RRS – Volume 1 Chapter 2 Part 3

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Volume 1 Chapter 2 – Battle at the Goblin Village (3/6)

Looks like, the demons in this forest are undoubtedly afraid of me.

Just as I had reached this conclusion, I suddenly noticed a group of demons approaching me via [Magic Perception].

Encounters always come so suddenly.

In front of me, appeared around thirty human-shaped demons.

Frail and small body frames.

Shabby equipments.

Behind their messy hair, they had an expression that lacked intelligence.

Nevertheless, I can’t say that they’re completely unintelligent. There were also fellows who carried swords and shields, stone axes, or bows among them.

These gray colored brain cells of mine, instantly saw through their identities.

They’re those group of famous demons who attacked adventurers. That’s right, the Goblins!

They, were considered the model examples.

And the weak demon who’s being attacked. Mn? Me? To send out thirty with just a mere slime as the opponent, isn’t it a little too much. But, why am I completely and fundamentally not scared in the slightest?

It’s instinctual, I just can’t be afraid of them at all.

Not only were their swords full of rust, even their defensive equipments were tattered. There are even some that only wore ragged clothes.

The lizard that possessed the tough shell, and the spider that possessed sharp limbs.

From the viewpoint of the me who had defeated those demons, it would be impossible for these fellow’s equipments to do any damage to me.

Also, even if worse comes to the worst, I can just mimic into the black snake and wipe them all out at once using the breath attack….

As I relaxedly watched them from afar, a leader-like goblin spoke.

“Guga, strong one… Ahead of here, do you have any business?”

The goblin, talked.

Through [Magic Perception], I could understand them to some extent.

That said, is the strong one referring to me?

They clearly took up weapons and surrounded me, yet their words were very polite… What are these guys thinking? I became a little interested.

Moreover, it seems like they have no intention of fighting right away.

It’s just the right time to try and see if they can understand my speech.

Thinking about this, I started to trying to speak with the goblins

First, I glanced at the group of goblins.

From the view of the goblins, they were definitely thinking that they were already doing their best. Cautiously readied their weapons and constantly looking over here. However, regretfully, a few of them were already trying to run away.

But, as expected of the leader. Only it truly managed to look straight at me.

I can feel intelligence from this fellow’s body. Maybe we can really hold a conversation.

In the end, will it work?

I added my thoughts into the voice I spoke, and tried to converse with it.

“It’s the first time we’ve met, I am Rimuru, a slime.”

The goblins made a commotion.

Is it really that rare for a slime to speak? As I thought about that… there were even fellows that dropped their weapons and started bowing down….

What is the meaning of this?

“Guga, strong one! Your strength, we have already fully understood it. Please calm down!”

Mn? Was the power of my thought too strong?

I clearly only wanted to converse with them here.

“Sorry, this is very hard to control.”

Well, all in all, I should apologize first.

“You, you don’t have exaggerate. Please don’t apologize to the insignificant us.”

Looks like, it’s possible to communicate. This should become pretty good practice.

By the way, I used Japanese. I didn’t think that they’d be able to comprehend it even like this, how unexpected.

“Then, what do you need from me? I’m only strolling around here, I don’t really have any business, okay?”

Although I should answer politely after being asked politely, they looked way too afraid, and I couldn’t help but to sound a little rough.

“Is that so… actually ahead of here, is our village. Because we felt a strong demon’s aura, we came here to investigate.”

“Strong demon’s aura? That kind of thing, I didn’t feel anything like that….”

“Guga, Gugaga. You jest! Even if your appearance is like that, our eyes still won’t be fooled!”

Looks like, these fellows completely misunderstood.

They probably thought that a demon with very strong power transformed into the appearance of a slime.

In the end they’re still goblins, they were very famous for being the lower level existence amongst demons.

After that, I chatted with them for a while, and the topic changed to visiting their village.

Seems like they are even inviting me to rest there. While they were clearly shabby looking, they really are some cordial fellows.

Even though I have no need to sleep, resting for a little doesn’t sound bad either. Thinking this, I accepted their invitation.

Along the way, I heard a lot from them.

Like, recently they lost the god they had faith in.

Like, along with the disappearance of their god, the demons started getting more active.

Like, the numbers of powerful adventurers who were invading the forest was currently increasing.

And as we chatted, I unknowingly became able to clearly understand their speech.

Seems like [Magic Perception] had already gotten used to conversing.

Before speaking with humans, having goblins as practicing partners is really great.

As we chatted about these things, I could already see the village.

Although it’s a village, I feel like it needs some quotation marks.

After all, it’s a goblin’s nest. I really shouldn’t have expected much.

I was brought to a building that at least looked a little decent(?).

The roof was constructed with rotten straw that had gaps everywhere, and the wall was pieced together from wooden boards…. Viewing it from the previous world’s feeling, even the slums may be better than this.

“We’ve made you wait, guest.”

A goblin walked inside as it spoke.

The goblin that looked like the leader who also guided me, was supporting him by the arm.

“Aah, no problem. I didn’t really wait long, don’t mind it.”

I revealed a standard business smile to respond.

A smile is a terrifying skill that can guide a negotiation to one’s own benefit.

Even if I don’t know what I’m going to negotiate with them…

“I’m really sorry about not having much to serve you with, I’m this village’s village elder.”

As he said that, a bowl with something similar to tea inside was carried over here.

Unexpectedly, goblins actually know how to receive guests too.

I tried and drank a gulp. (Even if it looked like my entire body was almost covered by the tea bowl)

I couldn’t taste anything. This is natural. After all, I don’t have the sense of taste.

But, to say if it’s good or bad… I tried to investigate its components. Even though it’s not poisonous, it seemed like it’s very bitter.

Taking account of the goblin’s feelings, I drank it all.

“Then, to deliberately invite me into your village, there must be something you want?”

I went for a decisive straight ball.

[Because we’re all demons, let us friendly co-exist with each other!] It’s definitely not out of shallow reasons like this.

The village elder was greatly shocked, and his body trembled non-stop. In the end, he still made up his mind to look at me, and spoke.

“Uhm, do you by any chance, know that the demons are becoming more active recently?”

I’ve already heard about this on the way here.

“Our guardian deity suddenly disappeared without a trace a month ago. Because of this, the nearby demons started eyeing this part of the forest…. We naturally didn’t sit still and do nothing, and bravely engaged them… But the disparity in combat power is too vast…”

This deity, is referring to Verudora? The time frame indeed matched up perfectly.

Well, which is to say, that these goblins want me to help them.

“I understand that you are saying. However, I’m just a mere slime, I may not be able to meet your expectations?”

“Hahaha, you are too modest. A mere slime, cannot possibly emit such an enormous demonic aura! Although I can’t imagine why you would transform into this appearance…. But you must be a famous great demon, right?

Demonic aura…?

What’s that? I don’t remember letting out something like that…. I tried and changed the viewpoint of [Magic Perception] to myself. A layer of ominous halo indeed surrounded my entire body.
It would’ve been better if I had noticed it when testing mimicry and [Body Armor]…. Well, it’s useless to think too much about it now.

This is really embarrassing. I clearly looked so dreadful, yet I didn’t notice at all.

It’s probably like walking on the streets with my fly wide open. Because the magic essence concentration was too high in the cavern, I couldn’t detect it at all.

This is no good! It’s a complete OUT!

The current me has finally understood the reason why demons outside of the cavern didn’t dare to approach me.

Such a dangerous fellow, there aren’t any idiots that would dare to approach at all.

Since it’s like this, I’ll have to give up and put on airs.

“Huhuhu, as expected of the village elder. You can tell?”

“Of course! That majestic posture of yours, and that unconcealable demeanor!”

“Is that so, you actually found me out. It looks like you actually have some sensibility!”

I suddenly felt so elated~

Let’s go with the flow, and muddle through the village elder.

At same same time, I tried to shut off this ominous halo=demonic aura. Using the gist of controlling magic essence outside of my body, I retracted the demonic aura.

“Oh oh…. Were you testing us? There are many younglings afraid of your demonic aura, this really helped.”

Seems like it worked.

My appearance, turned into an ordinary slime.

But, if I strolled outside like an ordinary slime… Wouldn’t I be attacked by demons again and again?

“That’s true. To actually dare to approach the me who had released demonic aura, you guys have quite the guts.”

Guts? Even though I really wanted to retort, I managed to hold back.

“Haha, you flatter us. Then, we won’t ask about the reason why you assumed this appearance. However…. we have an request. Would you listen to us?”

Well, I knew that was going to happen.

If it’s not for this, they wouldn’t deliberately invite such a dangerous looking demon.

“I’ll listen to the contents of the request, speak your mind.”

While keeping up a dignified attitude, I asked the village elder.

According to the description, it’s roughly like this ——

From the east, a group of demons that eyed the supremacy of this part of the forest came.

And this part of the forest, seemed to have quite a few goblin villages.

Even though this village was one of them, during the battles with the eastern demons, a great amount of goblin warriors fell in battle. And the problem stems from the casualties; there was a warrior who had a name.

That warrior’s existence was like a guardian to this village. After losing him, the value of this village’s existence dropped tremendously.

In the end, the other goblin villages chose to abandon this place.

Establish countermeasures while the eastern demons spent time attacking this village; that was the overall intention of the other villages.

No matter how this village’s elder begged the other villages, what he had received were only cold and apathetic responses.

The village elder narrated with an unresigned expression on his face.

“So that’s why…. Then, how many are left in this village? And among them, how many were left, that were capable of fighting?”

“Yes. There are almost one hundred goblins in this village As for ones who can do battle, including females, there are only about sixty in total.”

What a truly unreliable number.

However, just being able to grasp the number, may actually already be considered a great feat for goblins.

“Fumu. About the opponent, what race are the demons from the east?”

“Yes, they are the Fang Wolf tribe branched from the wolf kind. Originally, we must send out ten of us just to face one of them, and even then, victory would still not be guaranteed…. Moreover, this time it’s a pack of around one hundred wolves…”

Ha? What kind of BUG-like setting is this? I looked at the village elder.

I could very clearly see that this wasn’t a joke from the expression in his gaze.

Even though it’s somewhat muddy, this probably can already be considered a goblin’s most sincere gaze.

“Uhm, is it because the goblin warriors were fully aware that it was impossible to win, that they assaulted them with small numbers?

“…. No, this information… Was obtained with the warrior’s lives.”

Is that so, I felt kind of bad asking like this.

I only found out after asking more questions, that the named goblin warrior was actually the village elder’s son, and at the same time the elder brother of the current goblin village chief.
(TL: Village elder and chief are two different positions and in here, the chief is the elder’s son)

Since I’ve found out this much, next is to think about what needed to be done.

The village elder didn’t speak, and only silently awaited my decision.

I think I’m seeing things, but in that pair of muddy old eyes, I could even somewhat see tears…. Mn, it’s definitely a hallucination.

Tears aren’t fitting for demons.

Unruly and defiant, should be the attitude of demons that the humans dread!

“Village elder, I want to confirm something with you. If the village is saved, what do you plan on giving me?”

It’s not like it’s bad to just casually save them.

But, they were demons that could take on ten goblins with just a single one. Moreover, their numbers were over a hundred.

They’re definitely not opponents that could be carelessly treated.

Even though I feel like it could work if I mimicked into the black snake…. But it’s still not a request I can accept haphazardly.

“We’ll offer you our loyalty!”

To be honest, that kind of thing, it doesn’t make me happy even if I receive it.

However, the me after ninety days of loneliness, indeed felt that it’s pretty pleasant to chat with goblins.

If I was still human, I would probably stay at a respectful distance away from them, out of concern for cleanliness.

But I’m a demon right now, and have no need to worry about diseases.

What’s more, the village elder’s expression in his eyes, indeed transmitted his thoughts to me.

I recalled my past life.

No matter what you say, I’m extremely weak against other people’s pleas.

Even though my mouth complained, I still ended up accepting them.

“Alright, your request, I’ll accept it!”

I nodded greatly.

Just like this, I became the guardian of the goblins.


The ruler of the eastern plains.

They were the source of trouble for the peddlers of the Eastern Empire and the various countries surrounding the Great Jura Forest.

Each one of them all possessed the strength of around a C-rank. Even experienced adventurers would lose their lives in one strike if they weren’t careful.

But, the essence of their threat comes from their movements as a pack.

When a leader with great commanding power appears, that was when the Fang Wolf tribe exhibit their true worth.

As a group, they turn into a ferocious demon, and there wouldn’t even be a trace of disorder in their movements.

For Fang Wolves who formed into packs, their rating was enough to reach B-ranked.

The eastern plains bordered the extensive granary fields.

Therefore, it could be considered as the Empire’s lifeline, and naturally its garrison was flawless.

No matter how shrewd and powerful the Fang Wolf tribe were, they still wouldn’t be able to break through the Empire’s defense. Even if they broke through, they would invoke the rage of the empire, and fall into the threat of being completely annihilated.

The Fang Wolf tribe’s leader understood this very clearly.

This was what he had deeply learned from small skirmishes with the empire over the past few dozens of years.

If they were only to attack small groups of merchants, the empire would only turn a blind eye. However, if they trespassed even half a step into the granary fields, the empire would bare their fangs.

It was an idiotic action that his own kind had made countless times before.

That was how the leader thought.

However, with the instincts of demons, they understood that if this kept up, their tribe’s evolution would be stopped right here.

For the Fang Wolf tribe, there was originally no reason for them to eat.

Attacking and eating humans, were only as similar as savoring a light snack.

After all, the human body possessed very little magic essence.

For the Fang Wolf tribe, eating was absorbing magic essence.

It was to either attack stronger demons, or to massacre large numbers of humans. Those were the only two ways for them to evolve into [Calamity] ranked demons.

But if this went on, it would be hard to proceed with either method.

For the Fang Wolf tribe, the Empire was way too strong. However, to keep attacking scattered merchants like this, to evolve into a [Calamity] ranked demon, was just a pipe dream.

To the south were fertile lands, and it was said to be a haven for demons with strong magic power. However, in order to get there, they must travel through the Great Jura Forest.

The demons inside the forest were not a problem. After all, they had a lot of experience in hunting the demons there. As to the reason why they didn’t move until now ——

[Storm Dragon] Verudora.

The existence of that dragon was the reason for everything.

Even though it was sealed, the ominous fluctuation of magic power made them afraid.

The demons inside that forest, all firmly believed that they were under the protection of Verudora. Therefore, they were able to safely live inside that ferocious fluctuation.

If they didn’t believe it so firmly, perhaps they would have gone mad in an instant.

And it was that presence until now, that obstructed their footsteps of invasion.

That’s right, until now….

The leader watched the forest with its keen blood-red eyes.

That sinister fluctuation had now vanished without a trace.

If it’s now, it may even be possible to hunt all the demons within that forest, and become the new ruler of the forest. Thinking this, it licked its tongue, and let out a howl of onslaught.


Then, what should I do after becoming the guardian? In my knowledge, it’s probably okay to just act like a bodyguard. However, I don’t know why the village elder’s response was somewhat exaggerated.

All in all, I made him summon together all the goblins who were capable of battle.

From far away, everyone all looked tattered. It’s simply impossible to expect anything out of them as a fighting force.

But, what’s left, are only the elderly and children… And it’s also impossible to expect any reinforcement from the other villages.

In this kind of despairing situation, from my view, the village elder not going crazy is already very admirable. They don’t have enough food even if they wanted to escape, and in the end, they could only starve to death.

Just like this, the summoned goblins gazed at me with faith in their eyes.

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