Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 – The Preceding Hero and the Big Eater of an Assassin

「But still, it’s like…with so many guys having the same appearance, it looks like you could make mistakes searching for someone.」


We were headed to the Guild while strolling down Lizwadia’s streets, but we lightly shrunk back from the numerous guys that were wearing grey robes.

Left and right, adult and child, they all wore grey robes, making looking for an ordinary person not wearing one harder.

「Academy City…I guess that’s why they call it that.」

Being a huge cultivation institution, this Lizwadia was developed with the Magic Academy as the core.

This place, which wasn’t a country but functioned as one, was also the only place in the world to have been arranged to be neutral from the world.

Therefore, it seems that many students from various countries around the world come to study abroad.

「Ohh! That brown Onee-san over there is se……xy looking, probably, but the robe is unreasonably in the way.」

Like I said, there are also brown exotic beauties……but, as I thought, the robes are everlastingly in the way.

Damn it, even though I was expecting uniforms, what the hell is up with all of this………all I can see from the robes that go all the way down to the knees are loafers and knee socks!

At least, at the very least let me ascertain if they are high or low…!

As I lowered my posture while riding on Silber to try and look at the contents inside the robes, something covered my field of vision.

「Uwappuh! …What’s this? Lizwadia’s……Guidebook?」

As I took that thing that covered my face, on the oblong paper, Lizwadia’s map and places like it’s tourist spots were written.

No matter how you look at it, it’s a guidebook.

「Why is this thing―――」

「You person with ordinary looks over there!!」


As I folded the guidebook up and was about to throw it somewhere, I turned to the sudden thoughtless words.

When I looked at the direction where the voice was made, wearing a vestment that had a black skirt with a slit set into it, a black haired woman pointed their finger at me.


The black haired woman that jumped up together with an enthusiastic shout, while making three and a half spins in the air, landed in front of me.

「………Please, wait a moment.」

「O, ou.」

Maybe because the impact of her landing made her legs go numb, the black haired woman couldn’t move from her landing position.

……It’s been a while since I had this unpleasant feeling…What is she, this person that makes me feel like it would be a pain if I had something to do with her!

Her huge breasts that swayed with a 「tayun」 (wobble) the moment she landed were of course not overlooked, but, even with that, for her to be an existence that makes me not want to hold any connection with her………that’s the same level as the Six Blade Generals’ Agniera, you know!?

Just, what kind of person is she…

As I felt shivers for the black haired woman, maybe because the pain had pulled back, the woman vigorously stood up.

「Hmph! ……I, a sister of the Holy Ulquiorra Religious Organization, am called Bernadette! Since that guidebook is mine, I would like to have you return it, but………」

The woman that stood up with an enthusiastic shout…Bernadette looked at the guidebook I held with a troubled face.

…………Wh, what the heck. Thank goodness that she seems to unexpectedly be a normal person. She’s pretty cute too.

「So that’s what it was. ……Here.」

「Thank you very much! …After all, without this, I wouldn’t be able to do any sightseeing!」

As I hand the guidebook over, she delightedly embraced it in her chest, then suddenly rolled up her skirt, and inserted the guidebook into the skirt.


Right in front of me, a shocking image unfolded.

The picture of a black haired beauty rolling up her skirt in downtown.


It’s great! That unpleasant feeling is still continuing, but it’s still great! A cute girl really is justice!

However, if she were to hold up the rolled up skirt with her mouth, it would be even better!

「For kindly picking up my guidebook, thank you very much. I certainly would like to show you my thanks, but……」

「Ueh!?………Ah, ahh. ……That’s quite alright. You don’t have to worry about that kind of thing.」

Being called out when I was excited, I refreshingly replied while lightly rushing it.

「I can’t allow that! As one serving God, I can’t possibly forget to have a heart of thanks! I know, how about we go to the tasty stores mentioned in the guidebook? I’ll treat you? …U~m,」

Once again pulling out the guidebook from her skirt, Bernadette showed the entries for recommended restaurants and diners to me, and there, she tilted her head to one side.

Ahh, my name. That reminds me, only Bernadette named herself and I didn’t.

……That also reminds me, she said something about serving God and sisters earlier…

「I’m Yuu Yashiro. I’m an adventurer――」

*Gacha* (Click)――


Having a muzzle suddenly thrust at me, my hands moved faster than I could think.

*Gaun gaun*―――!!

「……So you reacted to my speed. ……As expected of 『God’s enemy』, is all I can say of a Hero.」

……Damn, just when I think of the unpleasant feeling, this happens.

Gripping it with one hand, I turned the muzzle of the handgun away from me and clicked my tongue at it.

Furthermore, it wasn’t just any gun. ……Three years ago, having given up on its development due to numerous technical adversities and lack of cost-effectiveness, a so-called type of romance weapon――even its name,

「『Magic Gun Kerykeion』!」

「Unfortunately, that is an old name, and a temporary name. ……This child’s name is 『Magic Gun Misteltein』!!」

Bernadette took a pose with a Baba~n.

…………I finally understood the identity of the unpleasant feeling.

……Right now, I fell into an unpleasant mood that was just like look at myself three years ago.

The me that was going full throttle chuunibyou of three years about.

But still, it really is someone related to the religious organization. ……Moreover, just when did I become something like God’s enemy?

「I’m surprised that you knew of Misteltein’s old name. ……Nevertheless, you are God’s enemy in the end. ……I had thought that I could get along with you, but disappointingly ―――」


「…………What was that, that earthquake-like sound just now.」


「……Really, it’s turned into something really troublesome.」

*Bata* (Thud). From the collapsed Sister that collapsed in front of me, I heard the voice of her empty stomach a second time.

「Gatsu gatsu gatsu gatsu gatsu, gokyu gokyu…Puhah!………Fuu, despite you not being a holy man, I feel like I’ve been revived.」

「That’s an amazing way of eating…eating 20 peoples’ worth in an instant.」

「I’ve heard of you. Wandering around to many countries, the monster Sister that turns the inventories of many stores to nothing and driving them to close up shop………Food Buster Bernadette!」

Piling a large amount of plates on top of a connected table for four people, Bernadette wiped the stains of her mouth with a napkin.

At the event that quickly happened right in front of their eyes, the regulars of the Kitten that came early made a fuss in the surrounding distance.

I took Bernadette back to the Kitten and let Bernadette eat a somewhat early lunch.

Although she did fire a gun at me, I’d also be worried about a person that collapsed in front of me.

The gazes of the surroundings also did hurt after all.

「So, Bernadette. ……What do you mean by the Preceding Hero being God’s enemy?」

Since she was drinking up the wine, when I asked Bernadette who was in the middle of a short rest, Bernadette pulled back her extended out hand, and corrected her posture.

「I give you my thanks for having treated me to this meal. ……However, there is no change in that you are God’s enemy.」

So you’re not going to tell anything to the enemy, huh? …………Or rather, did she just nonchalantly say that this was my treat!? Eh, I’m being charged!?

No, no, calm down, Yashiro Yuu. Your opponent is an assassin that called you God’s enemy and has come to murder you without hesitation, you know? What are you going to do if you get agitated by such an opponent! ……What are you doing feeding her?

In the first place, why did Bernadette start attacking me the moment I said my name?

If I’m in the condition of not having drawn the sacred sword, I probably would have been killed if she came from behind me or something. ………After I named myself, huh.

Now I get it, certainly, my name is one of the only things known about me after all.

So they came to assassinate me relying on my name.

……Only my name?

「Hey Bernadette.」

「What could it be, God’s enemy-san?」

「There’s sauce on your mouth, you know? ……Do you know any traits of the Predecessor? Other than the name.」

「?……Only that he’s a black haired man…」

As I thought. So if I said an alias, she wouldn’t have noticed.

「Have you ever thought that I might be a complete stranger with the same surname and given name with similar characteristics?」

Though it would be nice if it were a coincidence, if it were someone other than me, they would have certainly died from that.

……But still, that was terrific speed of the 『Draw』. She even pulled the gunlock the instant it was aligned, that was some pretty good skill.

……Perhaps, could they also have noticed my habit-like characteristic of being in the martial art?

I see, in that case, I don’t know if my name being a characteristic is still―――

*Kachan* (Shatter).

「……Oi, why is your face turning pale while you’re sinking and pouring a huge amount of sweat……」

When I looked at Bernadette, who made a sound, there was a spoon floating on top of the soup.

……And then, staying in the posture of having dropped the spoon, Bernadette was trembling with a 「Now I’ve done it~!」 kind of feeling. ……This girl, so the moment she heard my name, she moved something like a conditioned reflex!?

「I’m, I’m so sorry! You’re not injured, are you!?」

「If I got hit by a Magic Gun, it wouldn’t have been at the level of an injury.」

Damn it, she really is a troublesome opponent.

「Ah, I, I know. ……H, how would you like this sausage? It’s really tasty, you know?」

「Don’t think that my mood will get any better by giving me food, Baka Sister.」

「Wha!? ……T, to be calling me, a Sister that serves God, Baka, that’s unforgivable!」

「If you’re not going to forgive me, stop eating right now. It’s my bill, isn’t it? In that case, I won’t treat you.」

「Gatsu gatsu gatsu gatsu gatsu gatsu gatsu gatsu gatsu gatsu, musha, gatsu gatsu gatsu gatsu gatsu 」

…………It really, really is troublesome.

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