Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 – The Preceding Hero’s Love at First Sight ~The Inn’s Married Woman Arc~

「Having earnings of 30,000 f (around 3,000,000 yen) is………kind of scary.」

Having disposed of the raw materials of the Lord of the Forest, the Wild Boar, at the Lizwadia Guild, I fell into paranoia from the amount of money that I obtained that I would have never even have been able to touch in my original world.

It feels like all of the people walking down the road are all looking at me………

「っ, whoops. ……So this is it.」


The place I arrived at was an inn in a section of Lizwadia.

Being used as a lunch and dining hall, this place was an inn that the Guild recommended.

An inn that provides cheap and delicious meals and can lodge me together with Silber……an inn that splendidly fulfills that is what I ordered.

Seeing that inn’s signboard, I was surprised by that name.

「『Kitten’s Purr』………Are they sister stores or something?」

It was extremely similar to the name of Luxeria’s Puppy’s Cry.

Or could it be that the inns’ names follow some kind of custom or something?

If they have a uniformity of having a baby animal + a word related to their voice, I’d like to go around the country just to see them.

After all, since I only had two choices of either camping out or a good room at a lodging institution, this kind of commoner-like inn is something I began using since I was summoned this time around.

「Excuse me~. I was referred here by the Guild……and…………」

While imagining the name of the next town’s inn, entering the Kitten’s Purr………the Kitten for short, I, was completely fascinated, by the woman that was working hard at being the waitress.

「Ara, hello there. Welcome to the Kitten’s Purr.」


What was there was a single beauty that had a triangular napkin wrapped around her head and soft, long golden hair.

The color of her eyes were as blue as the sky. Her lips did not have any lipstick smeared on, but were originally a light red color. Her skin was as white as untrodden snow and glistened.

The pushed up pair of hills that nearly burst out of the loosely made clothing gathered up the men’s gazes entirely.

It wasn’t just her chest, the streamlined line that went from the narrow part of her hip down to her thighs captivated anyone who saw it and hid a devilishness to it. Not having the legs of a model that were only skin and bones, they were young and lustrous legs that had a good amount of flesh to them.

Those plump thighs that just made you want to jump into them were already releasing a sinful charm just by being there.

Stimulating the awakening of their nature towards babies, she would probably be the men’s food for thought for tonight. You could say that I was born for the sake of today, this time that I would meet her!!

「With the intention of marriage, please make children with me!!」

「Ara ara, this Oba-san is troubled.」

Putting her hand on her cheek and smiling, my waifu. Ahh, I just want to embrace her already!!

「Bastard, doing that to my Maleeda-san!」

「We’ve got to teach this guy this town’s style………Wait, what did you say just now!?」

「You dumbasses, Maleeda-san is my waifu!」

The shouts of the surrounding mob characters had nothing to do with me. I will remain married to this goddess…with Maleeda-san!!

「Hmph. Just what’s so great about those enormous breasts and huge butt any- buoh!?」

「「「Now you’ve made us mad」」」

The beginning of the mass violence that goes by the name of punishment.

Going wild in front of a grown woman, they’re mob characters that are far from gentlemen.

……But those guts, I don’t hate them!

「Allow me to assist you.」

「The ones who made me mad are you guys, you numbskulls!!」

What stopped me from trying to exterminate them using the Hero’s strength was the stupidly loud shout of a big man that came from the kitchen.

「Geh! It’s Master Gilley!!」

「We’re getting out of here!」


Getting scared of the huge man that made loud banging sounds coming here, the well-aged men put several silver coins on the table and left and ran away from the Kitten’s Purr.

「Tsk, they ran away today as well. ……Maleeda, same with you, don’t go lettin’ those kind of guys into the shop!」

「Ufufu, I’m sorry, Honey.」

Maleeda-san smiled at the macho man that surpassed two meters.

Seeing those two, I was stricken with despair.

Dammit! Why!? Why are all macho men popular!?

Is being a bit macho no good!? Is there no God in this world!!?

「Ah?……What with this brat that got on all fours and is making the floor soaked with tears and mucus?」

「It seems he wants to make children with the intention of marriage with me. Ufufu, I wonder if it’s alright to be doing that with an Oba-san that past 30 years old?」

「The problem is way before that! Hey shitty brat, what’re you trying to seduce my wife fo………?………Oi, are you “Yuu Yashiro”?」

「Gufuuh…On my, path of carnage, women are, unneeded~~!!…………Wait, Ossan?」

At that moment when I was going to surrender myself to my heart that was dyed in despair, he called my name.

When I raised my head, it was a macho man with “pointed ears” and overflowing muscles that you could tell even from above the clothing.

「I knew it, you’re Yuu! You rascal, look at you getting so big!」

「Nowaaaah!! A guy shouldn’t go embracing me!!」

I was closely embraced by arms that were like logs, and even while I felt like I’d suffocate from the overwhelming sultriness, I struggled to escape.

「You’re the same as usual! Ora, what’re you all lookin’ at! The store is closin’ up for the day, so hurry up and get out of here!!」

The Ossan that possessed a scary face that even members of a gangster organization would run away barefooted from faced the customers that were in the shop and dispersed a shout.

Ahh, how sad. There were even some of them that were still in the middle of their meal………

「……Nice of you to come back, Yuu!」

That man that possessed a physique and face that wasn’t like that of an Elf faced me and showed a broad smile.

「……Ou. It looks like I’ve made you worry, Ossan.」

Three years ago, I met him in a certain Elf community, and a fight unfolded, and even while there is an age difference, he’s a man I can proudly call a friend.

His name is Gilley.

One of my close friends.

Reynbrook has two moons. Within each month, the first two weeks has the blue moon suspended in the night sky.

For the remaining two weeks, the red moon appears in the night sky.

At the end of the first month, the two moons cross each other, and it shows the appearance of a violet moon.

「…………Yuu Yashiro.」

By the suspended purple moon in the night sky, a frigid voice, rode upon the wind.

From Lizwadia’s clock tower, there was a single silhouette of a woman overlooking the town.

The woman whose body was wrapped in black vestments, had a holster belt twined around the bare leg that peeked out of the slit of the skirt.

In that holster, a weapon that originally should not be in this world was settled there.

「I bear no grudge against you. ……But, God’s enemy is our enemy………Call to the heavens and repent by our God’s side.」

The woman that made a cross on her chest, extended her hand to the slit of her skirt, and pulled out a folded up guidebook from the inside of the skirt.

「……But before that, I’ve come out to a place like this. I’ve got to go around and sightsee!」

In the guidebook that she pulled out, the letters for Lizwadia were grandly written there.

It was a guidebook of Lizwadia.

「I’ve heard that the enemy of God that is said to be in Luxeria is scum that moves according to his lust. ……If he does, he should be heading to the southern archipelagoes. While I corner him bit by bit, I won’t forget to sightsee………Fufu, as expected of me. Nothing has been over looked!」

A~ ha ha ha ha~! At the woman that was making a big laughter on top of the clock tower, a strong wind rushed her.

「Uwappuh!…Fu, fufu, a stupid, shameful sight such as falling over from a wind of this level, I won’t show. ……Now then, where should I go first? Lizwadia is a town with history after all. The sightseeing district is………Huh? Where’s my guidebook?」

The thing that should have been in her hand wasn’t there, and as she looked around in a panic, the guidebook that was hurled by the wind was dancing in midair.

「N, no way! I still haven’t even seen any delicious stores yet! Please wa~it!」

Even if she extended her hand to the flying away guidebook, her hand wouldn’t reach it.

「Come Ba~ck!!」

In the town that the purple moon shone upon, the woman’s shouting voice resounded.

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