RRS – Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part 2

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Volume 1 Chapter 1 – The First Friend (2/6)

Right now, it’s already been ninety days since I’ve reincarnated into a slime.

To be precise, it has been ninety days seven hours thirty-four minutes and fifty-two seconds.

How could I be so sure you ask? Thanks to the Unique Skill [Great Sage]’s support effect, of course.

Aya~ this skill really is convenient, anytime I’m troubled, I’ll only need to ask the Great Sage. My questions, she’s able to answer them all.

According to [Great Sage], for the skill and my soul to sync up it would require ninety days. However, [Great Sage] originally didn’t have the response function. It seems like, in order to answer my questions she altered herself, and added the function of [World’s Discourse].

Basically, this convenient ability of asking and answering didn’t exist before. When the world changed, or if a skill was acquired or evolved, only then would [World’s Discourse] speak up.

However, acquiring and evolving skills was very rare in normal circumstances; it is a rare circumstance that wouldn’t happen unless one’s own growth became recognized by the world. As for [Evolve], it is really something that wasn’t fated for common people.

Although I completely don’t understand it, in short it seemed to be like this.

Although [Great Sage] can answer questions, it is still limited to passive replies, and does not have an Ego.

If I don’t speak up here, I don’t get an answer from there either. This can be reckoned as the only regretful thing about it.

However, to be able to communicate using language, even if it’s single sided, is still something to feel happy for.

Something like having a conversation with my own skill, I would definitely be considered a delusional disorder patient in the original world.

All in all, inside this pitch-black darkness, the me with nothing to do started to ask questions non-stop.

And as a result, I learned that the current me was unquestionably, a slime.

The reason why I didn’t need to eat nor sleep was also ascertained.

For the slimes in this world, they don’t need to eat if they can absorb magic essence. In places with low magic essence density, they must hunt some monsters or small animals in order to refill their magic power.

Therefore, slimes in low magic essence density areas are extremely aggressive. But on the other hand, the monsters are stronger in places where the magic essence density is higher.

Which means right here at this place, the magic essence concentration is dense enough for me to not need to eat.

As for sleeping ——

[Answer. Slime’s body is a combined body of a single type of cell. Every single cell is a brain cell, and at the same time it is also a nerve cell and muscle cell. Therefore, it only need the active cells to take turns in resting, and there is no need for the action of sleeping]

Just like that.

Then, where is my memory stored?

I think it could be similar to computer hard drives. Which means, every single cell is responsible for memories, which creates a disk array?

At this time, I received an [It’s probably like that] answer.

[Great Sage] can actually just answer along!?

In addition, [Great Sage] has five effects that really stands out.

Thought Acceleration: Perception and sensing speed is raised by a thousand-fold.

Analytical Identification: Analyze and identify targets.

Parallel Calculation: Isolate the target that need to be analyzed from the train of thought, and calculate it separately.

Disregard Chanting: When using magic, there is no need to chant.

All-knowing: Knows everything in this world that’s not hidden.

Actually, all-knowing!? Well, I had originally thought it’s that kind of cheat-like skill where I could obtain all the knowledge without even trying.

But in reality, it only shows the information of targets that I have been exposed to.

Which means, I must first see something, and then I’ll be able to understand it.

Also, about Disregard Chanting. This means, if I learned to use magic, I wouldn’t need to read those powerful sounding confusing chants?

The answer that I received was YES.

After knowing this, I really can’t wait to try out some magic.

I tried to confirm with [Great Sage], and as expected there is no magic that I could currently use.

But at this time, I suddenly had a flash of brilliance. If the [Predator]’s Analyze could have the property of the [Great Sage]’s Parallel Calculation, how good would that be.

[Answer. [Predator]’s Analyze can be chained together with [Great Sage]’s Parallel Calculation, need to enable it? YES/NO]

Of course it’s a YES! Speaking of which there isn’t anything on hand to experiment with…… Wait a minute!

Don’t those stored grass in the Stomach that I ate to pass time, come in really handy right now?

It’s not like I’ve got anything else to do, let’s try it immediately.

[Analysis Complete ——

Hipokute Grass: Raw materials of recovery medicine. Only proliferates in high magic essence density regions. Mixing the grass’s juice with magic essence can create recovery potions. Grinding the leaves into pieces and mixing it with magic essence can create recovery ointments]

What! The weeds I ate just to pass time actually……

This really is an unexpected harvest.

Immediately, I started trying to make the recovery agents. Although I say that, it’s actually entirely an automatic process in my body, which felt really arbitrary. Analyzing didn’t even take a second, and manufacturing also took less than three seconds for one. After five minutes, there was already over a hundred.

While I couldn’t tell just by looking at them, after trying to Identify they all seemed to be [High Quality]

Speaking of which, no matter manufacturing or identifying, they all felt too fast. Reportedly it would take quite sometime normally, so it seems that linking it together with Parallel Calculating was the right move.

I tried to create another one after unlinking the skill, and it took an entire fifty minutes.

Isn’t the acceleration effect too fast.

It looks like I’ve acquired two outstandingly compatible skills, although I wasn’t really aware of it myself yet……

Although there were some regular weeds inside, most of it were still Hipokute grass.

For precaution, wherever I went, I would swallow all the grass around.

At the same time, recovery medicine were continuously made in my stomach.

The current me, completely became careless.

Because I had a cheat like ability, and a partner who would answer my question passively, I got entirely carried away.

In these ninety days, there weren’t the slightest hint of misfortunate encounters with any other organisms. I’m afraid that not having any life-threatening dangers was one of the reasons too.

Anyways, I was careless.

Eh? The instant as I was thinking about this.

My body suddenly felt heavy and suddenly felt light….. It fell into a very unstable state.

Don’t tell me…… I fell into water?

During these ninety days, my body has never touched any water. Which means, this place is probably the interior of a rainproof cave or room. Therefore, I never had thought about this possibility.

I could feel my body continuously sinking. Since there are no way for rivers or lakes to exist inside a room, in other words, this is an underground lake inside a cave……

Until just now, I had carefully moved while confirming my surroundings.

But after hearing the skill’s explanations, I got carried away and started to use [Predator] to uproot all the grass in the surrounding area, completely forgetting to confirm the footing below.

As for me, as soon as I get carried away I’d fail.

It was the same when I attended the debate, [Leave it to me, piece of cake!], and always accepted the job after being carried away, and was always met with a dismal ending. I can still recall the resenting gazes of the Kouhais during those times.

Besides, while obviously not being able to see anything, I actually dared to scurry around. I really want to scold myself. Although if I could get out of this alive, just reflecting should be enough, right?

But it’ll probably just end with regretting, and then I’ll make the same mistake again.

That said, why am I still so at ease?

Since I don’t even have any limbs to struggle, I couldn’t become anxious even if I wanted to.

My short life as a slime.

To accept the upcoming suffocation, I steeled my mind.

I didn’t suffocate.

Why is that? Did I not fall into water?

Umu, whenever I’m troubled, I just need to ask [Great Sage]!

[Answer. Because a slime’s body only need magic essence to move, there is no need to breath]

Speaking of which….. I indeed didn’t notice, It seems that I didn’t breath at all.

I see. After ninety days, I learnt something new again. Oi, It’s not the time to be relaxed right now, right!?

It seems that I’ve undoubtedly fell into water.

Although I won’t die, the fact that I can’t get out still holds true.

In the end, what’s happening?

I can’t even determine if I’m floating on the surface or had sunk into the bottom.

Since I don’t have any limbs, I don’t have any ways to swim.

Should I wait until I’ve hit the bottom, and then slowly crawl up to the ground?

Or, should I just drift with the flow?

However this feeling, rather than to say drifting, it’s more like laying on a crib. Swaying slightly, it’s actually quite comfortable…..

The water doesn’t seem to be flowing, this is probably a lake, since there are no feelings to floating up and down. Don’t tell me, I’ll have to stay like this forever? That’s not very good.

And at this time, my brain cells = slime’s body, suddenly thought of a formidable strategy!

What if I just swallow a large volume of water, and propulse myself by expelling a water jet?

Without further ado, let’s try it out immediately. Since I’m bored anyways……

All in all, I used [Predator] and swallowed water, filling up around ten percent the volume of my stomach sack.

I compressed these water, and released them all at once.

This feeling of release, so awesome!

[Acquired Skill [Hydraulic Propulsion]]

A voice suddenly sounded in my head.

Is this, the [World’s Discourse]?

Since it wasn’t [Great Sage] that explained it, it’s probably correct. Just from the voice, it really is exactly the same.

However, I don’t have any time to care about that right now.

As the water pressure built up, the feeling of pressure encroached my whole body, and I shot forward with a momentum that could reach the sky. What an amazing feeling of acceleration.

Honestly saying, being blind right now may actually be better.

In the pitch-black darkness, I could feel my whole body moving with a terrifying speed.

If one had gone on a water slide in a pitch-black amusement park, it should feel a bit similar to that.

I have only experienced it once in my previous life. If I remember it was during extracurricular activity in an amusement park run by Mickey Mouse. However, there are no safety devices this time.

I really want to beat myself that thought up this kind of horrible idea.

Implementing right after getting an idea? What kind of joke is this! Affirming safety should come before everything, right!?

The fear made my thoughts tangle up into a ball.

How long will this acceleration continue…… Actually, how much water did I end up ejecting?

On the instant I had thought about it, my body crashed into a hard object and bounced back. And the severe pain that had followed….. seems like there is none.

Eh? Did I not take damage…… or is it that I won’t feel pain even after taking damage?

[Answer. Since [Pain Invalidation] was acquired, feelings of pain was completely blocked. Also according to [Physical Damage Resistance], the damaged was reduced. The current bodily damage is ten percent, [Slime]’s intrinsic skill [Self Regeneration] was activated. Enable the Unique Skill [Predator]’s support effects? YES/NO]

Although injured, I wont be able to feel pain? That really is…. a bit subtle. However even if I can’t feel any pain, my body can still detect abnormalities, so from some standpoints it indeed didn’t matter.

That said, [Predator]’s support? Although I don’t understand it, in short I’ll choose [YES].

Instantly, I clearly felt my a part of my body was cut away. And after some time had passed, the original volume was restored again.

It seems, the part that was damaged was entirely predated, and after analyzing and repairing it was returned to the original position.

What a convenient body….. Next time, let’s experiment and see how much of my body can be reduced until I wouldn’t be able to move anymore….. Although that feels like a really dangerous experiment, it’s better to leave the table after winning a hand.

Umu, it seems that I too, have learned to be cautious.

This time, even though I had prepared a large amount of recovery medicine, it wasn’t used at all.

Normally speaking, damaging a tenth of the body should be really severe, but it seems that I can recover even to this degree. Next time I get injured, I’ll try to use the recovery medicine.

Speaking of which, where is this?

After confirming my body’s condition, I started to explore the surroundings.

It can’t be guaranteed that there won’t be any dangerous monsters here.

It looks like I’ve already escaped from the water, so it wouldn’t be weird even if there are monsters that inhabit by the water here.

I started to cautiously take action.

Recently, it feels like I’ve fallen into danger anytime I’ve mentioned ‘cautious’. This has to be only an illusion.

I’m afraid that thinking like this will become a FLAG……

(Can you hear me? Little one.)

I seemed to have heard something.

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