RRS – Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part 4

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Volume 1 Chapter 1 – The First Friend (4/6)

That scared me.

I had originally thought that this would be easy to deal with, but no matter how you look at it, this fellow is dangerous.

This enormous body that shone with the luster of obsidian. From the shape, it’s similar with western dragons.

There are six fingers, which formed claws that looked sharp enough to tear through anything. On the back are two pairs of wings, one big one small, the front ends are sharp like a sword.

When I looked closely, I could see the scales that covered his entire body emitted bad omens. They’re also currently illuminated in a faint purple light. As to why the luminescence was a pitch-black color, it was probably because of the even stronger demonic aura.

That silhouette, can also be described as a bizarre type of beauty,

Because I couldn’t see, my attitude earlier seemed a little impolite. Since it has come to this, it’s too late for regrets.

By the way, my body was an oval shape as I had expected. It’s the same as a Mochi….

The color, could be considered a crescent moon’s white? There’s also a bit of a charming teal-white color mixed in.

Although it’s a color that slightly revealed some exquisiteness, the sad reality of me being a slime was already unable to be changed.

(Oi, do you still remember the promise? That said, you complained so much, but you actually learnt it so easily….)

(Of course! That just now was only a little joke. I can finally see and hear now. Thank you very much!)

(Hmph. It would’ve been better if you had taken a bit longer to learn it…)

Well, seems like there is no problems with the attitude.

Although the appearance is scary, this dragon is unexpectedly cordial.

After all, this dragon really was afraid of loneliness.

He belongs to the type that you can’t judge just by the outer appearance. It’s like the 【The Red Devil Who Cried】.

(Then, what do you plan to do next?)

(That’s a good question. Anyways, I would probably try to look for otherworlders from the same world as me. Though even if I can’t find anyone, it would still be okay.)

Although it’s better to be able to find them, it’s still not guaranteed that we’ll actually become friends.

Rather than that, I’m finally able to see now, so traveling through the world doesn’t sound like a bad idea either.

Just like this, I can finally say goodbye to this boring life of eating grass.

But, this dragon.

Although its appearance is really evil, it’s not moving at all.

Speaking of which, didn’t he say something about being sealed for three hundred years?

(That…. Earlier Verudora-san had said that you were sealed here, right?)

(Mu? Well. I slightly underestimated the opponent… Although I got serious in the middle, I still lost in the end!)

I don’t know why, but he seemed kind of proud of that.

Actually, leaving magic aside, I can’t imagine that swords or spears would have any effect on this dragon….

(Was the opponent that strong?)

Could people that are stronger than this monster here be everywhere in this world?

The outside world feels way too dangerous!

(Aah, really strong. Possessing 【Protection】, it’s an existence that humans refers to as the 【Yuusha】.)
(TL: Yuusha = Brave person/Hero. But it seems only Yuusha have 【protection】, while heroes are ya know, heroes.)

A existence that’s really common in various games.

Recently, because there were way too many works based on Yuusha as a topic, the impression of them became weak instead.

But in this world, they seemed to be really strong.

(Speaking of which, that Yuusha claimed to have been 【Summoned】. Maybe the Yuusha came from the same world as you.)

(Eh? No no, people from my world can’t possibly be that strong?)

(No, most of the 【Otherworlders】 that came to this world have special powers. Those powers were embedded into the soul as they crossed through the worlds. A 【Summoned】 however, will always have special abilities. Moreover, they are all 【Unique Skills】. The difference between the occasional 【Otherworlders】 that comes to this world, is precisely their strong 【souls】 that can endure the summoning and acquire Unique Skills. Even though cases of successful summoning is naturally extremely rare.

(The so-called summon, they were called out using magic or something….right?)

(That’s exactly it. It needs more than thirty magicians, and requires three days of ceremony. Although the success rate is low, as a really strong 【weapon】, it’s still worth the wait)

(Hah? Weapon?)

(Fumu, to prevent the 【summoned】 resisting against the summoners, a curse would be embedded into the soul using magic.)

(What the hell is that? Ignoring the summoned’s human rights?)

(Human rights? In other worlds, people have rights? Those things, are simply fantasies in the world, you know. The strong devours the weak, that’s the absolute truth of everything in this world. Strength is everything.)

Is that so…. It seems, this world has places that’s really hard to accept with the earth’s ideology.

(Then, are the 【Otherworlders】 considered slaves too?)

(That’s not so. Because the 【Dictating Curse】 wasn’t applied to their souls. If they were accepted by the public, it should be free for them to live a normal life or become adventurers. Actually, many of the adventurers that came to strike me down but lost were 【Otherworlders】, too! Ku-hahahaha!!)

(Which means, only the people who were summoned would be forced into labor….)

(It’s not exactly really labor. Meh, I guess it feels that way? Although I’m quite knowledgeable about humans, I don’t know everything.)

(That’s true…. you are a dragon after all.)

Rather to say, he was actually that knowledgeable about humans as a dragon.

All in all, it seems that he’s very happy about being able to talk with someone, and would answer in a detailed fashion no matter what you ask. After that, Verudora-san told me about a lot of things.

Like his battle with the Yuusha.

How powerful the Yuusha was.

Snow-white skin.

Small red lips.

Silver-black hair, tied into a braid.

Not very tall, slender and even a little petite.

Although a mask was worn, but it was unquestionably a beauty.

I found out the Yuusha was a female.

I asked him if “he had lost because he was too infatuated and stared too hard”? I was angrily denied by him.

Holding a special weapon called 【Katana】, she seemed to not carry a shield.

Using the Unique Skills 【Absolute Severance】 and Unique Skill 【Infinity Prison】, I was completely defeated. Verudora-san gleefully narrated.

It can be seen from his words, that this dragon seems to really like humans. Although his mouth spewed out names like garbage and trash, he in fact, purposefully didn’t kill the humans that attacked him. Under the premise that they didn’t damage his scales, of course…

Reportedly, three hundred years ago, he had turned an entire city into scorched earth because of a certain incident.

And that grabbed attention of the Yuusha, and he got sealed here.

—— What was used for the seal, was exactly the Yuusha’s Unique Skill 【Infinity Prison】.

Although I don’t really understand his feelings, since it’s another person’s matter in the end, I could only imagine. However, I don’t feel that he’s an evil dragon.

After all, it feels like we’re getting along pretty well. I’m completely not afraid anymore.

(Alright! Um…. Can you become friends with me?)

This is a little, no, this is actually really embarrassing. Right now, my face is totally red. (Chinese TL: A slime’s face, where is it?)

(Wh, what!? A, a-a mere slime, actually wants to become friends with the dignified 【Storm Dragon】 Verudora!?)

(Th, that, it’s okay if you don’t want to….)

(Baka! Who said I didn’t want to!?)

(I-, is that so? Then…. what will you do?)

(—— Then…. S-, since you’ve already said it like that…. I-, I guess I‘ll consider it….)
(Chinese TL: What a perfect Tsundere line.)

Seems like, he’s stealing glances this way.

Let’s put being sneakily peeked like that by a cute girl aside, being looked at by a huge dragon with a pair of extremely evil looking eyes like that…. doesn’t make me happy at all.

(Please be sure to become friends with me! If it’s no good, I’ll never come back here again!)

(Wait….! —— What am I doing to do with you, I’ll become your friend…. You better be thankful!)

Pfft, this dragon is really not honest. But I’m kind of the same, so now we are even.

(Then, please take care of me!)

(Take care of me! Ah right, I should give you a name, you think of one for me too.)

(Hah? Why so sudden——)

(So we can embed the same symbol into our souls. In humans, this seemed to be referred as a last name. The name that I’ll give would also have a 【Blessing】 effect, since you don’t have a name yet. With a name, you’ll be able to become one of the named demons.)

Which means, my last name will become the same as his? However, it seems that I can become a ‘named demon’ if he gives me a name. If it’s like this, I guess I’ll try to think of one too. Even if I have no taste in names…..

(Since it’s storm, then let’s call you 【Tempest】…. How is that?)

It shouldn’t work, right.

It’s simple and resounding, and naturally connected the storm and tempest. It certainly is too casual.

(Then it’s decided! This name has a really nice ring to it!)

He actually liked it!?

(Then my name will be Verudora=Tempest starting from today! About you… I’ll give you the name 【Rimuru】. From today onwards, you will be Rimuru=Tempest!!)

This name, became embedded into my soul.

Even though neither my appearance nor abilities had changed.

But, in the depths of my soul, something had definitely changed.

It’s probably the same for Verudora too. (Chinese TL: There are no more -sans added to the end)

Just like that, we became friends.

Then, it about time to go. However, before that.

(Um, I want to ask before I leave. That seal, is it impossible to undo?)

(It’s impossible to undo it with only my power. It may only be possible if it’s the Yuusha or some Unique Skills of the same level….)

(Does Verudora have any unique skills?)

(Of course I do. But I’m unable to use any of them after I was sealed. Currently, only 【Telepathy】 could barely be used….)

Originally, Yuusha’s Unique Skill 【Infinity Prison】 is a skill that forever seals the opponent’s time in the imaginary space. It’s definitely not a skill that can allow interference with the real world.

It’s better to say, to be able to use 【Telepathy】 is already really weird.

Since he was sealed together with time. Not only was he able to perceive the real world, he could also interfere with the outside with 【Telepathy】; It can already be said that Verudora is extraordinarily powerful.

Of course, neither me nor Verudora had realized this yet.

(Alright, then let’s try it out a little….)

Saying that, I gently touched Verudora.

【Unique Skill 【Predator】 predating Unique Skill 【Infinity Prison】…. Failed】

As expected of a Yuusha’s seal, the level really is different.

A dazzling light glimmered between Verudora and me, and I was bounced away in an instant.

Although I created a tiny crack, but it’ll probably quickly repair itself. That said, can it really be undone with a Unique Skill of the same level?

What exactly can I do?

What should I do to —-

【Answer. A part of Unique Skill 【Infinity Prison】’s analysis is complete. Prompting escape methods —-

The possibility of escaping together with the physical body is zero.

The possibility of destroying the prison by physical means is also zero.

Unable to conclude the method of undoing the imaginary space.

Need to be in the same situation = trapped inside 【Infinity Prison】 to analyze. Thus, unable to do so in the current situation.

The possibility of only the conscious escaping is one percent.

If a host was prepared outside, the possibility of transfer is three percent. Also, this process is the same as 【Reincarnation】. If the host’s compatibility is too low, there’s a high chance of losing all memories and abilities.

Method of escape prompt over】

—— Fumu.

The success rate is way too low.

Clearly only appearing to be a thin membrane that could sway, this Unique Skill 【Infinity Prison】——

But, it actually can’t be destroyed with physical methods at all…. It feels like, it could even match up with absolute defence.

(Ne, did the Yuusha take any damage? Or to say, did she get injured?)

(Good question! Although most my of attacks were dodged by her, but a few should have completely hit right on target… However, there was no effect at all. Attacks like 【Winds of Death】, 【Black Lightning】, and even 【Wind of Annihilation】 that were impossible to dodge in theory, she still endured them with no damage at all. There was really nothing I could do… Ku-hahaha!)

While speaking, Verudora started to laugh heartily.

It seems that Unique Skill 【Infinity Prison】 not only can target the opponent, but can also cover oneself to have the effect of defending. A skill that can both attack and defend, that’s way too omnipotent.

Unique Skill 【Absolute Severance】

Unique Skill 【Infinity Prison】

Possessing these two skills, doesn’t feel like she’d be near invincible?

I really don’t want to meet her, even she’s someone from three hundred years ago.

But according to a human’s lifespan, she probably had already passed away.

That was unquestionably, the strongest level in the world.

Anyways, the only method left for escaping is to reincarnate into a host….

(Seems like you would need a host to escape. If it’s only your conscious, it maybe possible to get out….)

I probably don’t need to clarify that despairingly low success rate…

It feels like the success rate would get even lower, if Verudora had lost motivation.

(Mu? There’s a way to escape!? Actually… During these hundreds of years, my magic power had almost dried out. After all, there was no way to stop my magic essence from flowing out….

(So that was it. No wonder why the concentration of magic essence were so high surrounding here…)

(Umu, demons who had reached a certain level doesn’t dare to come here at all. Only rare plants could inhabit here.)

Ahh, no wonder there were Hipokute grass everywhere.

So, those grass were actually valuable stuff….

(Well…. Do you want to try anyways? If there is a host, it seems the success rate can increase too… It’s like that, so what kind of host would be better?)

(——I’m afraid, that even if my conscious escapes, it’ll be really difficult to gather up magic essence and create a new core. From the crack that you made in the Prison, it indeed created the possibility of success. However, about the host. It means, to prepare a new core, and transfer my consciousness into it. It’s kind of like reincarnation——)

This guy! I had thought he wasn’t that smart, but this comprehension ability is really astonishing!

He completely deduced out the same conclusion as 【Great Sage】.

(That’s exactly it. Then, if you need any preparations, I could go find it?)

(Umu. In fact, I don’t actually need a core… . This is a secret, okay? I am a 【Complete Form】, both a unique existence and spiritual life form, and not bound by flesh. Because of the faith and belief of others, I was made into this form.)

It’s words that I don’t understand, again.

With no other way, Verudora kept on explaining until I understood it.

Roughly summarizing it….

He can aggregate magic essence using consciousness, and form a body of flesh. However this time, because both his conscious and flesh were imprisoned inside 【Infinity Prison】, his conscious couldn’t interfere with the outside and aggregate magic power.

Then, what if only his conscious escapes? That’s impossible even with a host.

At the instant of escape, the conscious would be annihilated together with his magic essence and existence. And here, a new 【Storm Dragon】 Verudora would be reborn. However, that would not be the current Verodora anymore.

I’m at a loss. Actually, should I just simply swallow Verudora whole using Predator?

Using the Predator’s analyze function inside the stomach sack, and only erase the effect of 【Infinity Prison】, wouldn’t that work?

【Answer. Unique Skill 【Predator】 to target: Verudora is possible to be contained inside the stomach sack.】

So it’s possible….

If he is willing, then let’s try it.

After all, if it keeps going on like this, he would still lonesomely vanish after enduring a hundred more years of loneliness.

I explained the 【Predator】’s abilities and what I am about to do.

Of course, if there isn’t the support of 【Great Sage】, it would almost be impossible…

(Ku-hahahaha! Interesting, I must try it out. I’ll be leaving all of me in your hands!)

(You are believing in me that easily?)

(Of course! Compared to waiting for you to come back, it’s much more interesting to undo 【Infinity Prison】 together with you! This is nothing, if we work together, a mere 【Infinity Prison】 is nothing to fear!)

Not only one person, but the two of us? That’s right.

I also made up my mind.

In the stomach sack, there’d be no worry of conscious disappearing… It feels like it would work.

(Then, I’ll be starting. Remember to quickly escape from 【Infinity Prison】, okay?)

(Kukuku, leave it to me! It won’t be long, until we’ll meet again!)

I reorganized my spirit.

Slightly touching Verudora, I started to predate.

In an instant, the enormous body of Verudora vanished from my sight.

I feel a little bit lost.

We were clearly just speaking before.

Suddenly disappearing only left me with lonesomeness.

Using the skill at an target, if there was resistance it would fail. Let’s leave Verudora’s main body aside, I didn’t expect that 【Infinity Prison】 would also have no response at all.

But this is really surprising.

Only twenty-five percent of the stomach sack’s space were used?

How big actually is this space….

Right after——

【Start analysis of Unique Skill 【Infinity Prison】? YES/NO】

Please! While praying, I chose YES in my heart.

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