Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 38

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Chapter 38 – The Preceding Hero is Low-Life Scum?

Although I stylishly drew my sword, I looked up at the sky and stiffened.

「Rain incessantly, thunderstorm! 『BlitzRegen』!!」

A rain of thunder came raining incessantly at me.

「っ, 『Magic Clad Sword』!」

I immediately invoked the magic engraved in the sword. Sucking up the Maryoku in the surroundings, the Magic Clad Sword developed a Maryoku edge.

「You little!」

Cutting apart the lightning with the sword that developed a Maryoku edge, I retreated.

Thunder-type Intermediate level spell 『BlitzRegen』. It’s said to be one of the most threating types of magic in the ancient Ishrel language.

Although the necessary amount of Maryoku is huge, because the aria to invoke it is short and due to its 『lightning itself』-like speed until impact, it’s almost unavoidable. And moreover, since causes damage + paralysis if it hits, it’s said to be an extraordinary magic that makes pursuit possible.

Even for me, “as I am now”, if I don’t do this properly, it’ll be bad.

I had accurately grasped the endlessly, incessantly raining thunderstorm!


Taking a firm step, I cut away the thunderstorm entirely.

「!! ……It can’t be, for you to defend against my BlitzRegen……」

Yuri Roll’s eyes became sharp.

It seems that she planned to decide things with that magic just now.

Of course it would be decided, because if I got hit even once, I’d become paralyzed. She probably thought that beating up an opponent in the middle of being paralyzed would be easy. It seems that it was unforeseen that I’d defend against it.

Certainly, it doesn’t seem like even a superior magician would have been able to defend against that just now with only a barrier. Even Alicia should have had a hard time with it.

Yuri Roll went and fired a barrage of that kind of magic.

Yuri Roll, no……Henrietta de Crestolia. It looks like that name of 『Princess Knight』 isn’t just for show.

「However, with this!!……」

Next, thunder sphere began appearing around Henrietta, and before long, it became an amount that was enough to block my vision.

It’s the modern Ishrel language’s elementary level magic 『Lightning Bolt』.

Even though it’s elementary level, for her to make this amount aria-less…!


Together with her command, the thunder arrows that boasted being the fastest among the elementary level shooting-type magic was shot at me.

「As if I’d let something like this squarely hit me!」

The thunder spheres in Henrietta’s surroundings increase in proportion to the number shot.

Is she trying to constrain me into places not being fired at?

While avoiding the thunder arrows by a paper-thin margin, I considered that.

For now, since the thunder arrows are easier to grasp than BlitzRegen, right now I’ll run around without stopping my legs.

「『Blitz Regen 』!」

「Gunu! ……Shoot!?」

While being only one shot, since I grasped sight of the thunder, I reflexively defended against it with my sword, making my legs stop.

As if aiming for that to finish, there was a downpour of thunder arrows.

Being unable to put up even a barrier, I could do nothing but cut the thunder arrows back with the sword that developed into a Magic Clad Sword.

「――Flash of purple lightning worthy of thunder’s impulse――」


As I was having a close fight with the thunder arrows, although being in the middle of the excited cheers, that dignified voice, resounded.

That, is no-good. That is seriously dangerous!!

This feeling where the words in this world penetrate you……It’s high level magic!

「――Roar in the sky, single hit of a flash…! Ye shall become God’s wrath――」

「I won’t, make itt!!」

Because the number of thunder arrows are huge, I’m busily occupied! Crap, she’s perfectly confined me!


A gigantic flash of lightning that fell in the arena. The single hit that was appropriate as God’s wrath, silenced even the arena’s audience, and silence enveloped the vicinity.


Although Henrietta tried to calm her heart, which was throbbing so fast that it hurt, by grasping her chest with her hand, it wouldn’t stop.

She had fired elementary level and, although it was intermediate level, a tremendous amount of magic that was enough to be called a barrage.

With just that, it was probably already allowable to say that it was a huge magic spell. But, Henrietta went further and even used a high level magic and struck with a finishing blow. ……Though it was called the finishing blow, she held back so that there wouldn’t be any casualties. There was no mistake that it would be at the most one or two weeks of paralysis throughout the body and would have to have a hospital lifestyle.

Henrietta experienced the greatest pay off. While being a noble, she only made a “disgraceful appearance”.

While grasping her throbbing chest, Henrietta was immersed in the reverberation of victory.

If it’s herself right now, continuing to always pass herself in regards to magic, she bragged that she was one that stood in line with even her admired Alicia.

「It, it’s settledddd!! Thunder’s great magic 『Thunderbolt』! There’s no way anyone could endure taking that!!」

In order to pierce the silence, the emcee male student used the microphone and shouted. In response to that, a large cheer that was enough to shake the grounds enveloped the arena.

Being surprised by the great magic battle right before their eyes, those that had forgotten words shouted as if they had gone mad.

「Commentator Alicia-san, what are your thoughts on Henrietta-san’s magic just now?」

Sitting next to the emcee in the arena, Alicia, after nodding, grabbed the microphone.

「That just now was a wonderful flow. If I were to take that just now, I’m not even sure what I would do………It was splendid.」

With the voice of her admired Alicia being transmitted even in the arena, Henrietta was on the verge of fainting from happiness.

「――However, something of this degree won’t defeat him.」


The automatically invoked simple barrier, was broken.

Immediately developing a multiplex barrier of an anti-object barrier and a magic barrier, that was “cut to pieces” with a single sword stroke.


What reflected in Henrietta’s field of vision was a pair of swords that looked like green and blue gems that were made into swords. At the time that she understood that the one using those gems was Yuu, Henrietta drew her Magic Sword swinging.

「Whoa. ……Nice response!」

He defended against the thrust made with all her might with the green treasured sword that was changed to his opposite hand.


Right away, Henrietta fired 『Lightning Bolt』 magic.

It was shooting magic at point blank range. The Lightning Bolt invoked at a distance that couldn’t be avoided, had its target disappear and couldn’t hit.

「………Quick Move magic –desu wa ne」

「Ah~…Yup. Something like that.」

The man that suddenly disappeared in front of her, thrust his blue treasured sword at Henrietta’s nape from behind.

It was a halfhearted reply but, to Henrietta, that didn’t matter.

(This man……He’s better at fencing, than me……!)

At the overwhelming difference of ability, Henrietta felt shivers.

「But still, Henrietta de Crestolia. As expected of one called 『Princess Knight』. I didn’t think that you’d put me in check in this situation.」

Yuu wryly smiled at the arrows of thunder that aimed at him from his back and both of his sides. In a situation where they had put each other in a checkmate, neither of them could move.

No, well, if I wanted to, I could have slipped out of it.

However, from that series of such huge magic, I was driven to situation where I had no choice but to use the crystal swords that I decided to not use and yet, now we’re in this situation. ……Even if you say it’s because I didn’t draw the Sacred Sword, to be honest, being driven this far into a corner, isn’t it my loss?

Besides, even though this is a Magic Academy, one side (me) can’t use magic……Sorry for the ones that were expecting a magic battle but, the only magic that I can use in the middle of battle is only the Magic Clad-type magic.

Even if I have the knowledge, I can’t use it……after all.

Forcibly winning right here would be kind of childish too after all~.

Just as I was thinking that, my sword was repelled.


Though I say repelled, since it’s not like it was not separated from my hand, my arm faced upward.

It was a banzai state with only one hand.

「Take this!」


Taking a distance the moment she repelled it, Henrietta fired the thunder arrows that were on standby at me. Squatting down to let those run into each other and offset each other, I then closed in on Henrietta.

「Kuh…How reckless!」

Henrietta defended with the short sword. With a *Gin* (Cling), the two swords collided, and we became locked, pushing at each other’s sword.

「Same to you, for being that age, you’re plenty reckless. It isn’t just the Magic Sword, is it?」


Henrietta let a disturbance surface to the point that it was amusing.

「It’s way too inexplicable. Having continuously fired great magic-class magic, I don’t see your Maryoku being exhausted, and before that, the power is strange.」

Though the number of them was huge, keeping me busy with only elementary magic and not letting me move around……such a thing is impossible.

「MP recovery and offensive magic ability boost. ……Moreover, if an automatic barrier came………Henrietta de Crestolia. You, you’re “wearing that”, aren’t you?」

「Wha……Guh, how do you know about that!!」

Henrietta’s face dyed red with shyness. Seeing that, I became unable to hold down my smile.

「Fu, fuhahahaha! I don’t know what kind of route you went through to obtain that but I’m sure that it must have been very troubling.

Even though it has a stupidly high performance, while being an excellent adult article for the Ossans, the number of times it’s been circulated itself shouldn’t be small. I’ve often heard that they had their wives wear that and then that night they’d violently flare up like they hadn’t done in a long time and stuff like that Ah ha ha ha ha!!」

I can’t. It’s just so amusing that the laughing just won’t stop.

「!! Right here, right now!」

Warding off our sword lock, Henrietta casted acceleration magic aria-lessly and took a great distance away from me.

「―――Wind violently blowing before my eyes, clad the thunder worthy of my pulsation, race through the sky――!!」

Again, it was an aria that seemed to resound in the world………High magic, that and it was a synthesized magic of wind and thunder!

「I see, you, a magic knight, also had a reason to consent to the hard-to-move-in robe. If you didn’t want to be seen in “that”, right? Because that has a connection to a magic-like function, you can’t hide it with something like armor. But, if you hide it, its meaning is lost!」

If my guess is correct, the thing that Henrietta is wearing, it’s probably something that I only outlined and the magic formula I handed to my Arachne acquaintance three years ago.

All of the clothes of my world that I saw ever since I was re-summoned here……even that nurse uniform that I caught a glimpse of, is the fault of the Arachne fabricating the stuff I left behind.

……Well, putting that aside, right now, even though she’s the daughter of a country’s nobleman, she should be wearing some shameless clothes.

「Is your equipment right now, other than the robe, only “that” and knee-socks? Uhihihi, you little exhibitionist! I’ll expose to you the public!」

Generally, the me right now is a Hero, but I’m probably making a villainous face with a laugh that isn’t anything like a protagonist before that.

But however, the laughing won’t stop. Ah, I can’t, my sides are starting to hurt.

「Y, you fiend! Know some shame!」

「The one who should know some shame from now on is you, miss 『Princess Knight』-san!」

At this point, it’s been decided as my win. What’s left is how should I strip her of the robe but………Fumu, I’ve come up with a good idea.

「Blow fiercely, whirlwind of thunder! 『Thunderstorm』!!」

*Kachin*. I put the sword into the scabbard, lowered my waist, and made a stance. It was the iai’s stance.

The thunder clad with a windstorm, was fired and aimed for me. It’s synthesized type magic that unified two magics to invoke it. Even among that, it was the greatest class of magic that crossed high level magic, Thunderstorm.

There was already no room for doubt. I don’t know if it’s because she’s equipped that but, as she is now, she’s a Tactics class magician.


「You’ve still got a long way to go. ……Even without that, Alicia and Sylvia are Hazard class.」

*Kachin*. Once again, the sound of the stored katana resounded.

「!? No way, that can’t be possible! ……」

The windstorm was torn to pieces, and the thunder was pierced and vanishing. The sword attack’s polar region, the strongest, even the fastest, single attack erased the greatest class magic.

If I remember correctly, I should have taught this to Leo as well……If it’s Leo, he’s probably already used this. Well, whatever. With this, it’s checkmate.

Digging my hand into my waist pouch, I threw a throwing knife.


Making a shrill *Katsun* sound, the knife that stuck into the automatic barrier caused a small explosion in the next moment.

It was the Magic Clad-type’s application style’s Piercing Bomb style. With the knife’s tip sticking into the barrier, it’s something where the mere tip that shows on the inside of the barrier causes a small explosion.

How it doesn’t have much power and how, due to the explosion being focused Maryoku, it gets defended against by protectors that possess an anti-magic ability are its weaknesses but, this time, it was thanks to those that I should have been able to skillfully give damage only to the “robe” endowed with an anti-magic ability.

The additional improvements that I made to it after killing the Wild Boar became of use!

「N, nooo!」

After the momentary flash, trying to hide her body by hugging herself with both hands, Henrietta crouched down.

From the gaps of those arms, a white cloth bib on deep blue that was called a standard equipment old style school swimsuit……a ”kyuu suku” was seen.

Henrietta de Crestolia was wearing over knee-high socks on a “kyuu suku”, which were garments an Ossan would be delighted over!

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