Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 9

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Chapter 09 – The Preceding Hero is Led

That’s a dragon species that possesses the Wicked Eyes of Petrification, you know!!?

Now, although I showed a surprised body, I, Yashiro Yuu, was not that surprised.

Yup, pretty much. It’s kind of like………

Once a monster is below a certain degree, all of them are the same…rather, enough to make me think there isn’t much difference between them. It’s “that”, you know, “that”. That feeling when a mid-boss like monster of an RPG appears in the last dungeon as one of the weaklings. Furthermore, for me, who has reached the counter stop, I could pretty much defeat it getting zero damage.

There’s no way? It’s true that I can’t beat it in a single hit like with Goblins or Orcs, but……I could basically win without having to draw the sacred sword.

Well, if I had to say something, if I were unarmed, I’d get just poisoned if poked by a poisonous thorn and petrified if glared at by a Basilisk.

……If I used a weapon, I wouldn’t get poisoned and I’d be fine if I just beat it before I get glared at.

「……Is a Basilisk reasonable for a C rank?」

But, even if it’s rotten, it’s still a dragon species. There’s no change in the fact that it’s a monster that those lowly Orcs couldn’t defeat even if they attacked it as an army.

And yet, for them to say it’s okay to leave that kind of mission to a newbie that only destroyed an Orc nest, of course there are going to be some problems about it.

So, I tried asking, but,

「! Th ……That, is……」

She was panicking in an amusing pitiful way.

Tears gathering in her eyes, I thought, “I sure did do something mean to this girl that’s just become pale.” However, this is something that I needed to ask.

Seeing the Onee-san’s reaction, the sixth sense within me whispered even more inquiries!

Never and by no means was the pain causing heart in me stimulated!!

「Yuuya Shirou!」


When I turn around to the voice that suddenly called out to me, there was, wearing her erotic equipment, the figure of my goddess, Tre-san!

「It certainly has been a while! ……I’ve heard. They say that you single handedly crushed an Orc nest.」

The endowed with a dynamite body Tre-san came closer, her steady footsteps ringing.

……A, amazing………Her rocket boobs are swinging side to side!

「Eh, ……yeah, well…」

Though I’m like this, that pair of mounds that were raised to be big are restrained right in front of me.

(FuuOOOOooh!! Boobs! Tre-san’s brown brazen boobs are, right now, right in front of me~!?)

I, still in my growth period, am in the latter half of 160cm. And right before my eyes was cleavage drawing near!

If I were to take one step forward to the person’s cleavage, I’d fall into that inviting ravine…!

However, I can’t resist it! Right before my eyes, with such, boobs right here, there shouldn’t be any reason to retreat from them.

I understand that my desire of wanting to charge right into these rocket boobs right from the front is taking control of my thought processes.

Throwing away my dignity as a human, my instincts, right here and now, are trying to become that of an animal’s!

Now, what should I do? First off, I’ll start immediately by groping on top of her clothes! From there, I’ll stuff my face in and get some puff puff action, and from there, from there………

*Kun, kun* (Tug, tug)


The cuff of my clothes being pulled, as I look to see who is pulling, what was there was the figure of Lililuri glaring up at me with a puffed up face that totally said “I’m displeased, you know~”.

Regrettably, I think that it is unfair how, since you’re a kid, even if you glare like that, you still look cute. Even the receptionist that had a tear-stained face until now had heart marks floating in her eyes from seeing Lililuri.

「What’s wrong?」

Though I haven’t done anything to warrant a glare, I wonder if I did something wrong?

Just as I ask for the reason before I apologize, Lililuri went “Hmph” and turned away.

「?……That’s a face I haven’t seen. That child is? 」

「Ah, this girl is―――」

「Lililuri. Yuu’sh partner.」

As I was about to give an answer to Tre-san’s question, Lililuri introduced herself in front of me.

Just when exactly did you become my partner?

「Heeh. Nice to meet you, Lililuri. My name is Tre, Tre Valencia. I’m the only one in this guild that is an AA rank mercenary.」

The guild’s ranks are split into eight. Starting from where the newbies that just registered with the guild E rank, D, C, B, and A. Above that is AA, S, and finally SS.

It becomes these four.

Normally, it’s said that you can reach B rank with effort.

However, from A on, it’s said that talent is required.

……Which would mean…that Tre-san is someone with pretty good ability.

Now I can understand how the old men that surrounded me the other day became obedient at her word.

「Tre-san. What would be a suitable rank for a Basilisk subjugation? 」

「What’s this? Coming out of the blue. ……It’d be around A. If it was a pair of Basilisk, I guess it’d be around AA? ……What’s wrong? Did you need some Basilisk materials or something? 」

I knew it. It looks like something obviously suspicious is involved in all of this.

「……It would seem that, the quest that I can take is, the subjugation of a pair of Basilisk.」

「……What was that?」

Tre-san, having made a perplexed expression at my words, grabbed the receptionist and discussed something with her in a small voice.

「……Sorry, Yuuya. This is something that was obviously intentional. However, this is the guild’s decision. If this is impossible for you, you have no other choice but to quit the guild. ………Well, if you were to pull through even this, even in other countries, you’d probably be immediately be rolling in a large amount of money like it were an infection.」

Having talked with the receptionist that looked like she’d faint any time now, Tre-san came close to me while making a sigh and whispered into my ear.

……Ahh! Tre-san is, sweetly, whispering, in my ear…

「Yuu, bottom of nose, stretching.」

「!? Not good, not good. I was about to be taken over by lust.」

Having been woken up by Lililuri’s shaking me, I had a thought as I wiped my drool with my sleeve.

But still, a Basilisk, huh~. Though it’s as easy as easy can get, regrettably, the poison is a bit~. Even I would be receiving the Basilisk’s poisonous thorns if I were to go bare-handed~. I wonder if I could get money for the costs of the weapon, Lililuri’s Western clothing, and the inn in advance~. That’s right, Lililuri’s Western clothing comes first, first. Lililuri’s clothes right now are fine but since they are the plain kind, I want her to wear frilly Western clothing.

She is a girl after all. She needs to be dressed up in cute Western clothing!

It definitely isn’t a service for the sake of all of the readers out there. (However, when looking at the number of favorites added that sprang up after knowing that Lililuri was a little girl, the thought of whether or not service should come in really does depend on………)

「If it’s to that degree, I can pay in advance for that. ……That is, if you really can kill a Basilisk.」

「Eh? Tre-san, are you a mind reader? 」

「Yuu, muttered it.」

Though I was surprised that she had heard what I was thinking inside of my head, now I see~. So it was my usual habit. I was really close to having my surging hot feelings for Tre-san being revealed.

「So? How about it? Since it is a loan, if you can return it, I’d give it to you……? 」

「Ah, are you serious? Then, please cover the costs of two throwing spears, lodging charges, and Western clothing. Ah, that’s right. I’d really appreciate it if there were a tool bag with a slightly large mouth.」

「!……Are you seriously saying that? The ferociousness of the Basilisk that move as a male and female pair is normally AA, you know? 」

She’s probably worrying a great deal over me. A Tre-san that has a perplexed expression floating up.

……Kuu~h! To be thought of by such an erotic woman, this is what it means to be glad to have been born a guy!

…………That right, if I were to defeat the Basilisk solo, it should be a brilliant achievement for normal humans.

……If I were to make a great achievement here…T, Tre-san’s interest might even head towards me…!

「If you are by my side, I’d even oppose God fwoh fwu fwen fwi………, Fwow fwow! Fififufi, fwat fwuts! Fwat fwiffy fwuts~!? (Ow ow! Lililuri, that hurts! That really hurts~!?)」

In the middle of my speech of clinchers to turn Tre-san into jelly, I was stopped by Lililuri pulling on my cheeks.

「What are you doing all of a sudden, Lililuri! I might be able to become a riajuu right now, you know!?」

「Lililuri, is, here, for Yuu. That’s why, this woman, not needed! I’m, partner! 」

「What nonsense are you spouting out…Now I’m mad! For such a bad girl, we do this! 」

「!?, Stop, Yuu! ―――!, ―――――!」

Once I started tickling her, Lililuri’s body convulsed and she fainted in agony. For her to be hyperventilating faster than she could laugh, just how weak to tickling is she?

For now, from now on, I guess I’ll make the tickling punishment the capital punishment.

「This is the place?」

「Yeah. I use it often as well. It’s the shop of a skilled Dwarf.」

Taking the Basilisk quest, Lililuri and I, who got a loan, are preparing some equipment by going around to some equipment stores before going to the clothing stores.

After being told that, Tre-san, saying that she knew a good place, brought us to the front of a certain equipment store.

But man, as you’d expect, I had prepared myself to forfeit my virginity at the time she led us to the back alley, but, maybe because the good impression level hadn’t been raised enough, there wasn’t a speck of a hint of that happening. ……*Gusun* (Sob).

「……There’s, Maryoku.」

「Hn? What’s wrong? 」

Sitting on my shoulders, Lililuri suddenly pointed at the shop right in front of us and muttered.

「Maryoku. There’s, Maryoku flowing from, inside of, there.」

「Maryoku? ……Hm~m, I wonder why? 」

I halfheartedly agreed to Lililuri’s words.

As I did, Tre-san that was right next to us blew a whistle.

「As expected of an Elf. That’s right, this is a workshop that mainly does Makens.」

Yes, you over there that interpreted Maken = Bad Sword!

Unfortunately for you, but in this world, that is a mistake.

It’s probably because the word “Sacred Sword” came up a couple of times. It can’t be helped that you would be mistaken. I also made that mistake.

Maken is a word that refers to a weapon that has been granted a special power through magic.

(Because of that, while there are also swords that go by that name, there are also axes that are called Makens. Also, there are complaints on how spears are called Mayaris but are clumped together with the Makens.)

A magic imbued sword, Magic Sword (Maken) for short. And that is how it is.

「A workshop that set Magic Swords as the main product………I see, they certainly are “skilled”, aren’t they?」

「Fufu……Yuuya, I can’t see you as a simple newbie anymore, now can I.」

Tre-san boldly laughed at my words.

To be frank and saying it straight, there is no way to make a profit by making Magic Swords as the main product. That’s how Magic Swords are.

Certainly, if it does have a special power, then that is good to have, but, maybe it’s a reaction from the magic applied, the “core” of that which is called a Magic Sword becomes worse.

That and the strongest part of it become worse.

I had seen a terrible one only once but, its ability was a cut above the rest! However, when I saw that it broke right in half under its own weight, I was seriously surprised. (Though, an acquaintance Imperial Court Magician of mine had kept a broken sword as it was on him just because it gave a rare skill called “Maryoku Recovery” just by possessing it……)

……But, however, if the above mentioned were to be done by one that is known as “skilled”, which possess a high talent as a master blacksmith and as a magician, it would be possible to keep the deterioration to a minimum as well as grant it a high ability.

A Magic Sword forged by a skilled master blacksmith would have a high ability, and the Magic Sword’s name would probably be talked about in the tales of this world.

A famous Magic Sword would probably be something like a Dragon Slaying Magic Sword.

Replenishing by using the materials from a killed dragon, it’d be called something like the Heavenly Dragon’s Jaw.

I guess I should return back to the story.

In other words, if you want to make a practical business in selling Magic Swords, it wouldn’t be possible unless there was a “skilled” master blacksmith.

「But, it’s expensive, isn’t it?」

That’s right. A sword struck by a skilled master blacksmith is absurdly expensive.

Depending on the item, it might be enough to raise a castle.

「It only mainly handles them. Even those that aren’t Magic Swords are first-rate goods. If you’re going to do a method without a Magic Sword, then the things that you can get your hands on right now should be more than enough.」

I~ see. Well, as a last resort, I was just about ready to think that I’d be fine with a cypress stick, so just getting a quality spear in itself is pretty lucky.

「Well then, why don’t we go on inside.」

Opening the door faster than I could answer, Tre-san entered the shop.

……In, incidentally, the back of Tre-san’s erotic equipment……was a T-back.

As expected of Tre-san! You really do understand erotic equipment!!

「Mu~…Yuu, looking at, Tre’s butt.」

「Ow ow ow! Don’t pull on my hair! I plan on having it still growing until I turn 60! 」

While enduring the somewhat strong pain, as if being lured in by Tre-san’s brown butt, I enter inside the workshop.

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