room.
When I asked Elena about it,

「Oh, the street stalls have to close, thanks to the rain, so customers are looking for stores that can stop them from getting wet. They focus on the shops that can keep them out of the rain.」

Certainly, the street stalls were done for in that rain.
I would think that a customer wouldn’t feel like shopping in the rain and would look for a warm place to eat instead.
When you think about it, it’s natural for them to choose a store that keeps them out of the rain.

I looked around the dining room for a place to sit, but it was full.
I didn’t want to share a table with strangers, so I decided to go back, but at that moment,

「Yuna-san, excuse me but there is no seat available, so how about eating in your room?」

「Un, I don’t mind.」

「Thank you very much. The truth is, I’d like to prioritize Yuna-san, since you’re living in the Inn, but…」

「It’s okay. Then, I would like today’s special.」

「I understand. I will take it to your room immediately, so please wait a moment.」

Approximately five minutes after I returned to my room, someone knocked on the door.
That was surprisingly fast.

「Yuna-san, could you please open the door?」

When I opened the door, Elena brought in a steaming hot dish.
Since lunch was not included in the accommodations, I payed Elena after receiving the food.

「Thank you very much.」

「You have it hard, huh.」

「Yes, but it’s a good time to make a profit.」

She answered cheerfully and went back.
I gratefully ate the food that was placed on the table.
Stir-fried vegetables with meat, hot soup, and fresh bread.
I appreciated the warm dish.
I gnawed on the bread, but I already missed rice.
The bread is delicious, but, as a Japanese, I need rice.
I also want to eat ramen, but would there be something like that in this world?
I will ask Elena next time.
After finishing the meal, I thought about the schedule for the afternoon.

I looked at my status screen.

Name: Yuna
Age: 15
Level: 18
Skills: Language from a Different World, Letters from a Different World, Dimensional Box of the Bear, Observing Eyes of the Bear
Bear’s Detection, Bear’s Map
Magic: Bear’s Light, Bear’s Body Reinforcement, Bear’s Fire Magic, Bear’s Water Magic, Bear’s Wind Magic, Bear’s Earth Magic

Black Bear’s Hand (Non-transferable)
White Bear’s Hand (Non-transferable)
Black Bear’s Foot (Non-transferable)
White Bear’s Foot (Non-transferable)
Bear Suit (Non-transferable)
Bear Underwear (Non-transferable)

The number of skills has increased since the last time I checked.

Bear’s Map
It is possible to make a map of the places you have seen with the Bear’s Eyes.

When I produced the Bear’s Map, all the places where I had been, namely the places around the town, the village where the goblins appeared, the forest in the east, and the west gate, appeared.
Everything else was completely black.

It seems to be some kind of minigame.
Although it’s convenient, it’s unfortunate that only the places I’ve visited are displayed.
Well, getting a map of the world so suddenly would make it boring.

Then I looked at the map, right at the place where the Goblin King had appeared, and remembered.
I took out a sword from the Bear Box.
It was the Goblin King’s sword.
It didn’t look as sinister as it did when the Goblin King wielded it.
It had become a clean, shining, silver sword.

Goblin King’s Sword
Level: 7
Effects: Strength increase, Magical Power increase

Strength increase
Increases the strength of the user.

Magic Effect
It’s possible to enchant this sword with magic.

I think that was the reason the sword looked so ominous in the hands of the Goblin King.
When I put some of my Magical Power into the sword, it sparkled a beautiful silver.
Even if you felt depressed, you didn’t have to blacken it to that extent.

I think it will be useful in the future.
The rain won’t stop today.

When I thought about what to do for the rest of the day, I couldn’t immediately think of anything to do.
My experience of being a hikikomori was high, but it was useless if there was no internet, TV, novels, or comics.
Since there was nothing entertaining, I was unexpectedly free.
There was nothing left to do but sleep.
However, if I slept now, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.
In Japan, if I couldn’t sleep, I would read novels, play games, or browse the internet, but there was nothing to do in this world.
So, from now on, I decided to think about what I can do.

I decided to do some muscle training because I became a little concerned about it while fighting the Goblin King.
My upper arms were like jelly.
Thanks to the Bear, I could do push-ups a few times, dozens of times or hundreds of times and never get tired.
Won’t my arms come off if I don’t take a break? While thinking that, I took off the Bear. I’m now in underwear.
I’m definitely wearing a shirt on the top.
The bottom is still a Bear though.
I’m not wearing the underwear I bought before because they weren’t comfortable.
I think I will go to the high quality shop next time.

I tried doing push-ups while thinking that.
Yes, even doing ten of them was impossible.

Nothing has changed since my time in Japan.
I decided to give up on my jelly-like upper arms and obediently put on the Bear.
The scary thing is, I’m gradually getting used to the appearance of this bear.

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