Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 29

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Chapter 29 – The Preceding Hero’s Getting Out of Bed and Nightmare

Morning, that slumber of being on the verge of waking up is an irreplaceable time of supreme bliss.

I’m sure that everyone has also had a taste of that.

Right now, I am savoring that to the fullest.

Not needing to have to wake up at six in every morning and prepare my own lunch like I did in Japan in my original world, I also don’t have to worry about what to do with my spare time in school.

In this world, I also don’t have a reason to be with an agency. After all, I’m a free and willful adventurer. I also don’t have a reason to chase after a job.

If I have trouble with money, I just have to do a job at the Guild, and so I don’t have any particular problems with money.

Ah, no, I am troubled. I have too much money on hand.

The money in the card handed to me by Baba-chan confirmed and money from highly selling the raw materials of the monster called a Wild Boar yesterday also confirmed.

If seen from a stranger’s view, they’d probably be jealous. Of course, I think I’d probably also be jealous……if it were from an outsider point of view. After all, for the cowardly me, it’s to the point where I think that everyone who I meet eyes with is probably after my money.

Well, what I’m trying to say is……just like this, not having to pester anyone for anything, and being able to go slow and be lazy is happiness.

Viva self-indulgence!


However, though I still had some drowsiness, my slumber time had marked its end together with pain.

I got up from the intense pain that suddenly ran through my head.

「Ugh~, my head is throbbing……Ah~, what is this, a cold?…………No, that reminds me, yesterday, I was made to drink alcohol by Ossan, wasn’t I. ……Dammit, making a minor drink alcohol………」

Yesterday, having reunited after three years, we had a feast thrown by Ossan, but of all things, Ossan made me drink alcohol.

There’s no way I would have refused Mareeda-san’s pouring of the alcohol, is there!

As I smirked while remembering Mareeda-san who had poured the alcohol for us, the half-naked Ossan that had slept “next” to me, got up.

「Yo, morning sunshine.」


The dazzling morning sun that overflowed from the window tenderly enveloped me and the old man.


I tumbled down off the bed, and crawled away to a corner of the room as if I were trying to escape. No, I had already just escaped.

Wait, why!? Why were the old man and I having a morning tune!?

An imagination of what should never happen ran through my mind.

Don’t screw with me! Who the hell would benefit from me x Ossan!?

「Because you went to sleep on our bed before us, we reluctantly went to bed with you inserted between us. Good grief, you sure are a noisy guy in the morning.」

Removing the futon and standing up, Ossan said that while stretching his body.

「Re, really? Nothing happened?」

「What are you trying to say happened? Well, my drowsiness stopped from Yuu’s shouting. Thank you.」

While saying that, Ossan smiled. ………It, it would seem that my virginity hasn’t been lost yet………Phew, I thought I was going to die.

「Wait, hold on. Wait a sec, Ossan.」

「Ahn? Did something happen? Ahh, if it’s about food, I think it should be ready by now?」

「That’s also, that’s also important. ……But before that, there’s one thing that I want to ask you. ……Did you say we? ……In other words, beside me, Mareeda-san was there?」

What Ossan was talking about was, with me in the middle, just like the character for river (川)…Though it was shocking that Ossan was next to me, with him saying that on the other side, the other person was Mareeda-san………

「Yeah. She said it was kind of like a parent and child so she was happy―――」


Kicking open the room’s door, I ran to Mareeda-san’s side, who was probably making breakfast.

「Ara? Good morning Yuu-kun. Did you sleep well?」

Ahh, your aproned appearance is also beautiful……!!

「Please sleep together with me one more time!!」

「Ara ara, Yuu-kun sure is a spoiled child.」

While laughing with an Ufufu, Mareeda-san patted my head.

I’m, I’m no longer afraid of anything…っ!

「Ossan! Have a match with me with Mareeda-san at stake!」

「Stop talking nonsense and hurry up and eat. The food that Mareeda took the time to make is going to get cold.」


At the meal that was spread out on one side of the four person table, my hand extended out without delay.

「Yan. ……Fufu, Yuu-kun sure is ecchi.」

「Why you! Get your hand away from Mareeda’s chest!」

「Shut up! My hand won’t let go of this softness! This warmth, I don’t want to lose it!」

Starting from there was the start of my and Ossan’s unsightly fight.

We were eating bread, shoving ham into the other’s mouth, having our throats burned from the soup pour into our mouths, but it was a fun breakfast that I haven’t had in a long time.

After finishing breakfast, I helped Ossan with some things.

Though I say that, because the Kitten didn’t have many customers as an inn, it seems to function entirely as a restaurant. And so, I was working hard in helping with the preparations for lunch.

「Yuu, how far have you gotten?」

「Nn~, this is the last one. ……Alright, all of them are peeled.」

Opening the door that led to the store’s backyard, Ossan appeared.

That and, almost at the same time, I was just finishing peeling the skin off of the last potato in my hand.

The dagger I borrowed was a bit hard to use, but, well, it did a fairly good job.

「Whoa, three barrels worth of potatoes are! ……Yuu, won’t you work here? You’re a potato peeling genius, that you are!」

「That doesn’t make me happy, seriously, what an unpleasant way of praising people.」

The potatoes that filled the barrel that had a height that was around my chest level, had their white surfaces shown to the public.

「So, what’s next?」

「Well, nothing really. Rather, this was more than enough. Go pass the time until lunch as you like.」

「That so. Then, I’ll be going to the Guild for a bit.」

Helping bring the barrel into the store, I returned the dagger, headed towards my rented room, and prepare my equipment.


Firmly fixing the leather lightweight equipment with a belt, complete.

A cheap one-hand sword at my waist.

Yup, no matter how you look at it, it’s a normal adventurer look. As I thought, normal is best, really.

Things like full body pure white equipment and full body pure black equipment, maybe because I was made to wear nothing but that flashy equipment, I’ve excessively come to think that normal is best.

「Well then, I’ll be going.」

「Ou. Show up at least once at lunch, got it?」


Saying that, I leave behind the Kitten.

Whoops, that’s right, that’s right.

「Silber~? You awake?」

When I went to go see Silber, who was probably using the spacious stable as if it were reserved, what was there was a huge bird that stretched out like a human and was snoring.

「……I also, once had a time where I thought that birds had a bit more elegant way of sleeping.」

Unable to look at Silber, who vulgarly snored with a *Kukeh*, any longer, I kicked him to wake up.


「For one nicknamed a rare bird to have this way of sleeping, I think this. ……Silber, I’m going to the Guild, but do you want to come along? 」


「That was a pretty long conflict, wasn’t it. Well, whatever. Let’s treat ourselves to some light sightseeing.」

Taking Silber out of the stable, I wind the collar around him.

And then, I also wrap a pelt bangle around my arm. This was a special magic tool that notifies that area if horses, Kulkels, or other such pets become missing.

Because it sounds an alarm if it is forcibly removed without abiding to protocol, it also excels in preventing things like animal theft.

「Haiyo~ Silber~!」


When I ride on Silber, Silber slowly and steadily began to walk.

With Silber seeming to have grown accustomed to walking with people riding, the feeling of riding him with very little shaking had become even more enjoyable.

Lizwadia Guild. There is a Guild placed in each country, but, the scale of this Lizwadia’s Guild is very small when compared to Luxeria’s.

The reason why is because there are few jobs.

Most of the quests are for the students to earn some pocket money.

And although monsters have settled down in the nearby Forest of Bewilderment, due to the activities of the academy’s pupils, there aren’t any large damages.

Rather, if there are any excellent mercenaries in this town, it seems that they are recommended to other countries’ Guilds.

Therefore, this Guild that only has the minimum size, had turned into a huge clamor like a turned over beehive since yesterday.

「Has the Master not come back yet!?」

「I just told someone at the academy…!」

「So they got ran away!? …Bring them back!」

「I had already gone but, I had the tables turned on me!」

「Dammit, at a time like this!!」

From the quest services, in the Guild that mostly functioned as government offices, most of the staff members were staff at the academy.

Lizwadia’s Guild Master was also a person greatly involved with the academy.

「Even though the Hero will be coming to visit in less than two weeks!」

In the staff member’s hand, there was a single letter delivered from the Luxeria royal family.

What was written there was, the subject of the Hero going to see the studying style of those that carried the country’s next era.

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