RRS – Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part 3

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Volume 1 Chapter 1 – The First Friend (3/6)

Little one? Well, no matter how you think about it, that refers to me……

Rather than say it’s a voice, it is more like a directly to the heart kind of feeling. After all, right now I do not have any ears.

(Oi! You should be able to hear? Hurry up and answer me!)

I heard you!

But, I can’t speak without a mouth.

I tried answering in my heart with 【You’re noisy, Baldie!】.

Well, after all he can’t hear it, so it should be fine. But, how should I answer……

(……Hoho. You actually dare to call me Baldie…… You really have some guts!! And I had thought that I shouldn’t be rude to a guest which I haven’t had in a long time, but it seems that you have a death wish! )

Not good, it seems that he heard it. Then again, so you can answer like this, if I was informed in advance, then I wouldn’t have made the other party angry.

Also, I completely don’t know how the other party actually looks like.

No choice, I surrender.

It’s better to be honest and apologize.

(Sorry! I didn’t know how to reply, and I only randomly spoke out the thoughts in my heart just now. I’m really sorry! By the way, I’m in a state whereby I can’t see anything, not even your appearance.)

I think this should be fine? Well, after all, I called him a baldie when I haven’t even met him, so if he is really a baldie then it’s naturally for him to be angry.

(KuKuku, kuhaha. Kuhahahahahaha!!)

The other party suddenly laughed.

The progressive use of the 3 stage laughter is really beautiful. (TL: Similar to Oujo-sama laugh but more villianous)

Is the misunderstanding considered to be solved?

(Interesting. I had originally thought that you made such a remark after seeing my appearance, but you actually cannot see anything. Well, speaking of slimes, they’re basically low-leveled monsters who do not think at all, and just repetitively absorb·divide·separate·regenerate. And they hardly ever leave their territory.)

It seems to be nagging? Rather being angry, it is more like being in an excited state……?

No matter what, this is the first conversation of my new (slime) life, I hope for it to proceed friendly.

(Say, you slime, actually suddenly launched a ramming attack against me, and before I even had a chance to react, you began to regenerate at an alarming speed, are you a demon who has a name? Or are you a unique monster?)

Has a name? Unique? I don’t understand at all.

(Sorry, I don’t get it. In fact, I have only been born for 90 days……)

(Hmm, just from having a self-conscious, you’re already not an ordinary slime. The so-called 【Name】, refers to demons who have been named, and since you had only been born for 90 days, it does not seem to be likely. So as to say, you’re a unique?)

(Unique refers to?)

(The so-called unique, refers to an individual who due to a sudden mutation and gained an extraordinary ability. There is a very low probability of it being borne in areas with a high concentration of magic essence……Oh yes, you’re a fellow who was born from within my magic essence that leaked out! )

Umu umu,is that so?

I began to think about it using the knowledge from my previous life.

Which means, the magic power leaked out by this ossan, lead to the increase in concentration of the magic essence in this area. (TL: Japanese for middle aged man)

Then, the gathering of the magic essence birthed a demon slime = me?

(Fumu,during these 300 years, there’s no demon who could get close to me. Since you’re born from my magic power, then it also makes sense that you could be able to touch me!)

(Hoho…… So as to say, you are something like my parent?)

(That’s not exactly it…… After all, I do not have any reproductive ability. For demons, having reproductive ability or not is very different.)

(Generally speaking, shouldn’t all of them have reproductive ability? Or it is to say that, because they can be born from magic essence, then there is no need for reproduction?)

(——I say, your intelligence is quite high. Most demons, even those who have the ability to think are very rare. Demons who have intelligence are normally referred as 【Majin】.)

Speaking of which, it’s another long explanation.

The race that’s similar to human are called Demi-humans, they have the ability to reproduce.

The elves, dwarfs, hobbits, and those of fairy descent, are all considered to be members of the human race.

In addition, because the Goblins, Orcs, and Lizard men use to be hostile to humans, hence, they are treated as demons. But it seems that it’s only limited to hostility, since interbreeding is also possible.

The last is 【Majin】. They’re born from either magic essence, a sudden mutation of a demon, or the evolution of an animal or demon beast. They possess intelligence and the ability to reproduce.

For instance; the Giant race, Vampires and Devil race, whom have long life-spans, they represented the superior Majin. Although they had the ability to reproduce, they rarely used it. After all, with that overwhelming magic power and bodies that do not deteriorate, leaving behind descendants was no longer a necessity.

Having intelligence and reproduction ability, and are hostile to humans, they are known as 【Mazoku】.

But according to my impression, rather than to say that the Mazoku are hostile to humans, it’s more like human are just single-sidedly afraid of them. However, there are quite a lot of fights that were fought with their habitat at stake..

And like this, the Demon’s danger levels were divided.

Among them, superior Majins should be considered the most dangerous. Among them even just one would be a dangerous fellow that can destroy an entire city. I really don’t want to encounter him.

The explanation continued. A long time ago, some sort of battle had also occurred among the superior Majins.

I don’t know why, but in the end, he suddenly switched to talk about himself……

(And so, the reason why I do not have any reproductive ability…… that’s because there was no need. I am an 【Ultimate Form】,one of the four 【Dragon Kind】pillars of the world. 【Storm Dragon】Verudora, that’s me! I have neither a lifespan nor a body! As long as I have a conscious, I would be immortal! Ku —— hahahahahaha!!)

Even if you suddenly laugh……

In simple terms, is it because there is no lifespan, that there is also no need for descendants?

But in that large section of explanation, there was something that I definitely didn’t miss.

【Storm Dragon】 Verudora, Dragon?

It feels that I’m making friends with a superior Majin, isn’t this more dangerous?

I tried to utilize all the knowledge from my previous life, and I came to a conclusion that 【Storm Dragon】 Verudora is indeed a dangerous fellow.

Especially since he was explaining to me in such great detail, there was a creepy feeling to it.

Then, what should I do……

(Yes, is that so! Thank you very much for your detailed explanation! Then, I shall bid my farewell!)

With that, I attempted to leave this ominous place.

(Wait a minute, I have already introduced myself, now its your turn? Right?)

Of course, he didn’t have the slightest intention of letting me go……

Oh~ about myself? Even if I say 【I reincarnated from another world!】, would he believe it? Just now he is still wondering why a mere slime like me would have such a high intelligence, and I really don’t think I can just bluff my way though. After all, if by any chance I failed = Death FLAG is a very high possibility.

Well, forget it. Whether he believes it or not, I’ll have to think about it when it comes.

Resolving myself, I explained everything that happened until now to him.

(Well, that’s about it, I suppose! In short it’s pretty tough!)

I hid the information about my skills, and described all the experiences that happened after being stabbed and waking up as a slime until now.

After all, the reality was a tough truth.

Especially the part about not being able to see.

From now on, if a nice girl or a pretty big sister passed by, there’s also no chance to feast my eyes on them?

I suddenly feel a bit tragic.

(Fumu, indeed, a 【Reincarnator】… I say, that’s really a rare way to reincarnate.)

(Eh? A rare way of reincarnating? Which means, you believe that I am 【Reincarnator】?)

What’s with this reaction?

Was a 【Reincarnator】, perhaps not rare? From how he said it, I was only a bit strange in the way I reincarnated?

(Umu. A 【Reincarnator】 will occasionally appear in this world, and maybe because of their strong will and the memories engraved on the soul, there are some people who are able to completely remember their past lives. But, a 【Reincarnator】 from another world is indeed rare. Just crossing worlds with a soul, one would normally be unable to withstand it. The soul will get broken down, and memory loss is a common phenomenon. To be able to preserve all the memory and use the leftover magic essence to create a demon body, as far as I know there is no such precedent. You are extremely unique.)

Reincarnator from another world, it seems that most of them are only left with fragments of their memory. The me who had perfectly preserved all of my memories, it seems that I am quite a special existence. However, those kind of details doesn’t matter right now.

Just now, I seems to have heard something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Only with a soul…… is unable to cross the worlds. So as to say, there are people who came to this world without relying on reincarnation?

(Is that so? I don’t feel that I’m special…… Speaking of which, are there others who came to this world without reincarnating?)

(Fumu. Although there are no successful cases of going to other worlds for now. However, occasionally there would be people that come from other worlds. They are known as 【Foreigners】or 【Other Worlders】, and they seem to hold special knowledge that’s completely different from this world. When those people crosses through worlds, they would reportedly to gain special abilities. After that, the records of those 【Reincarnator】 would be left here like I said earlier. People who have yet been confirmed would presumably also exist.)

So that was it, although it was not clear whether or not the other world is the earth in which I came from, it would still be good to meet them. Perhaps, I maybe able to find fellow Japanese people.

I’m currently aimless anyways, so setting a goal is also good.

(I see! Then, I will go find those people from another world right now, perhaps I might even be able to meet folks from my world!)

(Wait, wait a minute. I say, you cannot see right?)

(Ah, yes.)

So what if I cannot see? Although it is indeed inconvenient, but as long as I work hard without dying, I will definitely meet them, probably.

(Then let me teach you how to see.)

Huh? What?

Hey hey, ossan-, no, 【Storm Dragon】 Verudora, don’t tell me that he is actually a great guy (Dragon)?

Can I have some expectations?

(Eh? Are you serious?)

(Fumu, however, there is a condition… How about it?)

Condition……? That’s a little suspicious.

(May I ask what that condition is?)

If it’s a normal condition, then accepting it is fine.

(Very simple. Even if you can see, do not be afraid of me. And also, come and chat with me again. To you, this proposal isn’t bad right?)

Just that would be fine?

Then again… This dragon, could it be that he is actually very lonely. The so-called the strong stands alone?

No wonder he spoke for so long. He probably hadn’t spoken to anyone in a long time.

Seems that this dragon is very easy to talk to.

Wait no, I don’t even know if he’s actually a dragon or not. Besides, even if he actually is one, there is still the possibility that dragons are actually not a big deal in this world…

Hm, this is really a good deal.

(It’s fine just like that?)

(Fumu, the truth is, I have already been sealed here for 300 years. It is really too boring, so how about it?)

(If it is just this, then I will be glad to!)

(Fumu, you’ll need to keep your promise okay!)

(No problem! Don’t underestimate me by my appearance, I was considered as a trustworthy man in my past life!)

Of course, it was self-proclaimed.

(Okay. Then first of all, can you use the skill 【Magic Sensing】?)

What are you saying… How could I possibly know how to use it.

(Nope, I’ve never even heard of it. Just what kind of skill is that?)

(A skill to sense the surrounding magic essence. It is very simple, as long as you recognize the surrounding magic essence, then it will be easy to learn.)

(Hehe…… It sounds like it is indeed very simple.)

(Fumu, to me it’s just like breathing, I’m not even aware of the skill’s activation.)

(I see! Then if I learn that, then I will be able to see?)

(That is correct. This world is covered with magic essence. Though there existed different levels of concentrations, but the wave nature of light and sound will not change, do you understand this?)

(Umu umu, it’s light waves and sound waves?)

(It seems that you clearly understood it. Is this the knowledge from another world? Well, in short, it’s through the observation of the interactions between those 2 waves, and using it to predict the surroundings. Simple right?)

Ha? What is he saying? This is too ridiculous? How is that simple?

(It feels a bit complicated…)

(What? Then even if your ears and eyes are disabled you will still be able to fight? It’s a necessary skill to prevent sneak attacks.)

(No no… Please disregard battles, in short I just want to be able to see…)

(Fu… No choice, let me give you a helping hand. By the way, I don’t know any other methods.)

(Eh, can you really do it!? I ‘m only a beginner who had been born 90 days ago?)

(Don’t worry. Didn’t you have the memories of your past life? And you also have the knowledge of light and sound. To be honest without that knowledge, even if you have my help you may be unable to learn it. You are very lucky.)

I see, it would be indeed difficult to explain this world’s scenery to someone that cannot see.

If it was to start to understand from that premise, at least I wouldn’t be able to do it.

The reason why Helen Keller was able to learn how to speak, is also due to the simple words that she remembered from before 2 years old. (TL note: Helen Keller = some deaf girl who learned how to talk)

In other words, because I have the knowledge from my past life, that may be why I can use the skill 【Magic Sensing】 to simulate sight and sound…

I’ll just have to try it, after all, not being able to see is too inconvenient.

And, I almost forgot, I still have 【Great Sage】 Sensei behind me. (TL note: sensei = teacher)

It’ll definitely help me on some things.

(Please teach me your ways!)

(Even if you weren’t this passionate… It’d be pretty easy? First, try to use the magic power inside your body to move the magic essence.)

That feeling is very simple. Just now that water jet, perhaps is also an application of that aspect.

(Is it like this?)

I tried to use the circulation in the body as a impression. I felt that something in the body is starting to operate, so this is the so-called magic essence.

Although I didn’t realize it when controlling the water flow just now, but regulating the strength can also regulate the water’s power. In fact, it’s not actually manipulating the water itself, but instead the magic essence in the water.

The power to control is magic power, and the power being driven is magic essence? Through moving the magic essence, I really confirmed quite a lot of things.

(Fumu. Isn’t this much smoother than you had expected? Then, try feeling the difference between the magic essence that you moved and the magic essence from outside.)

This is also very simple.

After all, I depend on absorbing magic essence to survive, so to deliberately feel the principle how it works doesn’t take much effort either.

(This is very simple! After all, don’t I eat this just to survive?)

(Kukuku, now at this stage, what follows should be easy. Try to feel the magic essence outside the body again.)

I just don’t really understand this step.

All in all, I tried to follow the instruction and feel the magic essence outside the body.

I can indeed feel the magic essence floating in the air, and there’s a feeling of it flowing……

Right right, I mustn’t forget to activate 【Great Sage】.

【Confirmation complete. Acquiring EX Skill 【Magic Sensing】… Successful. Confirm to use EX Skill 【Magic Sensing】? YES/NO】

Eh? It’s that simple to learn?

At this sort of moment, of course I’d choose YES… It’s worthy of being called 【Great Sage】, it really is too reliable!

The moment I used EX Skill 【Magic Sensing】, my mind filled with numerous amounts of information.If I was still human, then I could never have handled such a huge amount of data… every single bit of magic essence flowing, light waves and sound waves —— grasping them all, and then converting them into information that can be identified.

The visual range of humans isn’t even 180 degrees to the front. But now, I could 【see】 a 360 view of everywhere without any blind spots.

If I was still human, this enormous amount of information should be enough to destroy the nerves in my brain and cause me to go crazy.

But, now I am a slime. Every cell in the entire body were muscles, and also the brain.

I could barely process it, but——

【Begin synchronizing EX Skill 【Magic Sensing】and 【Great Sage】… Successful. From now, all the information will be managed by 【Great Sage】】

Suddenly my vision became very wide. The burning sensation that hit me was gone.

Right after, I naturally became able to 【see】 this world.

Perhaps, 【Great Sage】 is a cheat skill that even exceeds my previous expectations.

If I see anyone else who also have it, I’ll certainly sue them for cheating, and demand compensation.

There’s nothing abnormal with my body.

(Ah, I seemed to have learned it. Thank you very much!)

While saying this, I turned my 【Magic Sensing】 eyes towards 【that】.

There really is a dragon there.

Its entire body was wrapped in a layer of scales that glittered with black light, and it seems to be both hard and soft… Just like the evil dragons in fairy tales…

(GEEEEEEH! Dragon!!)

This was something far beyond my imagination, a silhouette of evil.

I think that even if I cried out in my heart, it would also be something that can’t be helped.


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