Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 27

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Chapter 27 – The Preceding Hero Awakens

「That’s, Lizwadia…!」


A short time after saving the two young girls, cutting through the forest while protecting the girls, what appeared in front of us was a metropolis that had a gigantic clock tower built in the center of it.

「Y, yes. To be accurate, this ish the Magic Academy City Lizwadia.」

「……It’s a neutral city developed with the Lizwadia Magic Academy in the center.」

The glasses girl that fumbles her words a lot Mana Lurie and the cool, long black haired girl Eri Trestoria.

The two young girls that I saved were straddled on Silber.

Having gotten off from the highway in order to save the girls, I was conversely saved and successfully escaped the forest.

Well, if I jumped, I could have checked my current location, but, without doing something that I shouldn’t be able to do in front of the girls, I had them use magic whenever we got lost.

Having finished our self-introductions along the way, I had the girls teach me that they were pupils at the magic academy.

It seems that the reason the girls entered the forest was the gathering of raw materials that would become medicine.

「That sure is a seriously huge clock tower……Measuring it with the eye, it’s several hundred meters……Is it on par with the Tokyo Tower?」

The first thing that caught my eye was the gigantic clock tower.

There was still a pretty good distance until we get to Lizwadia but, nevertheless, the impact of looking up at the clock tower, whose gigantic appearance didn’t spoil the surroundings, is probably immeasurable.

I want to do commemorative photographing or something. I really want a photo.

「Toukyou? ……To rival Lizwadia’s clock tower’s prided height…Just what ish Toukyou!?」

Getting stimulated by her thirst for knowledge and getting excited, Mana’s eyes blazingly lit up while fumbling her words.

Shoot, I simply just leaked that out.

「Mana, calm down. Yashiro-san is troubled.」

「Ha!?………I, I’m terribly sorry, Yashiro-san. I, I’m really sensitive to rare things so……」

「Hahaha……Un, it’s alright. I’ve heard that about seven times already after all.」

That’s right, this exchange has already repeated seven times along the way.

Starting with my finger bullet, then going onto things like about Silber, every time she went wild about things, Eri would stop her.

「That reminds me, I didn’t ask but, what kind of medicine do you mean when you say medicine?」

While she was recovering from grabbing my right hand, when I asked that, Mana raised her glasses with a *Kui* (Pull).

「A Mana Potion. However, it’s not just any Mana Potion. Eri and I make Mana Potion II.」

Mana Potion.

If it’s a person who’s ever played an RPG game, more than half of them have heard this vocabulary, that’s what I thought.

This medicine that possesses the effect of recovering Maryoku is typical even in this world of Reynbrook.

It’s just the problem of being a tad bit expensive.

「Hee, so you study medicinal plant knowledge as well. ……If I remember correctly, to make Mana Potion II, you put a small dose of Maryoku on Moongrass and Kurite Fruit. Since Moongrass reacts to Maryoku, you pulverize the flesh of the Kurite Fruit onto the Maryoku-carrying Moongrass, and if you boil that down, it’s complete……was that right?」

Since I was educated by the former Leezarion Third Imperial Princess…in other words, Silvia’s younger sister, even though I didn’t have any Maryoku or couldn’t properly use magic, I was only abundant with knowledge in relation to magic.

Now that I think about it, my quick memorization of the Alexelia language which is the language of the Elves as well as the current magic language was all thanks to the Third Imperial Princess.

Even my sole useable original magic, “Magic Clad” type magic was a magic technique was something I thought up together with the Third Imperial Princess, wasn’t it~.

A prodigy endowed with wit and an amount of knowledge that was enough to even overshadow those guys in the famous Leezerion Imperial Court Sorcery Squad that was an assembly of monsters.

Thanks to that Third Imperial Princess, I was saved a number of times.

Even if I were to give her my gratitude, that wouldn’t be enough, seriously.

「You know it well! ………Actually, in making Mana Potion II there’s something called a golden ratio between the amount of materials and the time to boil it down in order to extract the maximum effect of it. Do you, know this?」

Meeting surprise at how I, someone who called themselves an adventurer, knew the ingredients and way of making Mana Potions, Mana’s eyes sparkling with a shine was something that I didn’t overlook. Ah, no, the shine was from her glasses.

Looking closely, Eri was close to expressionless but, with eyes that seemed to be measuring, she looked at me.

……U~mu, I could answer it but it sure~ would be troubling to have curious eyes attached to me.

「I, if I’m not mistaken, the ratio was 7 Moongrass and 3 Kurite Fruit. For boiling it, you slowly boil it for 40 minutes……was it?」

「Almost but not quite. For the boiling time, 40 minutes is the standard, the time to bring out more of an effect is another 20 minutes.」

Mana stuck out her chest and replied as if she were boasting.

When she did, her chest was emphasized enough that you could tell even from on top of her baggy robe.

Wh, what huge breasts…! To be boasting a size that my hand wouldn’t be able to completely grasp while still being a girl that was around 12-years old……

Is this that? One of those big breasted lolis?

When I experienced shivers from the mysteries of the female body, the cool girl Eri grabbed Mana’s chest.

With a like, *Guwashi!* (Squishing!) feeling to it.


「At this short height, she boasts a D.」

「Wh, what was that!?」

I don’t know whether that was the same method of measuring bust size that I knew or not, but, even so, the pair of hills that Eri rubbed and embraced were, indicated to not be common whether I liked it or not!

「E, Eri!!」

When Mana looked at her with reproach while tearing up, Eri released both hands while making them wiggle.

It, it’s a child’s bust, but, honestly, I thought that I was jealous of Eri.

Not good, not good. A Hero that’s the ally of children can’t do something like this.

「I thought that Yashiro-san would be delighted so………I unconsciously」

「Th, that wasn’t unconsciously, jeez!」


Eri hit her own head with a clunk. It was so monotonous that it was conversely concerning.

「But see, the bottom of Yashiro-san’s nose is stretching.」


Since the subject was suddenly brought up, and furthermore, since it was about my disgraceful behavior, I unintentionally raised my voice.

「Ya, Yashiro-san!」

「I, I I I am of carnage! On the path of carnage, there is no need of women!!」

「But your eyes are rooted to the spot………Mana’s boobs are sinful boobs.」



Getting down from Silber with slithery movements like a snake’s to get away from Mana’s pursuit, Eri went around behind me.

「Oi, hey, this is a flag where I get a scolding!」

「Kya~, help me~ (Stiffly)」

「Is there no thanks to your life’s savior!?」

「…………The earlier service scene was, supposed to be for Yashiro-san’s sake…」

「…………I see, sorry for having you do it for my sake…And so, going with that, as thanks, please gather up your chest with your arms and make a valley. I beg you.」

I abandoned my pride and everything else to my younger companion and did a dogeza, and after that, I had plenty of fun with Mana’s valley, whose face was blushed red.

「Ah, th, th-th-that’s right……About how long will Yashiro-san be staying in Lizwadia?」

Entering the town of Lizwadia, we decided that we’d separate in front of the Lizwadia Guild, but Mana asked that with a red face.

As I thought, is she still embarrassed? She did make a pretty glaring look at me after all.

「Ah~, ……I haven’t particularly thought about that. Since I don’t have that many belongings, I’ll do a couple of jobs at the guild and save up money ……about two weeks, I guess?」

「Two weeks……W, well then, we’ll be leaving now……っ」

「Dona dona~」

Mana left running a few times faster than usual and Eri who was dragged along with her.

They were a pair with surprisingly different personalities.

「Well, we probably won’t meet again.」

Since they’re probably students, I’m sure they’re busy, and I’m an adventurer after all.

Well, it would be nice if we could meet again. I’ll leave my thoughts at that.

「Excuse me~! Is there anyone from the Guild~?」

It was something that I pulled with my right hand but, since the Guild door was too narrow that it would get stuck, I opened the door half way and called out to someone.

「Yes, what can I do for you?」

A blonde, spectacled, refreshing-type Pretty Boy appeared from the Guild’s reception desk, and rushed over.

「Well, you see, on my way to town, this had “died”, and thinking that it was a waste, I picked it up and brought it with me here~.」

「Eh? ……Th, this is……The Lord of the Forest of Bewilderment, Wild Boar!?」

The Pretty Boy that saw it outside from the door, seeing the large built boar that was the size of a truck, his mouth froze wide open.

……As I thought, so it was the type that brought troubles to the town.

The boar was probably that forest’s lord…at the Wild Boar’s tusk in my hand, I clicked my tongue at my own reading of it.

Author’s Note:

The awakening in the title was awakening to big breasted lolis………is what it meant (LOL).

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