RRS – Volume 1 Side Story

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Volume 1 Side Story – The Girl and the Maou

Only remembering the flames that were poured down.

My mother’s hands were that graceful, and I dared not look at the direction in front of the hand.

A napalm bomb exploded nearby, and the surroundings immediately turned into a sea of flames.

Where should I to escape to? The surroundings are already covered with flames.

I ——Shizue Izawa, have nowhere to escape to.

Then, at this moment, I felt that I was wrapped by an intense light.

(Ahah…… Am I going to die here……)

The me who’s only 8 years old, was unable to comprehend it.

With no relatives to depend on, mother and I lived by relying on each other. Father was conscripted forcefully, and I don’t even remember his face. I am not sure whether this is fortunate or pitiable.

After all, that’s just an everyday life, so I could only accept that……

Even if it’s the fate of being burnt to death, I will also——

【Hey, are you still alive? If you wish to live, then answer me!】

——In my mind, came a voice.

Asking me if I wish to continue living? I don’t know.

My age, is not old enough to answer for this kind of question.

But, even so——

Looking at my mother who only had one hand left from protecting me, my tears rolled down uncontrollably.

I want to live on! Indeed, that is what I had thought.

【Confirmation complete. Answering the summoner’s call…… success】

Okaa-san, I beg of you, bring me away from this scary place——

While crying, I prayed to live on with all my heart.

【Confirmation complete. Obtained EX Skill【Heat Control】【Heat Attack Invalidation】……Success】

Just like that, my wish came true.

However, it didn’t come true in the way I had desired.

The next time when I woke up, I was inside a demon’s nest.

Before me, there stood a man.

With long golden hair, blue coloured eyes, a well-defined face and fair skin.

A beautiful appearance that could be mistaken for a female.

His name is, Leo·Cromwell.

Being the 【Maou】of the humans, he is an existence at the peak of this world. He is also known as 【Platinum Devil】.

He looked at me and muttered 【……another failure?】, then lost interest in me.

Perhaps also because of that, he did not kill me, who was full of terrible burns and on the verge of death.

Boring and weak, an existence that will simply die soon enough just by being there.

I am very unsatisfied. I am still alive, and I don’t wish to be ignored.

What happened later, was something that I would never forget in my entire life.

The memory of unwillingness and desperation at the instant when his interest was lost.

My life, was accompanied by this memory till today.

The me of that time, did not have anything to rely on or the strength to live on, I really had nothing at all. Hence I could only choose to beg for 【Maou】Leo’s grace.

Only, being forsaken by Leo, who’s the symbol of strength, meant death.

Perhaps my instincts realized this. I, unconsciously reached my hand toward Leo.

“Sa.. save me……”

But the hand I reached out, did not touch the Maou Leo.

(Ah ah,as expected I will die here——)

Following abandonment, a sense of rage overcame me.

He had obviously saved me from the seas of fire,yet he abandoned me right after, no matter what, this was unforgivable.

“Liar…… even when you already asked if I wished to live on……”

The dying body, gather its last ounce of strength, and cursed at the Maou.

My tears couldn’t stop following. I kept staring at the Maou.

(You selfishly called me here, and then was disappointed in yourself—— and even disregarded me. That’s too much!)

The thoughts that were already in chaos, if they were to be converted to language, they would probably become something like that.

“Hmph, liar, huh? Wait a moment……”

In the disinterested eyes of the Maou, a strange light began to glow. As though he had suddenly thought of something, the Maou said in a low-tone.

I felt a sudden sense of unease, but the me, who was badly burnt and on the verge of dying, could do nothing but allow the Maou to do as he pleased.

“I had originally thought you were trash, but it seems that you have the tolerance for flames.”

Saying so, Leo did not even chant, and activated the summoning ritual 【Giant of the Flame (Ifrit)】

Next, he commanded the summoned Ifrit.

“This body now belongs to you.”

This became the proof of me becoming a human who is not like a human, and the symbol of my unwillingness and hatred.

At the same time, it also etched within my little soul, a curse.

【If you wish to live, then answer me】

So as to say, that sentence is no doubt an illusion. Maou, he only looked like he was reaching out his hand to me who was within the flames——

But through the possession, the fact that I survived was also the truth.

The summoned Ifrit followed the order and attempted to possess the young me. Soon, I began to feel that my limbs were gradually losing its feelings.

Seems like, this flame monster is attempting to take away my body. It followed Maou Leo’s command, in order to utilize this body that was granted.

【Confirmation complete. For survival, will you permit Ifrit’s possession? YES/NO】

(I still don’t wish to die! But…… no, I don’t want myself to become something that isn’t me.)

Fearing the horrible power that is flowing into my body, I prayed.

【Confirmation complete. Ifrit’s possession……Success. Because of Ifrit’s possession, starting to stabilize Shizue Izawa’s berserking magic essence…… Success. At the same time, obtained Unique Skill 【Transformer】……Success.】

Just like this, under numerous coincidences, I survived——


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