Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 100

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Volume 1 Chapter 100: Underworld Merchant Qian Gun Gun

Seeing more than 400,000 gold, Ling Chen was stunned for 3 seconds… Where did all this gold come from? Did it fall from the sky? Was there a problem with the system? Or did he accidentally trigger a hidden event that gave out rewards? After buying a variety of potions from Azure Dragon city, he only had a few dozen gold left. After that, he went to the consignment store and spent 15 gold…


Wait, consignment… could it be…?


3000 Elementary Strength Crystals. Each were consigned with a price of 150 gold. If they were all were sold, then they would be worth 450,000 gold. After deducting the 5% tax from the consignment store, what would be left is… 427,500 gold!


Which is exactly how much appeared!


Ling Chen finally understood where this huge source of gold came from – they were all from when he was at Azure Dragon City, consigning the Elementary Strength Crystals to be sold! This means that the 3000 elementary strength crystals, in one day, were all sold!


Actually, after leaving Azure Dragon City yesterday, he had never checked how much money he actually had. This is because after leaving Azure Dragon City he had spent all his money, so there was no need to check it. In reality, he had no way to know if the 3000 Elementary Strength Crystals that he consigned were actually already sold in the early hours of today.



After players entered Azure Dragon City, the first things they did were to transfer jobs and upgrade their equipment. Naturally they would also try to find better energy crystals in Azure Dragon City. At this moment, the Luna Chain that the players have are the lowest level, except for a few who have high level Luna Chains. Therefore, they can only mount 2 energy crystals, thus they will be very particular with what they mount and of these two crystals, the one that they definitely will need is naturally a crystal that can increase attack. Increasing attack power is something that all professions will look out for. In addition, the Elementary Strength Crystal will be of the highest demand with this physical combat system. Azure Dragon City’s stores sell Elementary Strength Crystals for at least 200 gold. Because Ling Chen consigned it for 150 gold, in the time right now where currency exchange is unavailable, 50 gold is no small amount, so, the first player to see the consignment store selling Elementary Strength Crystals for 150 would have been surprised and immediately buy it. After that, the news of Elementary Strength Crystals being sold for 150 would have spread, then a large number of players would have flooded over, afraid that it would sell out. 3000 did not seem much, but with the vast Chinese player-base, 3000 was an inadequate supply. While the consignment store was still crowded with players, all 3000 would have already been sold.


Then the resulting 437,500 gold was automatically deposited into Ling Chen’s bag, making him unknowingly become a wealthy man carrying over 400,000 gold.


The market for Elementary Strength Crystals turned out to be so good as it only sold for one day before selling out… Ling Chen was ecstatic. He stopped with the nonsense and took out 10,000 gold, giving it to Qian Gun Gun: “Just then I forgot how much money I brought. I would never want to fool you… Now that I’ve made my payment, tell me what kind of place the Underworld is.”


With the 10,000 gold in his hands, Qian Gun Gun immediately smiled, looking at Ling Chen like a father. If he was willing to spend money for something that wasn’t even much of a secret, then this was definitely a super rich man that regarded money as nothing. He cleared his throat and solemnly said: “Relax, I Qian Gun Gun am absolutely credible and completely fair. The Underworld, also known as the Ghost World, is simply the place where people go when they die.”


As per the legends of the West, there is the “Underworld”. Legends of that place where people go after they die, are not very different from legends of the East. After hearing Qian Gun Gun’s words, Ling Chen lowered his brow and asked: “It is the place you go after death and the place where you are reincarnated?”


“Reincarnation? nononono” caught off guard, Qian Gun Gun was now shaking his head: “Of course not. Even though the underworld is on the forgotten continent, yet it is a different world from the forgotten continent altogether. The underworld was created by Hades, together with countless numbers of strong undead. Do you know what the undead are? Yes, the souls of the dead don’t scatter, but the death’s breath animate their dead bodies. Terrifyingly making them capable of movement. While you were getting here, you definitely would have faced many zombies. They are the lowest of the undead, the higher level undead can possess terrifying shapes and power. At an even higher level, they can appear like humans, with knowledge and wisdom beyond humans. Countless years ago, because of all kinds of war, the forgotten continent produced all kinds of strong and weak undead. These undead brought great disaster on forgotten island. Then, Hades appeared, Hades himself was an undead, and he was the strongest undead of them all. He and all of forgotten continent’s strongest undead creatures gathered together, creating a new world, and that place, was known as the underworld. The underworld was the undead world, under Hades’ control, the undead weren’t allowed to harass creatures in the outside world, but living creatures were also not allowed to enter. As the undead of the underworld grew in number, the underworld grew stronger, becoming a terrifying force. Even the lunar Goddesses didn’t dare offend them. With the great Hades, it is said that his strength was able to compete with the top three of the Lunar Goddesses, he is quite powerful.”


Qian Gun Gun’s underworld and what Ling Chen had in mind were completely different. Simply put, it is a world where countless undead gathered. Ling Chen thought… what kind of role does the underworld play in mystic moon? Could it be that players can only reach this world in the late game? That hades, has the same strength of the top three Goddesses… that is also to say, Hades has Saint Destroyer level of terrifying strength!


“The underworld is a world for dead people, the living are not allowed in there. You actually accidentally touched one of its entrances. But I warn you, the consequence of a living person going in there is becoming a dead person. Only high level undead can enter the underworld, they are all at least level 50. If you go like this, you’re dead. Where you are right now is where the Death’s breath is released, creating this deadly environment. The low level undead that are created in this environment aren’t eligible to go into the underworld, they can only wander about near the underworld entrance.” Qian Gun Gun said with a smile.


“Then how can you can enter? Don’t tell me you’re not a living person.” Ling Chen said with a stern look. He was certain, that this Qian Gun Gun character was a living person.


Qian Gun Gun had a look of pride on his face: “Have you heard the phrase, money makes the world go round, if you have enough money, nothing is impossible. For the sake of entering the underworld, I paid a blood cost. But after so many years in the underworld I have found many things, so it wasn’t really a loss. Now even Hades knows my name, allowing me access to the underworld. Tut tut. I have answered your question, the transaction is complete. I have nothing else to say, I’ll be heading off now.”


“Wait!” Ling Chen immediately called out, quickly asking: “The ‘scary bastard’ you were talking about before, who is it? Was it him that killed everyone that came by here?”


Qian Gun Gun “whooshed” and returned, pointing his finger: “Answering this question is a little risky, same rules as before, before asking questions you’ll need to pay… 500,000 gold.”


“500,000 gold!?” Ling Chen’s face darkened, he had to resist the urge to spit at his face. “Why is it so expensive?”


“That dark bastard is not some good master, if he finds out I gave away the reason for his disappearance, he will chase me across the whole continent to kill me. 500,000 is not that expensive.” Qian Gun Gun said with his eyes gleaming.


500,000, even if Ling Chen is willing to pay, he doesn’t have the money. He thought for half a second, and helplessly said: “Fine, then how about you tell me what kind of dangers are hidden in the Lonely Spirit Ridge? Why do people disappear when they are near this place?”
“2,000,000 gold. Fair deal, fair trade.”

“I! @#¥%…”

“hehe, young master, don’t be angry. Qian Gun Gun is greedy for money, but when it comes to selling goods or information he wouldn’t randomly make up prices. When he asks for more gold, is an indication for how important the information is or how precious the item is. If he wants 200,000, it means the information is worth 200,000. But young master doesn’t seem to have that much money… even if you can’t get the information, be sure not to offend him. Keep him around to continue making transactions. If he shows you some of his goods, then buy as much as possible… buy as much as you can afford!”

Qi Yue’s voice made Ling Chen swallow the angry words that were about to burst out of his mouth. Qian Gun Gun seeing that he hasn’t spoken in a while, idly scratched his nose: “Looks like you can’t produce 2,000,000 gold, oh well, I guess I’ll go about my own business. If you want to continue living, be sure not to enter that entrance.”


“wait wait wait wait!” Ling Chen immediately yelled out upon seeing him leave. Walking forwards a few steps, standing in front of him and staring at him before he said: “you said before that you found a lot of good items in the underworld, can you sell some that you aren’t using?”


“You want to buy my items?” Qian Gun Gun sniffed Ling Chen’s body, and his eyes lit up. “tut tut, this smell, there is at least 300,000 – 400, 000 gold. Not bad not bad, this encounter could be considered fate, I’ll take out my cheapest goods for you to see.”


After Qian Gun Gun finished talking, he moved quickly. The short stick in his hands flashed, and a list of items appeared before Ling chen’s eyes.


Success! Ling Chen said in his heart. Even though Qian Gun Gun will only let him see the cheapest goods, but as per the advice of Qi Yue, even if they are cheap items, they should all be extraordinary things.
He quickly concentrated, looking at the items that Qian Gun Gun flashed before him.

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