Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 39

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Chapter 39 – The Preceding Hero Obtains a [School Swimsuit] shibibibibi!

「That was something fierce –jya na.」

Lizwadia Academy’s Headmaster Rougaron looked at the projected image before his eyes and muttered words of admiration.

The place he was at was the academy conference room that existed inside of Lizwadia Academy’s clock tower.

The teachers that numbered over one hundred sat at many office tables that were lined up into a square, and they held their breath at the image that was projected at the center of that square.

That reflected image was, the duel that had been held just a few moments ago.

「Defending against all of that fierce amount of Lightning Bolt and BlitzRegen, and receiving a great magic, to be uninjured. ……And then, he made a high class synthesized magic ineffective, and bestowed damage to a barrier from the inside, making it powerless. ……That’s a record that almost makes you unable to think that he’s human.」

A youthful male magician that was a teacher of the fourth department students as well as a member of the postgraduate course muttered while looking again and again at the documents that he was handed.

And then, starting with that, the teachers opened their mouths.

「Even the second department student Henrietta, who equipped the 『School Swimsuit』 that had become quite the topic two years ago, has already approached the limits of a student, hasn’t she.」

「In the end, it’s a blessing due to the equipment. Even the pretense of the name of 『Princess Knight』 has come off.」

「That 『School Swimsuit』’s ability is nothing more than support. With the power probably being more or less lower, it’s certain that she possesses abilities that isolate her from the typical magician.」

「Right now, rather than about her, it’s about the young man that is employed as a temporary lecturer. His Quick Move and his destroying of the automatic barrier was probably the low rank wind type magic, Wind Arrow. From the fact that he also used a new system of the Magic Clad Sword, I believe that he’s a high ranking 『Magic Knight』-type magician whose forte is in wind type magic but……」

「For him to defend against the high class magic 『Thunderbolt』 with a Magic Clad Sword…… That’s just suicidal.」

「Having it all finish with just a degree of the sword giving in would have to mean there was a special magic formula, or that it was a Magic Sword……」

「I see, if it’s a Magic Sword, that’s probably an understandable result.」

「Then what about that attack that made the synthesized magic powerless? According to theory, without defensive magic starting with a barrier, it should have been an attack that can’t be defended against.」

「Ah, if one were to hit it with an attack that had more damage than what the synthesized magic possessed, they would offset each other.」

「He, at that time, didn’t do anything, not even an aria. Are you trying to say that he fired a high class magic aria-lessly!?」

「Damage that surpasses a high class synthesized magic aria-lessly, you say ……Isn’t something like that already a monster……!」

The heated discussion, wasn’t the same thing that Rougaron himself was thinking about in his mind.

In the first place, it was different right from the source.

(How could this be. ……While possessing that much power, for me to not feel one bit of Maryoku from him……)

The Hobbit tribe, although not to the extent that Elves could, was a race that had sharp senses in regards to Maryoku.

Having noticed that Yuu’s body was one that had no Maryoku from the time that he first had a meeting with Yuu, Rougaron was even more surprised with this battle, at Yuu who had shown power that you could only think was magic even though he had no Maryoku, than the teaching staff in this area.



Rougaron, who had been immersed in his thoughts, raised his head at the voice of the teaching staff that had called him.

「It seems to be something from the Luxeria Guild.」

「A letter? Fumu」

When he was handed an envelope from the teaching staff, Rougaron opened the envelope that was sealed with wax and pulled out the letter.

「…………What was that!?」

The teachers that were heated in discussion over Yashiro Yuu, had fallen silent at Rougaron’s voice.

「H, Headmaster?」

As the youthful male teacher asked, Rougaron had ignored him.

(……Now I see. So he had possessed that sort of connection.)

Rougaron, having now exactly remembered the face of the young man that had been raised up to the topic of the conversation, raised the corners of his mouth into a smile.

「Hohoh. ……For some reason, he certainly is a young man that doesn’t run out of interest.」

While looking at the written down crest that imitated a pocket watch in the letter, Rougaron gently stroked that prominent white moustache of his.

In Reynbrook, the School Swimsuit is one of the types of magic tools.

Along with the Auto-repair function where it will regenerate even if it’s minced up, it has Magic Power Up which raises magic offensive ability, and MP Recovery which sucks in the surrounding Maryoku and makes it the user’s Maryoku. And then, in regards to attacks, it has an Automatic Barrier function that is endowed with an anti-object and anti-magic ability.

A superb equipment that, while possessing a total of four special effects, arouses men’s lust, that is the School Swimsuit.

While making it on the supposition of underwater battle, that shape, since it had excelled in a magic-like way, had improvement work done to progress it to the point that no longer became underwater equipment, but was said to be a top-rated equipment for female magicians.

……As for why it isn’t used despite all of this, first of all, it’s due to its staggeringly high value, and the existence of gentlemen that have their hearts stolen by the School Swimsuit.

They are existences that already arrive at the level of having passion not for the women that wear the School Swimsuit, but for the School Swimsuit.

They scramble for the limited number of School Swimsuits, and it is said that at times, it develops into even wars.

It seems that Henrietta was given it by the Crestolia Country’s nobles in replacement for taxes. (It’s said that those nobles, while shedding tears of blood, handed it over in a box where the School Swimsuit was carefully folded and enclosed in).

It looks like, as a precaution, she brought out something that she was handed from Crestolia’s king for her battle with me.

「Huun. ……No wonder she was a bit stronger than usual.」

Alicia sighed as if she were amazed. Was it just my mishearing of that sigh sounding disappointed?

「Though I say that, fundamentally, the school swimsuit’s abilities are nothing more than support. Although there was some strangeness in the power itself, she did use elementary level and intermediate level magic and send them like rain, as well as use synthesized magic.  Moreover, her skill with the sword was pretty good. ……That was great, on par with Sylvia.」

After the duel with Yuri Roll, aka Henrietta de Crestolia, it was decided before I knew it but, as a prize for the duel, I got the fresh School Swimsuit that a 12-year-old beautiful girl was wearing.

I held it in one hand in my room at the Kitten, and talked with Alicia who had come to see how I was doing.

After taking it off without washing it, Henrietta, who had to hand it to me, with her face completely red while glaring at me, handed to me this fresh School Swimsuit that was worn by a 12-year-old maiden.

And that, is how I received it but, ………What was she thinking I should do with it? Wear it?

「Fufun! Should I wear it?」

Who’d benefit from it. At the very least, it wouldn’t make me happy.

「Mu~. What the heck, even though you’re Yuu!」

「Da~h, you’re suffocating me, don’t get close to me.」

While stopping Alicia, who was trying to embrace me as she liked, with one hand, I was thinking about what I should do with this School Swimsuit.

It seems to be a great item that would give me a lot of money if I were to hand it to a dilettante but, to be completely honest, I don’t need that kind of large amount of money. ………While it’s a bit odd for me to be saying this but, I’ve brought something amazing into this other world (Though the one that made it is a person of this world).

「Yashiro-sa~n! Are you here~? I heard from Mareeda-san that you came back, you know~?」

*Don don*. Together with that kind of knock, I heard Bernadette’s voice.

「B, Bernadette!?」

D, damn! Right now, in my room, there’s the Leezelion’s Imperial Princess, Alicia.

If it gets exposed that a whole country’s princess is in a place like this………!

「Yes, it’s Bernadette. While Yashiro-san was doing the duel or something, I went around trying food from various restaurants but, since I found some pretty delicious sweets, I came by to share!」

Even though you’re a prominent glutton, sharing you say!? Even though you don’t do this normally, at a time like this, you act like a good kid!

「? ……How strange. For some reason, I feel like I’ve been really looked down on right now.」

「Ahahahaha, that certainly is strange, isn’t it~. ……Ah, I’ll have it later so could you leave it there?」

While erecting my index finger and making a 『Be quiet!』 sign at Alicia who wanted to say something, I said that to Bernadette who was probably on the opposite side of the room’s door.

「……Something is suspicious.」

*Gacha gacha* (Click click) ……*Gan!* (Bam!)


Just when I thought that the doorknob was turned, the door was vigorously opened, and Bernadette entered the room.

「! ……I had thought there might be a possibility but, to lay your hands as far as immature girls……that’s to be expected of Yashiro-san, isn’t it!」

Alternately looking at me who was sitting on the bed and at Alicia who was at my back with her arms around me and embracing me, Bernadette made a sigh.

……I’m not so sure but I’ve been treated like a lolicon, haven’t I?

「Oi, I haven’t laid a hand on her you know.」

「All criminals say that.」

Bernadette smiled and showed a “How about that” face. It’s been a while since she was a pain like this.

「Yuu, this woman is?」

In front of such a Bernadette, the Alicia that had clung onto me stood up, and asked me such.

「I am an 『Agent』, Bernadette the 『Gunner』! ……? You, are you an acquaintance of Yashiro-san’s?」

It was Bernadette who went up and named herself faster than I could answer but, seeming as if she had doubts at Alicia’s words, she tilted her head and looked down on Alicia.

At approximately the height of Bernadette’s collarbone, Alicia’s head lined up with it.

Having been questioned, Alicia, while smiling like an angel, turned around to Bernadette and nodded.

「I’m his wife.」

And then, Alicia expressly displayed the piercing on her right ear. That was just like, a wife that displayed her engagement ring together with overwhelming confidence in response to a thieving cat that suddenly appeared one day.


「Wait, you’ll understand if we talk.」

At Bernadette, who had tried to put her hand into the slit of her skirt, I relatively frantically turned words to stop her.

After all, her eyes are kind of scary.

Three years ago, I went around the world for the sake of suppressing the Demon Lord. There was a time where I did something eccentric in the middle of that journey, where one day, I, having a way too insufficient amount of girls around, lost my sanity, and went to crush some rank holding Mazoku while I had crowned my head with the underwear of the members that I had traveled with (the females only) and was laughing loudly.

After that, I did recover my sanity but, I was embarrassed at myself for having been delighted about the flat chests’ underwear and there was also the part about how I was lynched by the female members who had lost their sanity like me and had gone crazy.

For some reason or another, this is similar to the Sylvia of that time.

「You’re assuming a misunderstanding! Ce, certainly, that girl is, ……Argh! Alicia is my acquaintance! But I won’t lay a hand on such a loli loli flat chest girl! She should come to me after ten years!」

「……I see, certainly, Yashiro-san has a taste for older women with big boobs…….」

Putting her hand on her chin as if she were in thought, Alicia nodded many times.

……Fuu, looks like it was somehow able to finish without me wearing the stigma of being called a lolicon. Now I just have to talk a bit more about my love for older women here and put the finishing……

「No way, that’s so cruel, Yuu! Even though we were so in love with each other yesterday!」

Th, this girl……She’s totally up for the pretense acting of having an affair and then being cast aside!

「Trash goes in the trash. ………Ashes, go into ashes!!」

A long barrel appears from her skirt. That is, a long gun[4] that boasts a size that nears a person’s height!

Having pulled out a Sniper Rifle, Bernadette pressed that muzzle on my forehead.

…………W, wouldn’t that……be relatively bad if she were to seriously do this? Rather, there was even something like a Sniper Rifle. I want to disassemble it~.

「Don’t worry. Even if I were to mistakenly shoot from right in front of you, to be safe, on all of my Magic Gun, it has charged 『Paralyze』 Magic Bullets.」

「Then first of all, don’t mistakenly shoot!」



「……Once that numbness wears off, the first thing will be a scolding, got that, Yashiro-san!!」

While the paralysis went through my whole body all at once making my body go *Bikun bikun* (Twitch, twitch) and convulse, I waited for the numbness to dissolve while thinking about the severe punishment that I would give to the Bernadette that went and inflicted punishment on me on a misunderstanding and the Alicia who I saw make an impish smile on her face and was giggling.

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