Story of a Careless Demon Volume 7 Chapter 16 Part 2 possible delay (Because I’m dumb)

Hey folks, I was dumb while ice skating and broke my elbow, so I’m typing with only my left hand for the next 4-5 weeks. Upside is that work won’t be in the way, but the rest of this chapter might be a little late now that my typing is down to 10 words a minute with lots of errors and I can’t use my mouse well. I’ll be working on it as hard as possible because I do my best to fulfill commitments, but if it come late, there’s the reason. Piro’s return is perfectly timed, but I’m still on my own for this one.


Wish me luck in re-learning typing and using a mouse.



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14 Responses to Story of a Careless Demon Volume 7 Chapter 16 Part 2 possible delay (Because I’m dumb)

  1. TheSystem says:

    That’s terrible, Hope you get better soon. Really enjoy this story so far.

  2. Arquiolas says:

    Get Well Soon

  3. Get well soon and have a speedy recovery

  4. If you have a Mic it might be easier to speak it if you are having trouble with a keyboard

    • App says:

      Huh, good idea! I doubt it will help with the translating due to the strange words, but that may help in my other endeavors.

      • sirpeon says:

        Hey, I have some experience with transcription. If it’d make things easier I can transcribe some chapters for you- funny words (mostly) included!

        • App says:

          I appreciate the offer, but I think that now that I’m in a cast, I’m fast enough to get through this today or tomorrow, fingers crossed!

  5. RikiRakun says:

    Don’t push YOUR self and heal YOUR hand
    I woudnt mind going you a haetes

  6. Messenger Pigeon says:

    If you have a wireless mouse and your hand itself uisn’ broken. You can use your belly as a mouse pad, I do that at work when fixing bots.

    • App says:

      See, I’d do that, but i’ve worked very hard in the last decade to not have a belly worth mousing on.

      Good news is im in a cast now and am just starting to get the hang of typing again.

      • App says:

        Update on progress. I’m about 3/4 of the way done, but am feeling too much pain to continue for tonight, so I’ll try and get this done in the morning.

  7. Xaphion says:

    I hope you at least did some sort of magnificent 720° twirl in the process! But seriously, ice skating seems to be such a hazard. Friend got a scar right above the eye. He got lucky.

  8. HONEYBEE says:

    Ice skating is scary business

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