RRS – Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part 6

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Volume 1 Chapter 1 – The First Friend (6/6)

It has already been 30 days since I swallowed Verudora.

What have I been doing since then, you ask?

Just think about it, what if I were to be attacked by demons?

I’m currently only a slime. Don’t even mention fighting, even just escaping will be difficult.

Hence, I am searching for a way to fight.

By the way, the seemingly rare grass and minerals that shone suspiciously in this area have all been devoured by me.

According to Verudora, in places with high concentration of magic essence, it seems that the grasses one can harvest are all Hipokute Grass.

Just like this, the stock of recovery medicine has increased again. As for the minerals that shone suspiciously, they had already been identified as 【Magic Ore】.

It’s even harder than steel and seems to be a type of soft metal material as well. Looks like it’s also quite compatible with magic.

Initially, I had looked forward to even rarer minerals. But thinking closer about it, I am not even sure if this world would have Orichalcum or Hihīrokane.

In short, I have gratefully accepted all the grasses and minerals here.

Since I can shoot water, then I should also be able to cut stuff with water right?

Hmph, you guys probably think that I’ll make the same mistake right?

Don’t underestimate me too much, even if its me, I am still a man who will act accordingly when necessary.

On my report card, they all called me 【a kid who can succeed if he works hard】.

Well, in short, it should be alright.

I immediately went to the underground lake. It was the same as I imagined when I was in the darkness, this underground lake is quite huge.

But this place seems more mysterious than my imagination, and was completely filled with tranquil air. Without any signs of living things, the surface of the lake was as if it’s a mirror.

Probably because of the magic essence had already has permeated to the bottom of the lake, which made it unsuitable for living organisms to survive.

Nature that has yet been damaged! Such a beautiful scenery!

Leaving that aside for now… …

Because I had only focused on shooting with my full force last time, the aftermath was very disastrous. After some consideration, the outlet opening being too big, and the thrust force being too high, should be the reasons for the failure —— this conclusion was really too casual.

This time, using a water cannon as the image, I reduced the amount of water that was shot out. It’s sort of similar to the feeling of swallowing a mouthful of water. It sprayed out with a *Pff*.

Why didn’t the water come out, was the outlet size too small?

By trying to increase the output by a little, a water pillar suddenly shot out, and reached the rock formation on the other side of the lake.

Very good, very good, this can at least be considered as a success. With this as the rhythm, I slowly proceeded with adjustments.

Next, slightly increasing the pressure of the outlet, I fired.

Just like this, I kept on increasing the power and practicing the water cannon.

It finally became somewhat decent.

However, it feels that if it hits someone, it will at most be a bit painful, and it can’t be a decisive method of attack.

So what should I do…… To change my state of mind, I jumped into the lake.

Once a person become tired, they will feel like bathing. It’s not because I wanted to play around in the water, alright??

Using 【Magic Sensing】, I observed my body bobbing up and down in the water.

I look quite like a jellyfish. Can’t I generate current by vibrating the surface of my body?

Covering the body parts that have elasticity with magic power, and controlling the magic essence to generate vibrations.

Following the small degree of vibration generated by the body, I could move toward to the direction that I intended to!

Success! I began to happily swim in the water.

Although this feeling is really good, but I hope that everyone do not misunderstand me, I am really not playing around, okay.

【Obtained Skill 【Water Flow Movement】】

For a second, I had thought that it was the notification from the 【Great Sage】. But this should be 【World’s Discourse】.

It seem that I’ve obtained a new skill from playing around just now. Ahem, I was not playing around all, it’s called changing the mood.

But this skill, seems to allow one to move toward any direction in the water.

Just in case something happens, I can still use 【Hydraulic Propulsion】 to increase my speed. Taking into consideration that I don’t need to breathe, perhaps I am actually more suited to be battling in the water. Escaping is also more convenient.

Thinking about these things, I left the underground lake.

The break has ended.

The problem on hand is still method of attack. By changing mood just now, I got a new concept in mind.

Following the attack method of the water cannon, it’s merely adjusting the pressure of the water and continuously shooting.

This time, I will try to 【exert pressure in the tank to only shoot out small amounts of water】.

Only adjusting the outlet radius and pressure, it wasn’t much different from earlier.

Just as I expect, a small amount of water hit the rocks at the other side.

Cracks appeared on the part that was struck.

…. Perhaps this may work.

In order not to forget that feeling just now, I continued to practice.

Adjusting the outlet and pressure added a spinning effect to the water.

It not only restricted the radius of the outlet, even the shape of the shot was adjusted.

That’s right! It’s exactly a 【Water Blade】.

I flattened the shape of the water as much as possible, and then added in a spin. Using a frisbee spinning at a high speed as the image, I tried it immediately.

The result was a success! The frisbee shaped water blade that was shot out, left the mirage of resisting the air and sliced the rocks in half. What an unexpected destructive power.

A week of hard work has finally bore fruit.

【Acquired Skill 【Water Blade】】.

【Since 【Hydraulic Propulsion】, 【Water Flow Movement】and 【Water Blade】were all acquired, they are to combine and evolve into EX Skill 【Water Control】】

This really did bear fruit……

EX Skills, reportedly they’re much higher in both power and function when compared to normal skills.

With this, I finally obtained the method to attack. The preparations for the journey ahead are finally done.

After one hundred and twenty days of being reincarnated in this underground lake, I welcomed the days of embarking on a journey.

There was still an element that made me uneasy, which is being unable to speak. Because I had no vocal chords, I have tried creating a substitute structure in my body to practice, and unfortunately have not yet succeeded.

Even though I had thought about practicing until I succeed, I always had the feeling of having reached the bottleneck.

For the method to convey my intentions, I can only depend on 【Telepathy】. I seems that I can only endure it until I’ve found a method to speak.

Then, staying here for long is not a solution either.

I also wish to see the outside world earlier, and there may even be the possibility of meeting 【Otherworlders】 from the same world.

Learning magic feels pretty interesting too.

Considering all these, it is indeed time to leave this place.

As the saying goes, 【strike the iron when it’s hot】.

Up until now, there were still no reactions from Verudora.

It’s as if he had disappeared, although I knew that it’s impossible.

Because we had already promised.

The next time when we meet, I’ll have to tell him a lot of interesting stories from my journey.

I, stepped onto the only passageway linking the familiar underground world to the world above.

Thinking of the unknown world, embracing the fascinating anticipations towards the future……

Current Status

Rimuru = Tempest

Race: Slime

Protection: Emblem of the Storm

Innate Skill: 【Absorb】 【Regeneration】 【Dissolve】

Unique Skill: 【Great Sage】 【Predator】

EX Skill: 【Magic Sensing】 【Water Control】

Common Skill: 【Telepathy】

Tolerance: 【Pain Invalidation】 【Electrical Current Resistance】 【Thermal Change Resistance】 【Physical Damage Resistance】 【Paralysis Resistance】


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