RRS – Volume 1 Chapter 2 Part 1

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Volume 1 Chapter 2 – Battle at Goblin Village (1/6)

The passageway from the underground lake to the surface.

It’s actually a cavern.

I slowly wiggled my way toward that passage.

Though, moving around is easier than I had expected.

Even if it’s in a cave without light, the world I perceive through [Magic Sensing] is bright as day.

Before when I couldn’t see, I had to keep my attention below me so I didn’t notice, but a slime’s movement speed is actually pretty fast.

It feels about the same as a normal human’s walking speed, and it’s even possible to reach a running speed.

But I don’t have anything urgent to do, so it’s good enough to move with just the walking speed.

It’s definitely not because of the psychological trauma from falling into a lake because I ran too fast, okay?

After I’ve moved for a while, I was blocked by a huge door in front of me.

A man-made object inside a cave.

How suspicious. However, it’s not too surprising if one had played RPG games before.

After all, what kind of BOSS room doesn’t have a door.

Then, how should I open this door?

Should I cut it apart using [Water Blade]?

Just as I was thinking about it, the door was opened with a *Gii* sound.

I quickly hid in a corner of the passageway.

“It finally opened. This keyhole is totally rusted…”

“That can’t be helped, right? No one had entered here for a whole three hundred years.”

“That’s true, there aren’t any records of entering this place. Actually, is this really okay? We won’t be attacked right after we walk in, right….?”

“Gahahaha! Relax! Although it was unbeatable three hundred years ago, isn’t it only a somewhat oversized lizard in the end? I’m a man who has soloed a Basilisk before, just leave it to me!”

“That’s obviously a lie isn’t it? No matter what you say, aren’t Basilisks still B+ ranked demons? For Cabal-san, isn’t soloing it totally impossible?”

“Idiot! I’m at least a B-Rank too, okay! A mere over-sized lizard, is not an opponent for me at all!”

“Alright alright, I understand. Don’t get careless, okay? Well, just in case, if something were to happen, use my imperative escape magic to run away…”

“I know you two are pretty close but isn’t it about time to quiet down a bit? I’m about to activate stealth, okay?”

The noisy trio entered.

But this is really inconceivable, I can actually understand what they are saying.

[Answer. Sound waves that contain thoughts, could be converted into comprehensible language using [Magic Sensing].]

So that’s how.

Even though there was no way for me to speak, I can still understand it?

That’s great. I, am the worst at English. I stayed in Japan like a snail, so there was no need to study foreign languages at all. It was okay as long as those who had plans of going overseas worked hard.

But, I won’t be able to find any excuses this time. Seems like I’ll have to find sometime to learn a little…

Well, that kind of stuff doesn’t matter right now.

What do I do? This is much more difficult than opening the door…

Although I don’t know what they are here for, it seems like… they’re adventurers.

Are they here to hunt for treasures?

For the time being, they’re also the first humans I’ve encountered after coming to this world. I kinda want to follow them and see…

But… A slime that can’t speak is no different from a normal demon, so if I was carelessly discovered… I’ll definitely be mercilessly killed. Safety first, let’s forget about it this time.

To appear in front of humans, I’ll have to at least wait until I’m able to talk.

After hiding and waiting for a while.

I don’t know what the relatively skinny man did, but the trio sudden became hazy and transparent. However, it’s not like I can’t see them at all.

I heard it was called [Stealth], right? Perhaps, it’s a type of skill. With this, it’s possible to peek without being found out. What a obscene guy. Nevertheless, I memorized him for no reason at all… It seems that it’s necessary to become friends with him later.

After the trio’s presence completely disappeared, I started moving again.

There is no need to hurry, there will always be chances to meet humans later.

Advancing solidly step by step. As the saying goes: Haste makes waste.

I quickly went through the door before the trio came back, and left that place.

After crossing the gate, I moved forward for sometime and reached a complicated fork in the road. Which side do I need to go in order to reach the surface? Forget it, there’s no way for me to know anyways.

I randomly chose a road and continue onward.

Something met my eyes.

I couldn’t help it and diverted my line of sight… Before my eyes, was a really scary enormous black snake. Its entire body was covered with tough scales that couldn’t even be compared to the small snakes in my past life. And I, am nothing but a frog that it was eyeing. Oh wait, that’s not right, I’m a slime not a frog.

I’m air, okay~

Is it possible to do something if I’m not discovered? Sneakily, I tried and retreated a little; however, it seems that I am too naive. Following my movements, the black snake slowly raised its head.

Its tongue hissed as it flicked, and its gaze was full of threat.

Not good, looks like it’s not going to let me go! I could understand this without someone telling me.

Should I fight!? Don’t I have that sure-kill skill that I obtained from a week of special training?

That being said…. To fight a monster like this, one would still need the appropriate amount of determination.

After all, I’m extremely scared right now.

But there is no need to panic. Thinking closely, haven’t I already met with something even more terrifying? That’s right, Verudora. Compared to that dragon… Ara? Maybe this snake isn’t as scary as I thought.

Isn’t this okay? The me that had calmed down, started to observe the black snake.

The black snake seemed to be a bit careless about me who was frozen stiff from fear. It’s probably pondering about how to cook me. Is he not planning on swallowing me raw?

Then, taking this opportunity…. Without any hesitation, I shot a [Water Blade] toward the black snake’s head.

The water blade that emitted a sharp aura, arrived before the black snake’s face as it carved through the air.

In the next moment, I couldn’t help it but doubt my own eyes. [Water Blade], had easily chopped off the black snake’s head without any resistance.

That was clearly a huge snake that could’ve swallowed me alive.

[Water Blade]… Seems like it’s a skill that’s even more powerful that I had imagined.

If I had used it against a human adventurer… It would be too horrible to directly look at. It’s really fortunate that the first target was a demon.

By the way, the current usage space of my stomach sack is—— [Verudora] 15%, [Water] 10%, [Hipukute Grass + Recovery Medicine] and other miscellaneous stuff 2%, ores and raw materials 3%, the grand total of the usage is 30%.

The amount of water used in [Water Blade], should be around a little less than a cup… Looks like even if I shoot a few thousand shots, there would still be no need for me to mind at all.

Feels like it’d be even more useful than magic.

If more demons appear, I’ll temporarily deal with them using [Water Blade].

Then, about this snake.

Would I be able to use its skills after predating and analyzing it?

Let’s immediately try it….

[Heat Sensing] …. Innate skill. Can perceive objects by using the surrounding response of heat, can ignore the effect of stealth.

[Poison Mist Breath] …. Innate skill. Releases a powerful poison attribute (corrosive) breath. The effective range is a conical area of 120 degrees that’s seven meters in length.

I acquired these two skills, and I’m also able to mimic into a black snake now.

This poison seems like it also carries a corrosive effect. (Corrosive to equipments, caustic to flesh) If a normal adventurer went against this, I feel like it would be pretty troublesome.

But magic also exists in this world, so it might not even be a big deal.

I spent a bit of time analyzing the black snake’s abilities.

After all, it’s better to have more usable cards in hand.

This is what I’ve ascertained——

1. Transforming through mimicry can increase body size.

2. It’s possible to use the acquired abilities even without mimicking. However, the power will decrease.

To put it simply——

1. The Stomach Sack breaks down the predated demon, and stores it. It restores damaged parts just like that time when I was injured before, using predator to speed up the restoration process. Sort of like backup cells.

2. Innate skills seems to be the special abilities of a demon. Just like my [Dissolve, Absorb, Regeneration]. However, if I’m not mimicked into the corresponding demon, the skills can’t be used to their full power. Even though it’s like that, there are still some exceptions such as [Heat Sensing], which aren’t affected at all.

Well, it’s roughly like that.

[Predator] is seriously a cheat.

If I see any skills in the future that could come in handy, I think I’ll try my best to obtain them.

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