RRS – Volume 1 Chapter 2 Part 2

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Volume 1 Chapter 2 – Battle at Goblin Village (2/6)

It’s already been three days after the battle with the black snake.

I’m still in the cavern. Although I can’t feel cold, the temperature in this place should be very low.

After all, sunlight can’t leak in at all.

Even if my vision in this darkness is still as clear as before. But, there’s always a slight hint of unease in my heart.

No, how could that be possible. But, no matter how I think about it….

【I’m, probably not lost right?】

No no no, how can that be possible. Normally speaking, I’ve never heard of anyone losing their way in a beginner’s starting cave.

Aren’t all beginner caves only used for tutorials? Moreover, the trio earlier who looked like adventurers seems to have arrived at the BOSS door easily enough… No problem, it’s surely because the road is just a little long.

However, it still makes me feel uneasy not knowing the cave’s structure. Aren’t there any ways to learn the structure of the cave?

【Answer. Want to display in your mind the path you’ve taken up until now? YES/NO】

Wh-what…!? There was such a convenient function? Say that earlier!

I couldn’t help but to retort.

Navigation maps are the way of the depraved! The old me also had that kind of young and playful period of time.

In the older games, one must prepare pen and paper to record the path they’ve taken step by step. That was indeed pretty fun. However, when humans started to use strategy guides, the navigation map in games had already become the standard equipment; thus the strategy part of the games had lost its fun a long time ago. In any case, after getting used to that convenience, it’s difficult to go back.

What am I trying to express by saying all these things, you ask…. Of course it’s to say, that such a convenient function should be be used immediately! After all, this isn’t a game, it’s real life.

I looked at the map displayed inside my mind.

Is this thing mistaken? Why does it look like I was moving around in circles in the same place….

Following the map, I moved toward a direction I’ve never been through yet.

There finally appeared scenery I haven’t seen in the past three days,

Fufufu. Looks like, I really did get lost earlier.

To actually be able to confuse me to such an extent, this cavern really is something. Let me praise it a little here.

This definitely doesn’t mean that I have no sense of direction, okay?

It looks like I’m already pretty close to the cave entrance.

I can see weeds growing in conspicuous places of the cave.

Sunlight that came from who knows where slowly made the surroundings brighter.

Which is to say, it’s currently daytime?

Until now, I’ve also encountered quite a number of battles.

Centipede shaped monster (Calamity Centipede: B+)

Huge Spider (Black Spider: B)

Blood-sucking Bat (Vampire Bat: C+)

Shelled Lizard (Armored Dinosaur: B)

It’s roughly these four types.

That black snake seems to be pretty rare, I haven’t seen a second one yet.

Everyone of them were all strong enemies.

Even though it’s not very convincing at all coming from the me who only used 【Water Blade】 to one-shot them.

That bat fellow, after dodging countless 【Water Blade】s, even tried to counterattack. As for the lizard, if the angle was wrong, 【Water Blade】 would actually be deflected sometimes. They are all strong characters that can’t be faced carelessly.

The centipede shaped monster even hid its presence and attempted to sneak attack from the back. However, it was useless against me who has the permanent BUFF of 【Magic Sensing】 and 【Heat Sensing】. It was simply dealt with by a 【Water Blade】 from the back.

But that huge spider was seriously terrible.

After all, I’m scared of bugs the most, it’s impossible for me to psychologically accept it. Just by looking at it, it kind of makes me want to kneel down and apologize. However, probably because of reincarnating into a slime, my psyche had also strengthened. I didn’t run away, and chose to bravely fight!

Even though I feel kind of sorry, I went all out straight away! I dismantled it into pieces using five shots of 【Water Blade】.

Since it’s that kind of opponent that would make me feel nauseous just by looking, don’t blame me.

I predated them all in the end.

This is after all a world where the strong devours the weak. The loser will become the winner’s food.

Of course, I was really kind of hesitant when predating the spider and centipede.

So, speaking from various senses, I’ve already tried very hard.

But, if a cockroach shaped monster ever jumps out, I’ll unhesitantly escape with my utmost effort.

This is not an issue of whether I can defeat it or not.

In this world, there existed a wonderful saying 【Escaping is Winning】.

Like this, I absorbed various kind of demons inside the cavern.

The abilities I’ve acquired are these——

Black snake 【Poison Mist Breath, Heat Sensing】

Centipede shaped monster 【Paralyzing Breath】

Huge Spider 【Sticky Silk, Steel Silk】

Blood-sucking bat 【Bloodsucking, Ultrasound】

Shelled Lizard 【Body Armor】

Since I’ve acquired them, it’s natural make the best possible use of them. So I used 【Great Sage】 and researched the obtained demon’s skills.

The first was the black snake’s skill. To be honest, 【Poison Mist Breath】 shouldn’t be used lightly.

Actually, during an encounter with a shelled lizard, I had tried it once. Then… the lizard’s armor slowly melted away in my vision, and even it’s body was dissolved.

That scenery was too disgusting. The corpse of a lizard with its organs flooding out, I already don’t want to see it a second time.

Such a dangerous breath attack, too much power isn’t a good thing either,

However, 【Heat Sensing】 is a really good thing.

Most organisms would emit heat, Using this skill coupled with 【Magic Sensing】, I can almost defend against any sneak attacks. However, considering that humans, or maybe superior Majins would use magic and unique skills that I don’t know about, I really can’t be careless.

Next is the centipede.

Actually, let’s just forget about mimicking that appearance.

The breath attack’s range is same as the black snake, and the area covered is similar too.

And as expected, while I’m a slime the range is only around 1 meter.

But, turning the situation around against sneak attacks using the paralyzing breath sounds pretty good.

Although, if the enemy can actually manage to get within one meter of me, if I don’t run, I’ll probably be done for anyways.

As for that lizard.

The armor that would easily melt under the poison mist breath.

I simply can’t have any expectations for it at all.

Besides, I have 【Physical Attack Resistance】 already.

Without mimicking, I directly tried using it in slime form.

The surface became tough.

Like the metal slime in those RPGs suitable for all age groups. (Chinese TL: Dragon Quest)

My crescent white body glimmered with the luster of metal. When the quality of the surface changed, the optical reflectance changes along with it, too.

I don’t really want to take damage just to test it out, though. So I don’t really know how much of an effect it has.

But, this luster really is beautiful.

Perhaps, it’s just right to be used for deterrence.

Those three monster’s abilities are more or less just like this.

The issues are the two that’s left. Their abilities are both very intriguing…

First is the spider.

That’s right, I really want to imitate that famous hero that has the abilities of a spider.

Pew! Shooting out silk to support the body, and jumping from skyscrapers to skyscrapers.

That’s right, I’m talking about that man.

The skill 【Sticky Silk】, was originally an ability used for wrapping and snaring the prey.

However, with this, it may be possible to recreate that movement.

Let’s immediately test it.

First, toward the big tree’s tree trunk…

Pew! ….. Puraaaaan…. (Chinese TL: There wasn’t any explanation here, what actually happened is left to imagination)

That, uh, next is the explanation of 【Steel Silk】.

【Sticky Silk】? What’s that? A useless skill that can only suspend one in mid air, I don’t know it at all.
(TL: He’s salty about not being able to become Spiderman.)

Then, as for this 【Steel Silk】, seems like it’s main usage was to defend against the opponent’s attacks.

When making a nest, it’s used to make the terrain more advantageous for itself… I tried creating a string of steel silk, and swung it toward the tree like a whip.

Pew! Paa!

It was easily bounced off.

Although I’m able to clearly see it using my 【Magic Perception】, perceiving this 【Steel Silk】 with human eyes should be quite difficult. With practice, this may actually turn into a useful weapon.

This can be a topic for a later time, let’s add it into my plans for now.

Lastly is the bat.

Actually, this is what I was looking forward to the most.

【Bloodsucking】, through sucking blood one can temporarily use the target’s abilities with a 70% or so strength.

That’s not very important.

Predator’s effect is much better, this is basically just a degraded version.

Something like blood, I have no interest at all. After gathering the data, the skill 【Bloodsucking】 was put to the side.

What I am interested in, is this 【Ultrasound】 Skill.

This skill can confuse the target or even cause it to faint. Its original function, though, is an skill to discern one’s location.

Just like the the past world, bats also used the reflected ultrasound to determine their location.

The important thing here is the vocal organ, the skill itself is actually whatever.

This organ that emits 【Ultrasound】, can be recreated using the body of a slime.

This time I wouldn’t be able to control my body just by imagination. But I’m really lucky to be able to absorb a demon with similar sound producing functions.

Like this, perhaps I’ll be able to find the method to speak.

By researching through sleepless nights….

Well, it’s not necessary for me to sleep in the first place.

After three days and nights, it finally bore fruit!


Although this voice still faintly trembled as if it’s going through an electric fan, it was indeed a success!

At this point, what’s left was only the adjustments.

I appeased my impatient heart, and started adjusting the vocal cord step by step.

Anyway, this ultrasound really feels quite handy.

I remembered hearing about a weapon called Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) before.

Should it be called ‘Sonic Burster’ here? Or would it be ‘Sonic Blaster’?

I don’t know if it’s possible or not.

【Answer. The Skill 【Ultrasound】 possess the derivation 【Ultra Vibration】. However, currently it’s not possible to be acquired.】

Derivation, is it referring to the transformation of abilities?

The amount of information on hand is currently too low, so it can only be given up for now.

To be honest, it would be impossible for everything to be that easy in this world.

Looks like I’m being too greedy.

Even though it’s better to prepare more useable cards. But there’s no need to hurry.

Just acquiring the vocal organ, was already enough to be considered a satisfying accomplishment.

Thinking closely, I really did acquire quite the amount of skills this time.

Like this, I kept researching as I moved around inside the cavern.

Then finally, I saw the exit that connects to the ground level.

For the first time after reincarnating to this world, I arrived at a place full of sunshine…..


It really feels like I haven’t seen the sun in a long time. Actually, it indeed has been a few months.

Seems that I won’t dissolve like a vampire, nor will I get burnt.

In fact, for activities dangerous for them, demons can understand them just by instinct.

But it’s also pretty common for them to knowingly do so despite the danger.

I really can’t laugh at that.

They should try their best to correct those behaviors.

The cave, seems like it’s inside a forest.

The cave entrance is on a slightly tall hill. Even inside the forest, this hill is still very conspicuous. How should I say this, that’s the only place I could see the sun from. Just a single step into the forest, and it would instantly become dark.

At the tip of the hill, there engraved a suspicious pattern.

It kind of looks like some sort of magic formation. Did those adventurers that I passed by do anything? Well, it doesn’t matter either way.

【One shouldn’t stand under an unstable wall】

I decisively left this place that one shouldn’t remain for long.

Some time went by after I left the cave. Looks like, it’s already evening.

I’m able to deduce that the time when I exited the cave was exactly at noon.

Because there is a timer in my body that’s precise to the milliseconds. But I still wish to have the effect of an clock. Instantly, it naturally transformed.

Even this can be done? As expected of 【Great Sage】.

Right now, it’s just past 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

It’s almost time to prepare dinner, but unfortunately I don’t have the necessity to eat anymore. Even though I can eat stuff, not being able to taste anything only makes it feel empty.

And so, I continued to study the skills acquired from predating those demons earlier. By combining the usage of these skills, maybe they would produce an unexpected effect. Of course, what’s most important is still practicing pronunciation.

Like this, I moved along in the forest while carrying out various tests.

It’s not like I have any destinations, I’m just randomly wandering around anyways.

If I were to encounter a village or small town, let’s try to find kind-looking humans and approach them.

However, these past few days were really peaceful. I would clearly be attacked by demons at every turn inside the cave, but there were almost no encounters after coming outside.

There was only one time, when I was attacked by wolves when practicing pronunciations. But….

I had only pronounced a single syllable, that’s all.


They were already scared off running.

They were even bigger than large dogs, and there were even a few that had the body length of over two meters, yet they were scared shitless by a mere slime. How incredibly useless.

But to me, not being attacked is also good.

Although if I predated those fellows, I probably would acquire the sense of smell.

However, when I tried to observe carefully, I realized that those wolves weren’t the only creatures inside this forest.

Yet the area within 100 meters of me was completely clear.

Eh? Why does it seem like they are all afraid of me…

Why exactly is that?

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